A Novel Romance: Yield to Love

Hey there guys! This is just a quick swatch I did from the A Novel Romance collection from MAC. As you know, I cannot resist an online exclusive and a rosey color lipstick. And this lipstick was both. I had wanted to get a bunch of stuff from this collection, the colors they had were a lot of purples and pinks. I love purple and of course could not resist. But I did my research first to see if this was something I really wanted to drop a lotta money on. I found that a lot of the lipglasses were just pretty clear and not as pigmented as I hoped. I didn’t really like the colors of the lipsticks, either to red or too pink. I did want to try Myself, a nude, but in store because of my skin tone. One color I did want to get as well was Hearts Aflame but of course that was sold out. It is described as a brick red and those types of reds look amazing on my yellow skin tone. I may try and see if they have it in store.

Anyway, here’s a quick little swatch I did for Yield to Love:

WP_20140819_015 WP_20140819_027 WP_20140819_025 6tag_190814-155447

Sorry I look so busted lol. Anyway, my fav new rosey pink! I love this color so much, went perfectly well with my skin tone. I am totally in love with it and not sorry I bought it at all! Super excited!

Hope this helped you guys just a little in what to look for in lipsticks and colors, especially when you have a yellow skin tone. Please check out my other posts, and my instagram: the purple loba, and my #uniquelyaveragebeauty, for more makeup looks. Thanks!

Pixi Beauty Swatches

I have always seen Pixi cosmetics but never bought any. I tried 2 kits from my favorite site, hautelook.com. As you know, I cannot resist anything that’s limited edition or an exclusive, I try to but it can be so hard sometimes! I got the Endless Silky Eye Pen Kit, which came together in a kit for a limited time. I also got the Icy Lip Luster kit in Snowbunny Glace, which was holiday edition.

I started off with my basic face, but I used one of the Endless Silky Eye Pen Kit in BlackNoir:

WP_20140817_039 WP_20140817_018 WP_20140817_024


Here’s the Endless Silky Eye Pen Kit:

WP_20140817_047 WP_20140818_002 WP_20140818_001 WP_20140818_004 WmDev_635439214572221749_jpg WmDev_635439215724101260_jpg

I must say I am completely in love with set! When they say Silky Eye, they mean Silky Eye! You all know how much I love a really smooth and creamy eye liner and omg, is this ever that. It glides on so smoothly and the color payoff is vibrant! It goes on so shiny and dries with a nice sheen. I love BlackNoir, as I use black so much. It really is just so dark and amazing. DeepPlum is really super rich dark purple, which could totally pass for black. BlackCocoa is a nice warm brown which will be great for fall and neutral look. I love SageGold because it is exactly that. It’s a nice warm green with gold flecks in it. I love this one a lot and will def be a nice pop for fall and neutral looks. OysterGlow really looks like an oyster shell crushed and put into eyeliner form. As much as my makeup tends to be really dark, I really do want to get into lighter shades and can’t wait to experiment with this one, especially for highlighting and such. This really was a good buy, and as one of my first products from them, I’m really happy with it! Will def be buying in more from them in the future.

Icy Lip Luster: Snowbunny Glace:


Ice Crystal:

WmDev_635439274371391855_jpgWP_20140817_049WP_20140817_064 WP_20140817_069 WP_20140817_071

Ice Crystal is just really clear and has some sparkle in it. These, I think, were made around the holiday season during winter. So when I put them on, I found them super moisturizing. And it smells really could, kind of medical. It reminds me of Blistex, it has a little medical type smell, and it has that kind of hint of coconut in it. So this is absolutely perfect for winter time, it will def be a nice substitute for your Blistex, and  have your lips be moisturized and still look cute. You can also you used this color to layer over your lipstick to give it a little shimmery effect.

Ice Petal:

WmDev_635439274930973139_jpg WP_20140817_055 WP_20140817_078 WP_20140817_080 WP_20140817_091

Ice Petal is the same as Ice Crystal just in a peachier tone. You can’t really tell the difference too well but it’s still a nice color. I cannot wait to use these during the winter. They’re a nice travel size so you can put into any purse, ans still look cute and have your lips stay moisturized.

