Head Over Heels and Kourt K

This is my second purchase from Kylie Cosmetics. I really wanted Head Over Heels from the Valentine’s Day collection. Then of course she did a restock and made it permanent. Which is fine by me, I bought it right away. The lip kits are $29 and and free shipping is when you spend $40. With $8 shipping, you might as well treat yourself to something else. So I decided to buy the Kourt K lipliner for $14. I love lip liners and this is a shade I have plenty of in lipstick. 

So let’s get right into swatches:

Kourt K:

Kourt K lip liner is a deep purple. The pencil is really matte and pigmentation is really good. You can almost wear it on it’s own but this one is a bit dry. I have a lot purple lipstick so I’m happy to have this in my collection. 

Head Over Heels:

Head Over Heels is a deep plum. I really love this shade, I had to have it. I love dusty purple shades. This lip liner I feel is a bit creamier than Kourt K. This is my first try of the Kylie’s liquid lipstick. It goes on pretty liquidy. Dried pretty quick, and when it does it almost feels like you have nothing on. It’s very lightweight feeling and when you rub your lips together it doesn’t feel cakey. I like formula so far. It smells really good like buttercream frosting. At least to me anyway. 

Hope you liked this post and it helped you out. Thanks for reading and stay purple. 

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have this blog, I ran out space for photos so I’m not sure if I’ll make another page or upgrade or what. But just wanted to give a heads up just in case. 

March- Medusa’s Makeup Monthly 

Got the March Medusa’s Makeup subscription and was not disappointed. Got to try some new things and got some others that have been on my list. This box we got four things so I’m pretty happy. Let’s get straight to swatches. 

1. Stick It! Eyeshadow primer- $8:

I’m so excited to try this. It’s a wax based primer. It looks tan in the pot but goes on clear. And I love the packaging of their primers. It’s 0.2 ounces. 

2. Eye dust in Wasabi- $7:

Wasabi is a really pretty light green. Perfect for St. Patrick’s day. I put this on the primer and it adhered easily. This is 1.5 grams and comes with a shifter. 

3. Lipstick in Lydia- $12:

Lydia is a lavender, and I’ve been wanting this shade for awhile. It’s a creamy lipstick that’s vegan. It feels very comfortable and moisturizing on. I love these with a lip liner. 

4. Lip Paint in Get Lucky- $12:

This is their new Lip Paint in Get Lucky. This is their version of a liquid lipstick. I hate this shade so much it’s not even funny. I hate pinks and this a hot pink. My worse enemy. It takes a little while for it to dry. I had to put a bunch of layers to get it even and it got tacky. And because I put so much on it kind of started crumbling after awhile. I have to try the other colors to really judge if I like it. Because so far I’ll never use it. And the color is so horrible on me. It’s transfer proof. 

This months total: $39 

I’m really happy to try out the eyeshadow primer, I’ll probably use it when I use loose shadows. I have a ton of other eyeshadow primers that I’m trying to use up first. I really love the eyeshadow and I’m happy about the lipstick. The lip paint I didn’t get to enjoy because of the color. 

Hope this helps you out in your decision on getting this monthly subscription. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

Amanda Steele x Colour Pop

I’ve been meaning to swatch this forever long. The Amanda Steele collection was the first collection to release with pressed shadows. I was hella excited about this but I don’t know, the colors weren’t calling my name. They’re pretty muted and I love muted cool toned shades but for whatever reason, the palette wasn’t calling me. However, the super shock shadows and the ultra matte lip were screaming my name. Had to get these babies. 

The shadows:


Ignition is a glitter lavender. This shade is absolutely gorgeous. There’s so much glitter in it. Sooooo much. I really want to top this over lipstick. Gorgeous. 


Hydroplane is a glitter teal. This is another pretty glitter shade. Pounds of glitter. I lahv it!!!!


Chaps is a deepened aubergine or eggplant. I really really really love this shade. This is a really dark purple without a heavy blue undertone. Looks so amazing, in love with it. I love true purples like this. 