Natural Rose:

WmDev_635439275775749406_jpgWP_20140817_051WP_20140817_097WP_20140817_095 WP_20140817_098


I am really in love with Natural Rose. It is such a pretty nude pink color, totally perfect for me and my skin tone. It makes my naturally pink lip color just be more enhanced and lovely. A new favorite!

Pink Orchard:



Pink Orchid is the strongest color out of the bunch and but still not over imposing. All these colors are to suit your natural lip tone and to coordinate over lip stick. These are really great to put in your bag and after a long night and don’t want to reapply your lipstick but still want your lips to look amazing.

I am so excited to try these products and they’re so pretty! You can find them on pixibeauty.com. I believe you can also get them at Target, not totally sure. Also, they come on HauteLook every so often. Thanks for stopping by and I hope this helped you guys out. Check out my Instagram: thepurpleloba for more beauty looks and my #uniquelyaveragebeauty. Hope this helped you guys out!

Nicki, Nicki, Nicki

By now everyone has seen the talked about new Nicki Minaj video, Anaconda. Nicki is one of the artist to me that I don’t really obsess over, but I do like a few of her songs. I know some people obsess over Nicki and love everything she does. I’m just chill, like me and her could totally hang. I do like her style and some of the things she does, especially now. I think she has been looking amazing lately.

Anyway, I have been following her new releases a little bit, but I have to say I had to go watch Anaconda. From all the videos and pics she has been posting on instagram, it was a must see. And I must say, she doesn’t disappoint. Here’s just a few reasons why I love Nicki and her ratchet ass new song:

1- Nicki looks flawless, I mean absolutely amazing. I know it’s all Photoshop and TV magic, and she looks good all the time, but idk. To me, in this video, she looks absolutely amazing, totally perfect. Nicki was on her game in this video.

2- Let’s not pussy foot around, I mean come on, the amazing amounts of booties that are just in this video. Booties on land, booties in the sea, booties booties booties, just for you and me. LOL I totally just made that up…. at least I think I did.

3- All the twerking! Nicki has def stepped her booty game up, and she can swing that thing, and slam it on the floor. I ain’t mad at ya Nicki!

4- I love when she’s giving Drake a lap dance and all he could do is sit there like DAYUUMM. And when she was backing it up on her knees, I was like okaaayy Nicki, go head!

5- My favorite scene is when she’s doing her cute little work out and stuff Idk why. Pink is not my fav color, but that is for sure Nicki’s.

6- Idk why, I really don’t but my fav line: He tossed my salad like his name is romaine.

7- Nicki herself says, she on her dumb shit. And I love it!!!

8- Fuck the skinny bitches!!! That’s right Nicki, you tell them!! Fuck them skinny bitches, make way for us big booty bitches! I’m just big all around but it’s all good. 😉

I know there’s a bunch of people hating on Nicki Minaj right now and saying she’s a slut, she’s being too ratchet, and she’s being inappropriate and not being a role model…. Here’s my rant on Nicki: Nicki never started, never claimed, and never will be an appropriate role model for your children. She did not just come out yesterday. That’s how she got her start, she was always controversial, no holding back about anything, especially her body and sexuality. Just because she came out with a few pop songs does not make her 100% appropriate. And if you’re children are looking up to Nicki as a role model, and you’re not talking to them about why she’s not appropriate for their age group, then you have a problem. People rely too heavily on society to raise their kids when they should. This is a part of being a parent. Nicki never came out claiming to be that.

And to those that claim she’s a slut and all that, WHO CARES? I really don’t. She’s not my friend, and guess what? She’s making more money than all of us combined! I cannot hate on her hussle and what she does with her body is her business. I think it’s great to have a female rapper of today to talk about her sexuality without apologies. Many have done it before her of course, and I think in this day and age where double standards still provail, I appalaud her for saying what she wants, what she likes to do and not giving a fuck. We are not perfect, I don’t expect her to be, but I do apprecaite the rawness which I think women should be allowed to have. If you know me really well, when it comes to talking about sex I have no problem talking about, no holding back. Most guys can’t handle that and it’s really sad. They can talk about bitches sucking their dick all day, but we say we like getting eaten out and they just can’t handle it. So I’m all for Nicki and her ratchet ass song. Go head girl!!