These colors are so beautiful. And I’m super in love with the details on the packaging. I’m totally keeping the cardboard lol. Colour Pop is really doing better with collab packaging. I was really happy with it. 

This was just a quick little swatch. I wanted to show you favorite of the collection. And hopefully this helped in decision making. And don’t be afraid of that purple lippie! She is your friend! 

As always, thanks for reading and stay purple! 

Kiko Milano- Matte For You

This will be the last of the Valentine’s Day themed makeup posts! So sad but really ready to move on. Just like all the guys in my life did from me. This collection from Kiko Milano was super hard to get your hands on. Everything was sold out all the time. I really wanted more heart shaped lipsticks but they sold out. They’re not even on the website anymore. Even the stuff I’m showing you now is sold out. They only have two things left on their website from the collection. 

I’m going to jump right into this baby because these Valentine goodies don’t need my help being talked up. 

I’m just Matte For You!:

Matte For You Face Brush:

Omg this brush, are you kidding me? I had to have it. This kept going in and out of stock literally within the same day. So hard to get your hands on. I believe it was $12, not bad at all for this super adorable face brush. It’s very soft and pretty dense. The heart feels extra soft. I’m not sure exactly what I’d use it for just yet. Maybe to blend my whole face out with a beauty powder after I finish my makeup. I’m not really sure. Either way this was literally the cutest brush I’ve ever seen. 

Loving Pink Flame:

This was another product that was going in and out of stock along with the brush. Y’all know I love me a good blush with with a compact and the hearts. They killed me this year. It’s all super cute and girly and full of things my inner 14 year old killed to have. Also has a purple blush so they didn’t want me to resist at all. This was also $12. 

The top swatch is the background peach color, and then the pink heart, the purple heart, and them all swirled together. I love the pigmentation, it’s light but buildable. 

Soft Lip Pen in Velvet Blossom:

Okay I’m going to talk a lot for this one. I wasn’t sure what this was when I opened it and still don’t. It’s a matte lip pen so I thought maybe it was a crayon or even liquid lipstick situation going on. 

The top pick first swatch I did and the second one was when I figured out how to really work it. 

The cap where you see the color is where the actual product is. The applicator retracks and and you pump it into the cap. You have to do this a lot to build up any sort of pigment. Especially since I got the nude shade. They have a red and I kind of want to see how that is because it’s a darker shade. 

As you can see I barely got any pigmentation on my lips. It feels really nice on and smells really good. It’s a fine powder with a matte finish. It says it good to layer with lipsticks to help create an ombre look. I’m not sure how you’re supposed to do that. I’m going to play around with it though. I really like the formula and thinks it’s perfect for when you just want something on the lips. Those no makeup makeup days. This was $9. As much as it was hard to figure out, I really liked the idea of this . 

I really loved Kiko’s Valentine’s themed makeup this year. I loved that it was wrapped in tissue paper. It felt like a real gift. To myself. Lol. I really wanted to get more of the heart shaped lipsticks. But I was really happy to get the brush and the blush.  Those were top priority. 

I hope you guys enjoyed all my Valentine’s Day makeup themed posts. These were super fun to do. Especially since I got a bunch of the collections. Doing those makeup looks was a lot fun. 

Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you soon. Stay purple. 

Sugarpill Feline Fancy 

Hey guys! Hope you had a nice Valentine’s day for those of you that have someone to have that with. I went to work, and my mom got me a teddy bear and candy. I forget that moms are the best. She’s basically been my only Valentine lol. Thanks mom! But anyway, back to our Valentine’s themed makeup posts. 

I was debating on getting the Sugarpill Feline Fancy set for a long time. It’s so pretty and the colors are really nice. And I’m very particular about the red lipsticks I wear and this one is extremely pretty. I won’t say too much just yet and just get down to the fun part.

Let’s dig in and indulge ourselves:


S.W.A.K. is a foiled rose petal pink with a golden duo chrome. S.W.A.K. stands for sealed with a kiss. 

Text Me:

Text Me is a warm matte brown. This shade will be the perfect transition shade for me. 


Wink is a foiled soft baby pink champagne. This color is very light, I would use this as a highlight on the face and for the eyes. 

Kiss Kiss:

Kiss Kiss is a vibrant foiled red. 

Strange Love:

Strange Love is a deep metallic oxblood red with sparkle. I really love Sugarpill’s liquid lipstick. They’re so sparkly, easy to reapply, go matte pretty quickly. I really loved this lip color. I don’t like most reds but the darker the better. And Strange Love didn’t disappoint. And I really really loved the name. Who doesn’t like Depeche Mode? 

They really snatched my wallet this year. I wasn’t going to get it unless it came back on Beautylish. Free shipping and no tax. Whoo hoo! It’s $48 and it was just hard for me to justify. Like the Kylie palette. But I caved. The packaging was so pretty and adorable. I’m really loving the red shades and the lipstick really had me. It’s been awhile since a red has caught my attention. 

All in all? Totally worth it. It’s still in stock on Beautylish and Sugarpill’s website. And if you want to see more swatches on lighter and darker skin tones, they did a swatch video. This really caught my heart. Ugh. 


But that is all for today. No need to further tug on your wallet. I think the packaging speaks for itself. And like it says, indulge yourself. 

Thank so much for reading and stay purple. 

Colour Pop Love Collection 

Back again! And with the collection I was super excited to get my hands on. The Colour Pop Love Collection was high on my list of things to get. The packaging is completely adorable. It’s an envelope that opens up and looks like a love note. And they released some new super shock shadows and I will never not love how amazing they feel. 

So I got four out of the five pressed shadow sets and three of the super shock shadows. The packaging was limited edition, but they are releasing them as singles. I’m not sure if they are permanent or what. A lot of these are sold out. I definitely have no regrets at all. All these shades are like spectrums of my soul. They are really catching me this year with these Valentine’s Day makeup collections. 

Now let’s go see what our boyfriend (my debit card) bought us:

Apple of My Eye:

Say I Do is a matte baby pink. 143 is an intense matte deep lilac. 143 has my whole heart omg. 

Boyfriend Stealer:

Dreamboat is a matte dusty rose. Pretty Cruel is a matte berry mauve with gold flecks. 

One of A Kind:

Going Steady is a matte dusty wine. Pinky Promise is a metallic wine. 

Two To Tango:

Double Date is a metallic lavender. This killed me. Gagging. Two Much is a matte medium plum with gold flecks. 

The pressed pigments are very pigmented. You have to be careful because it’s almost too velvety and they chunk up. That’s why some swatches look messy because I’m blending out the chunks. But honestly so worth it. I love these shades. Like yaaaasssss. These shadows along would be like my perfect everyday palette. 

Baby Talk:

Baby Talk is a matte red blue. 

Fooling Around:

Fooling Around is a bright metallic red. 


Keeper is a matte deep fuschia. This was apart of the new foursome set but I only wanted this color. 

These shades are so damn gorgeous. I’m really loving the bold red eyeshadows that are trending right now. I don’t have a lot of variations of red eyeshadows. So I’m seriously happy these are in right now. I cannot wait to use these, they look so pretty. I’m into bright blown out eye looks right now. 

Well hope this helps in making your decisions. These guys are so worth the wait. No regrets. I hope you guys like Valentine’s Day makeup collections. More are coming your way. 

Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

Valentine’s Day Look- Using Kiko and Kylie Cosmetics 

Hey guys I’m here again to continue with my Valentine’s Day makeup theme posts. I am so anxious waiting on my Valentine’s makeup orders to arrive. I cannot wait to swatch all those beautiful goodies with you all! They got me good this year. So far, no regrets. So while I await my coveted goodies, I decided to swatch some of past Valentine’s Day makeup goodies. I am going to swatch the Kiko Cosmetics Valentine’s collection from last year called Endless Love. I wasn’t going to do a full face but I ran into the Wet n Wild foundation at Rite Aid. Decided to test it out. So full face here we are. So I will start with Kiko and then breakdown the rest of my Valentine’s Day makeup goodies. 