Duck Tape Boxes

My new thing lately has been duck tape boxes. I came up with the idea when I had to make a birthday present for a friend. I like to buy a lotta little things, different stuff I know they would like and put it in a gift bag or something. I order a lotta stuff  online, I think I def may have a shopping problem. I just wanna buy everything!!! Anyway, I get lot of boxes and a lot of them are are reusable boxes that open and you can store things. I always wanted to use them but I just ended up throwing them out because I had no where to put them and they were just plain, ugly, brown cardboard.

I had been ordering a lot of makeup from Hautelook.com, and they send different brands at different times. So I would get some makeup in this box, a hair product in this box, a makeup organizer in another. I had a few of these boxes laying around and I just thought they were so awesome and I really wanted to save them some how. Then I was trying to figure out what I was going to do for my friend’s birthday present. That’s how the idea popped up into my head. I could use the box to put all my little goodies inside there. I was going to decorate the box, and then the idea to use duck tape popped in my head. I always wanted to buy the duck tape, I see them all the time and I just wanted an excuse to buy them. They have them at 5 Below but I had no clue how to use it. I know everyone and their mother has been using duck tape to make clothes and accessories. I just want them cause the patterns are so cute! And I love anything that is adorable.

So I went to 5 Below, got my supplies and got started. Here’s how my first box came out:

WP_20140601_005 WP_20140601_004WP_20140601_007WP_20140601_009 WP_20140601_008 WP_20140601_011 WP_20140601_012

I love stickers, especially Lisa Frank, and I just collect a million of them. It’s even worse now ever since 5 Below opened up near my job. I always bought stickers just for my own personal use for my laptop and stuff. I love putting stickers all over everything. So I decided to decorate the whole thing with stickers because who wouldn’t love that? Idk anyway I just thought it was a nice use for them. So this was my first box ever, and my friend really liked it, and I was happy because it was my first one, and it was just a random idea.

Here’s another one did for another friend’s birthday:

WP_20140612_045 WP_20140615_004WP_20140615_005WP_20140615_006WP_20140615_007WP_20140615_009

So many  birthdays! I love this macaroni tape, I just think it’s so fun. I just HAD to buy that card for my friend. I found it at Duane Reade in the city. He was the one that first showed my that meme with the kid, and it said I thought bands would make her dance. I thought it was the most hilarious thing ever and I still crack up about it. Plus it really looks like this could be him in middle school or whatever. Even my manager Sonia, who I wrote a post about before, was cracking up tho she has no clue about memes. She just thought it was so funny that I could find this card with this kid that looked so much like him. 😀

Here’s one that I did for my friend’s graduation gift:

WP_20140612_005 WP_20140612_007 WP_20140612_008 WP_20140612_012 WP_20140612_041 WP_20140612_044WP_20140614_010


This is for a friend who was graduating. She’s the one that painstakingly does my hair. Gotta make sure my hair dresser is happy! She loves doing nails and she does them so beautifully so I usually giver her some nail polish. I put in some blush in because we were talking about makeup the other day, and I put in some stick on gems to use on her phone, and some stickers. My phone is covered with them and we were talking about that so I was like she def needs to get some of those! I love giving the joy of stickers to other people! I also put some Lisa Frank stuff in there and a freezable reusable cup, because we are both obsessed with that too.

This is that last one I did for my friend’s birthday. This is definitely my favorite one that I have done so far:

WP_20140627_003 WP_20140627_004 WP_20140627_005 WP_20140627_006 WP_20140627_008 WP_20140627_009WP_20140704_023 WP_20140704_038 WP_20140704_024 WP_20140704_025 WP_20140704_027 WP_20140704_028 WP_20140704_003 WP_20140704_007 WP_20140704_010 WP_20140628_070

As you can tell, I really really really love this one! First of all, my favorite color purple, and I love that blue and purple cheetah print so much. She loves purple too, so that’s why I chose those for her, and I just decided to use all the animal print I had at the time. It came out way better than I expected. I thought all the different patterns would be too busy but it wasn’t. I ended up really loving this box and she did too. I get so happy when people enjoy what I make them.I like making things but I really don’t do it as much since I’ve gotten so depressed. I used to make cupcakes almost every week, I used to make beaded jewelry, I used to do a lot of little things. Not so much anymore. But I’m trying to get back into it because I do enjoy it.