Kiko Endless Love 

Love Elixir:

Love Elixir is described as a face powder with three shades. The top shade is a bronzer, the middle is a bright pink, and the last shade is a peachy pink. I only used the middle shade. I used the little brush it came with, not expecting much from it. But I actually really liked the brush and being it so small, it only got the section of color that you wanted. This was also really hard to get my hands on last year. It was sold out in stores and online. You really got to constantly check the website for it because it can be in stock one minute and sold out the next. The packaging killed me. Literally the cutest thing ever. 

Endless Love Lipstick 


I really like the color. It’s like a berry wine. My hugest pet peeve with Kiko is that they will have the names on the website and sometimes the box, but never on the actual product. They need to start putting the names of the lipsticks. It’s not fun to say I have this lipstick in shade 05. The lipstick is really creamy, I almost forget how regular lipstick feels. 

06 lipstick and liner:

06 lipstick is like a muted raspberry with a gold shift. The sheen of gold was extremely hard to capture and it’s so beautiful. Hopefully you can kinda see what I mean in the last picture. It looks so pretty in the light. Love the lipliner as well. I hope this year I can get my hands on the new ones. They’re all sold out right now. Just happy get my hands on some of the collection. 

Blushing Hearts in Bursting With Love- $8.96:

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts in Bursting With Love is a triple baked blush. This is definitely a play on the Too Faced Sweethearts blush. But I like these better. The colors a bit too shiny and ashy, so I like them for a highlighter. I mostly used the top shade but I swirled my brush around on all the shades. 

For this look I used the Kylie’s Diary palette. Full review of it on the previous post. For this eye look I used Be Mine in the crease to start off with. Then I put Love Potion on top. I put a little of Heart Eyes on the corner and then all over the lid. Then I put Sweet Like Candy on top dry, and then wet. This really made that amazing rose gold pop. Then I put Heart Breaker as an inner corner highlight. Really loving this palette. No regrets. 

Now a short review on some products I’ve been trying. I found the new Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation in Golden Beige. It’s so sad how this is the darkest color and I live in the hood. Like this is next to a Western Beef, where are the other shades?? This was almost a match not quite. The yellow undertone they got but the shade itself is a bit off. I had to mix it with the NYX foundation mixer in warmth. It looked better with that mixed in. So I definitely have to venture out to my other Walgreens and look for more shades. And I’m not sure if it’s the amount of powder I put on top, it looks very powdery and cakey. I don’t know, we shall see, got to play around with it. I have no other problems with it other than with powder on top, everything is so visible. 

I’ve also been using the Makeup Revolution Banana Powder. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’m so used to my Sacha Buttercup. I realized I can’t let it bake too long because it becomes very cakey and powdery. It just clings to the skin. You have to really dust it off well. So this is another product I’m on the fence with right now. Got to play with it and see how it ticks. 

I hope you guys liked this mini swatch and review post. I just happened to pick up the foundation today and wanted to try it out. And I really wanted to swatch last years Valentine collection from Kiko. 

As always thank you so much for reading all this. Stay purple. 