Those two cards are what me and my mom made when we went to a card making class. They came out really well, and I used the birthday card for her box. All the things I got in her box were from 5 Below. I got those streamers from there and they were $1. I love reusable cups and so does she and I have given her probably 5 of them by now. I got her stickers and stick on gems for her phone too and she had seen how much stickers I have, she was like you have to give me some too! I got her nail polish because when I went to her house she had some but I wanted to give her a little update and she always does her nails. I used to do mine all the time, but because of my job, my nails are thin and weak, they constantly break whereas they used to grow so long and beautiful, and I could work an hour and all the nail paint chips off. I am not using all my OPI nail polish up repainting them over and over. It makes me sad cause I have a lot of nail polish and I used to do my own designs too. Anyway, I bought her a pack of Baby Lips, which I never tried before, but she loves lip gloss, and everyone raves about them. She never tried them before either and she gave me the orange one. I loved decorating this, and there was no shortage of cupcake stickers to add onto it. I have been wanting to make a few more but been in a slump. I’ll get back to it one day.

Here is a small look at my collection. I have bought so many more stickers, duck tape, masking tape, washi tape, and scotch tape since then. Everyone has this stuff now!:

WP_20140703_019 WP_20140623_001

I get a lot of my duck tape and stickers from 5 Below, but some times they don’t have the stickers I want. I noticed they get the same stickers from Michael’s so I just ordered them from Michael’s, they had some that were BOGO, so of course I gotta whole bunch. Also, I recently took a trip to the A.C. Moore with my mom, and she told me that one is like an outlet. So everything is basically on sale, I got a lot of stickers, stick on gems, and duck tape from there. That was really nice so I definitely want to go back there. I also got some of the washi tape from Michael’s and also Family Dollar. They sold the Scotch tape kind and I used the purple one for the box. I have yet to use the washi tape really, I put some on the keys of my laptop. I saw that Instagram. Needless to say she did a better job than me lol. My mom also just so happened to have a washi tape holder, and I use that now to hold all my washi tape, but I have no where to put my duck tape at all. I have a whole bunch now! Deals also sells them for $1, and since my mom knows I use that stuff, she keeps picking me up one if she sees them on sale. Also, she gives me the boxes from work that are the ones I like to use.

I am totally obsessed with duck tape now but I don’t really use them to make stuff. I think I rather just use them for decorating. What I would be willing to make out of it, are the hair bows. I’ve seen a lot of that on Istagram and I love bows, so making some out of my favorite prints from duck tape would be awesome!

Well hope you guys enjoyed and hopefully gave an idea of how to reuse some of the stuff that gets delivered to you and laying around the house.


Lime Crime Swatches

I heard of Lime Crime for a while but never really got into it. It wasn’t until Instagram and I started following Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime, and I saw all these girls wearing it, that I really started to get into it. Instagram really got me into makeup so much more than I have ever been, and I think because I can talk to other people about it, makes it even worse. But it’s just nice knowing you’re not the only one excited about a new MAC collection, or a new palette coming out for Urban Decay. And you just learn about so many different brands and ways to wear your makeup. Anyway, Lime Crime has such an amazing lip stick colors and range that not many lipstick brands do not offer. Though, that is the ongoing trend now, all these outrageous and daring lip colors. Lime Crime was definitely ahead of the game with their amazing packaging that’s purple and with unicorns all over it. What girl doesn’t love that? And did I mention it’s purple? And considering my own real life unicorn status, this is one product that is definitely for me.

Currently, I only own four lipsticks, one velvetine, and an eyeliner. All their products are vegan and not tested on animals. Amazing! I do want to get more lipsticks and def more velvetines! Utopia is a new velvetine I am def looking forward to seeing soon. I also cannot wait until they produce their own hair dye which I believe is to be called Venus. From all the colors I have seen her try, Doe Deere, omg so beautiful!!! My next blue and purple hair dye has to come from them! I also want to get into their eye shadow palettes, they are so beautiful and I def wanna invest in a few of those.

Here’s a quick look of my swatches and I will go into detail further below:


I started off with a basic face. I just used Elf cosmetics pressed powder in Spice, Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner in Cute Robot, blush from the Too Faced The Cupcake mini palette, and Scandaleyes mascara.:

WP_20140806_003 WP_20140806_004WP_20140724_069



Come unwrap the magic of Lime Crime with me!



Airborn Unicorn:

airbornunicornWP_20140805_013WmDev_635428856430290648_jpg WmDev_635428094710028961_jpg WP_20140805_019 WP_20140805_020 WP_20140805_038WP_20140805_024WP_20140805_033


This is one of the first colors I got from Lime Crime. I bought it off of Ebay along with Chinchilla. These were the first purples I ever gotten. It is described a medium purple with a neon note. All of their lipsticks are opaque. I love this color so much, a little hard for me to know what to wear it with at times. But I do get a lot of compliments from people on this color. It’s a nice neon color and goes well with my skin tone and I believe this would match up with most. I love that their lipsticks are bright but are still wearable. But I doubt I’ll ever wear the yellow or mint green ones. Those are just not for me.


chinchilla WP_20140805_049 WmDev_635428857853191244_jpg WmDev_635428095467184465_jpg WP_20140805_059 WP_20140805_068 WP_20140805_075 WP_20140805_083

Chinchilla is described as a medium grey with lavender undertones. I really like this color, it is muted and I usually just pair it with black or grey outfits. My guy friend says it look like I’m dead. *rolls eyes* What do guys know? I love it because it looks different, and I totally took a chance on these colors. This is not stuff I normally would wear, but now this something I am comfortable using. These type of colors def give a pop to any outfit especially if you don’t feel like doing a classic red all the time. They are so easy to apply and comfortable to wear and the color payoff is gorgeous!


poisonberry WmDev_635428858848351998_jpgWmDev_635427941161227841_jpgWP_20140805_098 WP_20140805_104 WP_20140805_106 WP_20140805_113 WP_20140805_123

Poisonberry is described as a bright berry-purple with a snake-like sheen. This is one of my recent purchases I bought directly from Lime Crime. This is my new favorite purple! It has such a pretty metallic sheen to it, so amazing. It is bright but also dark enough to pull off and not feel like you’re wearing anything too crazy. My friend said it looks like I’m going to a rave. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing :D. I love it so much I cannot wait to wear this out! You can totally be bright head to toe or wear all black and make your look pop and help create a gothic-y grunge look. Totally bad ass. I love anything that makes me look like I’ve been eating berries all day… especially poisoned ones!!! 😀


coquette WmDev_635428859481211128_jpg WmDev_635428096155376958_jpgWP_20140805_127 WP_20140805_138 WP_20140805_146 WP_20140805_149 WP_20140805_153

Coquette is described as a pale, peachy nude. I really wanted to try this color because it’s a nude and I love nudes but I don’t know if it really looks good on me. It is a type of peachy color and oranges tend to clash with my yellow skin tone so maybe that’s it. But after I kind of let it settle on my face, it didn’t look so bad. Also, I think this is one of those lip colors that I will def have to play up my eye makeup or blend with another lipstick or something. But I will def try Babette next too. Those colors sold out fast so I wanted to get one before they did again, because they have all been restocked right now, yay!