Kylie’s Diary

I am back again continuing on with my Valentine’s Day themed makeup posts. Today I’m here to swatch Kylie’s latest release, Kylie’s Diary. The makeup palette contains 9 eyeshadows and 2 blushes. I wanted the Head Over Heels lip kit but of course it was sold out. I really was debating on buying this, you don’t know how much. First of all, not a Kylie fan. Only because you famous for who? For what? It’s just not for me. Khloe was my favorite and I can’t even deal with her anymore. But she keeps trying to reel me in, especially with the holiday palette. And she finally caught me. This Valentine’s Day collection was so friggin cute. And I figured if I can divorce myself from Jeffree and love the makeup, then I could with Kylie too. Now that doesn’t mean I’ll be on her like that, I mean I have most of those lip colors. I know Colour Pop is a great dupe for them, they’re both under the same cooperation. But if something catches my fancy I’ll try and buy it. But even if I do want to buy something from her, it’s like the hunger games getting anything from her site. I was surprised the Diary was still in stock when I was able to get to it. I figured it was a sign I should get it. And at $54, it really didn’t help make it an easy decision. Thank god shipping is free over $40. I couldn’t have done it otherwise. 

So I have some swatches for you and a makeup look. I figured I’d give it a full on go and see how the shadows really work. I wanted to be able to give my full opinion all around. 

Now let’s see what’s Kylie keeping in her diary. 

The Kyshadows: 


Bae is an icy periwinkle. This shade is very light. I figured this would make a good highlight. 

Heart Breaker:

Heart Breaker is a pearlized shimmering baby pink. 

Make Me Blush:

Make Me Blush is a metallic sparkly lavender. 

Sweet Like Candy:

Sweet Like Candy is a bright metallic rose gold. This color is absolutely gorgeous. That gold shift is so crazy. This is one of the prettiest rose golds I’ve ever seen. 

Love Potion:

Love Potion is a satin hot pink. I don’t like pink too much but I cannot wait to have this in my crease. I can’t wait to do a look with this. 

Be Mine:

Be Mine is a matte soft coral. 

Heart Eyes:

Heart Eyes is a matte deepened magenta. 


Romance is a metallic golden burgundy. 

Loves Me Not:

Loves Me Not is a matte plum grey. I love taupey colors, and this is her cool older cousin. You don’t know how much I love this color. 

The Blushes

First Date:

First Date is a subdued tangerine. 


Virginity is a vibrant warm pink. 

Overall, I really do like this palette. More than I thought I would. The packaging alone is what got me. It’s absolutely gorgeous, a diary with sparkly red trim. I had a million diaries so it spoke to my 8 year old self. It had a mirror, you know how I am with mirrors. But what also really got me were the shadows. The shades are pretty different and vary especially for Valentine’s Day looks. I also was intrigued by the blushes. I love blushes a lot, but I was probably most disappointed by. As you can see from the swatches, they aren’t very pigmented. I didn’t expect anything from First Date since it’s a light peachy shade. That doesn’t really show up on my yellow undertone. But Virginity I was expecting more from. Especially because of the name, I like anything named after my currant sexual status. Now I’ll show these babies in action. 

I am so in love with this look. My non existent boyfriend is missing out. Too bad for you boys. Ya could’ve had alla this seated across for you at a lovely dinner. Forget y’all. So maybe I am a lil anti Valentine’s lol. 

Anyway, I started off with Love Me Not in the crease. The name of this shade describes my whole life and the color matches it perfectly. Like yaaaassss. I built it up a lot and it such a beautiful cool toned purple. Then I put Heart Eyes in the crease, in a v, to deepen it up and add some dimension. Then I put Make Me Blush on the lid. This color is so beautiful. I put it on dry and then wet to make the color pop. It came out so gorgeous. I didn’t even want to put a wing and ruin my beautiful work. Then I put Bae as a highlight on the eye and inner corner. I think this shade is a bit hard to blend out. It came out a bit patchy. And I used it in my face as a highlighter. It’s so light that it really works out nicely. I used Virginity blush. I had to really build it up and get my brush in there to get some color on my cheeks. 

Overall, I think these babies are really great to work with. They are velvety smooth and all the shades are gorgeous. The shadows are very pigmented but they need to work on the blushes. I’m not sure if they wanted them to be muted but it doesn’t work for my skin tone. 

Thank you guys so much for reading. Any questions at all, feel free to ask. Stay purple. 