Red Velvet:

redvelvet WP_20140805_207 WP_20140805_209 WmDev_635428807887363227_jpg WP_20140805_199 WP_20140805_198 WP_20140805_205 WP_20140805_215 WP_20140805_216 WP_20140805_218 WP_20140805_228 WP_20140806_022

Red Velvet is one of the many Velvetines that have taken the makeup world by storm. It is a liquid to matte lipstick, and this is a formula you see many cosmetic lines developing. I finally got one and it is amazing! It dries really fast, it does has a chemical smell but that does go away when you put it on. It feels a little tacky but it depends how much you put on. You really don’t need that much and when you touch it, it doesn’t feel like you have anything on. It does not come off! I wore it to a wedding and it just was amazing and totally completed my look! I cannot wait to wear this again! Someone take me out! Red Velvet is described as a classic red. I just checked their website and they are all sold out of Red Velvet! Which is crazy cause I just ordered mine a few week ago, thank goodness. 😀 And I really love this look with Cute Robot, an accidental pairing which might be my new favorite! For some reason it reminds me of Snow White.

Lunar Sea:

lunarsea WmDev_635428096608982111_jpg WP_20140805_187 WP_20140805_186 WP_20140806_010 WP_20140806_024


Luna Sea is described as opaque white and is one of their many liquid eyeliners. I always wanted a white eyeliner so I took a chance on it. I really have to practice using it because I am HORRIBLE at applying liquid eyeliner. I think I am just way too impatient and don’t take my time. Also, my eyelashes are really long and curly, so all the liquid liner is on my eyelashes and it is one of the most annoying things I don’t know how to avoid doing. Anyway, it’s not too bad, I’m just so bad at using liquid liners period. But they have some beautiful liners I def wanna check out and will get even though I can’t apply them for shit. 😀

Lime Crime has just had their 6th anniversary and right now they have some limited edition boxes and lipstick packaging. So I just wanted to show off the difference and how cute it is!:

WP_20140805_00120140806014433 WP_20140805_003 WP_20140805_005 WP_20140805_008 WP_20140805_017 WP_20140805_016WP_20140805_090 WP_20140805_093 WP_20140806_015 WP_20140806_019 WP_20140806_020


You can find Lime Crime at limecrime.com. I contacted their customer service once via email and they got back to me within 2 days! So great! You can also find them on UrbanOutfitters.com, and I think there are a few other beauty websites you can find them on. I don’t mind getting them on the Lime Crime website, free shipping when you spend $50. But you can always look on Ebay, too. Hope you guys enjoyed my swatches and reviews. Hope this helped anyone looking to see how this colors look especially on yellow skin toned ladies. I really hope to get more Lime Crime in the future so I can give more insight. But so far this is my growing collection. You should definitely follow them on Instagram, if anything you’ll just fall in love with all the cuteness and Doe Deere is just amazing! A real living doll! Instagram: Limecrime, Doedeere. You can also follow me: thepurpleloba and you can also check out my #uniquelyaveragebeauty, to see my makeup looks and outfits of the day! Hope you guys enjoyed and don’t be afraid to take a chance on your makeup!

I shall leave you with some looks using Lime Crime:

6tag_280714-194532 6tag_290714-212043 6tag_290714-231733WP_20140314_013 WP_20140430_052 KINDLE_CAMERA_1399305355000 KINDLE_CAMERA_1399305436000Photo Photo(1) WP_20140801_017 WP_20140801_034


My Swatches for Tarina Tarantino Cosmetics

Hey guys this my first full on thorough swatching of my Tarina Tarantino makeup collection. They first came out in Sephora and I loved the line! They had ring lip glosses, which I loooove! It was just so cute and reminiscent of her jewelry line, which also amazing and sadly I own no pieces as of yet.  But one day I shall, it’s def on the list. Tarina is best known for her Barbie pink hair, and her great sense of style and whimsy she adds to her jewelry. I don’t know when, but they stop selling her line in Sephora. I had only a few of her products then but I still really enjoyed them. But, when I joined Hautelook.com, I noticed that every few months, they would do a sale of her products. Her cosmetics are the first things I bought from Hautelook, because I couldn’t understand how they still had her items available and for basically half the price. I’d be a fool not to buy!