Meet Matt(e) Trimony 

Hey guys I’m here to share with you swatches from the Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette. This The Balm palette was highly raved about when it was released. The colors were very in during the time it came out, and still are. I love The Balm and the Meet Matt(e) palettes. I have the other two and am sad the original one got discontinued. I use that one so much. 

As much as I don’t have a Valentine, my blog this month may be heavily Valentine themed. This year tons of Valentine’s Day themed collections have dropped. It has me nearly crazy. Anyway, this has fit into this months theme perfectly. I have been planning to swatch this for a while, and am glad I waited. I waited to get this until it was on sale on Haute Look. That’s how I got most of my The Balm products. 

Now let’s go find Matt and get married! 

This boy is tall, dark, and handsome! He has blue eyes, 6’2, perfect height! His job is eyeshadow palette, lol. And I love anyone that enjoys creamy eyeshadows and fabulous liners. 

Matt Lin:

Matt Lin is a light peach. 

Matt Thomas:

Matt Thomas is a light pink. 

Matt Rossi:

Matt Rossi is a medium taupe. This is my perfect taupe, love shades like these. 

Matt Lopez:

Matt Lopez is a yellow tan. 

Matt Kumar:

Matt Kumar is a warm cranberry. 

Matt Moskowitz:

Matt Moskowitz is a blackened plum. 

Matt Evans:

Matt Evans is a cool toned neutral. This is my perfect nude for me. 

Matt Reed:

Matt Reed is a chocolate brown. 

Matt Ahmed:

Matt Ahmed is a true black. 

This palette is absolutely beautiful. This is a nice neural palette that’s still pretty versatile. They are a lot of warm shades and a few cool. The shadows are very pigmented. A few swirls is enough. There is some kick up so be careful. It is very velvety and feels amazing. This perfect to pair with a brighter palette or reds if you want a more cold look. 

These are all matte, of course. I swatched them all with my finger and no primer. These are paraben and cruelty free. 

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any more questions. Thank you so much for reading and stay purple. 

Gun Metal Stack- Melt Cosmetics 

Today I’m swatching the second Melt Cosmetics eyeshadow stack that I own. If you don’t know about Melt, they’re a high end indie brand that started off with a few lipsticks. All their lipsticks are matte, like hella matte, and are in some of the most amazing colors. I definitely want to swatch them for you guys one day. I have so many of them, more than I realized. Lol. Anyway, the Gun Metal stack is one of the many palettes they have came out with. I decided to jump on this during their Black Friday sale. This one appealed to me the most for whatever reason. And also most of the stacks were sold out. The Rust is definitely on my list. And whoever keeps breaking into their  warehouse, and stealing their products, I hope you know there’s a special place in hell for you. 

Also, if you don’t want to buy a whole stack, you can always purchase the singles. That makes it easy to refill and get the shades you really want. I love the uniqueness of their palettes. They’re stackable and magnetic. They come with a mirror. The shadow palettes are big, 0.09 ounces each.

Now let’s get into some sparkly goodness. 

Harsh Stone White:

Harsh Stone White is a glittery champagne white. This is great for the inner corner highlight and brows. They also use this as a face highlight. 


Assimilate is a deep taupe. This is their transition shade. I love a good taupe for my transition shade. So I’m totally in love with this shade as much as the others. 


Industrial is a glittery grey brown. 

Gun Metal:

Gun Metal is a metallic blue black. 

The Gun Metal stack is completely vegan. I really love this stack. The metallics are super super creamy. Be careful because you don’t need a lot of pressure to pick up the pigment. These are all swatched with my finger and no primer. And there is a hella amount of glitter in these shades. The first swatch I removed left glitter all over my arm. My arm and hands are covered in glitter now, it’s so crazy. But always in a good way. 

I really love this stack. I used it for a New Years Eve look and it was so pretty. I loved it. I can’t wait to really use this baby. The glitter alone will satisfy your inner unicorn. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Hope this helped in your makeup day hunting. Thanks for reading and stay purple.