I recently found out that you can also purchase her products on her website at tarinatarantino.com, and I believe they are at full price. So I was like, ohhhh that’s how they still have enough of her product in stock to sell. Anyway, I rather just wait for the Hautelook sale because I am a cheapo. 😀 Being that the products are basically half the price, I have the opportunity to buy a bunch of different products I wanted to try or just couldn’t afford to buy at the time. I really encourage you guys to join Hautelook.com! It’s free and they have a million and one things you can discounts on besides makeup. I have mostly bought makeup, and they have those acrylic makeup organizers you see all the beauty gurus using at such a great price. Also, they items that have been discontinued or out of stock, or whatever, sometimes show up there. But depending on what it is, you have to be fast. Any Betsey Johnson stuff sells out in a heartbeat.

Anyway, onward with the swatches!


WmDev_635425417437474045_jpg (1)WP_20140724_073

Just a quick swatch look and further down I shall go into detail starting with Queen Alice:

queenalice WmDev_635425412115759862_jpgWmDev_635425429466186064_jpg WP_20140724_092 WP_20140724_095 WP_20140724_102 WP_20140724_103 WP_20140724_110

I wanted to show you what the lipstick looked like in the online pictures and how it really looks in person. I gave you a lotta pics of my face because when I look at swatches I like to see many different angles and smiling, and you get the picture so I just want to provide you with as much info as possible.

I love Queen Alice so much! It such a great pinky nude for my skin tone. The color is described as a dusty rose and I love that color so much in anything really. Dusty rose is just such a nice neutral, romantic color. So I decided to take a chance on it and I am so glad I did! Tarina’s lipstick are a conditioning lip sheen and they really are. Omg they are so moisturizing and I just love reapplying because it just feels so good on your lips. And this color on me is great for when I want to a basic face or I have little time to get ready but I still want to feel polished. I can just grab one of these lipsticks and I know it’ll go with anything I’m wearing, give me color, moisturize, and still make me feel like I got dressed up. I love it so much! I am very iffy with my lipsticks and I have just started to get into the wondrous world of them and this is one brand I am glad I had the chance to indulge in.




Cameo and Queen Alice to me are almost the same. Just that Cameo is a bit lighter. But they are both my go to light pinky nudes. I love me a good nude, especially a pinky nude. I have no complaints, just such a nice complimentary shade for yellow skin tones. So easy to wear. It is described as a soft pink-nude shade.

Watermelon Wow:

watermelonwow WmDev_635425414256044983_jpg WmDev_635425431935994600_jpg WP_20140724_139 WP_20140724_140 WP_20140724_142 WP_20140724_148 WP_20140724_160

Watermelon Wow is one of the newer shades that I’ve gotten and I am so in love it! It is described as a melon pink shade. I really love it because it is not an outright pink shade and it’s a lot darker. It’s warmer and friendlier and goes so compatibly with my skin. I can see it will def be one of my new go to nude type shades. It almost borders on a nice pinky brown and I find that with a yellow skin tone, things that lean more brown in base really look good on me.

Pink Elephant:

pinkelephant WmDev_635425415175445908_jpg WmDev_635426975048630756_jpg WP_20140724_200 WP_20140724_215 WP_20140724_220 WP_20140724_229 WP_20140724_019


I know that the shades look similar on me and that they are a little lighter than the other but I can totally tell the difference. And I honestly don’t mind how all the lipsticks almost look the same. Pink Elephant is def the only one I am a little scared of wearing. I don’t like wearing too many many pinks unless it’s a pink that is almost purple like fuchsia or magenta. This pink is pretty light but as I played with it and made different faces, I found that I could work with it and won’t mind wearing it too much. When and with what is another matter all together. I am not really a pink person, and I only like certain types of pinks for certain things. I’m a purple lady.


WmDev_635427001188742206_jpg WmDev_635425419850119953_jpg WP_20140725_001 WP_20140725_009 WP_20140724_244 WP_20140724_247

Nouveau is described as a soft candy pink. Now this is the only time I do pink of almost any shade, and that’s is when it is in a gloss. I love the Gem Gloss because it does have those dimensions and shine and the packaging is so cute with a little bow on it. It has a doe foot applicator which I love. When the sale on HauteLook comes back I am definitely going to look into getting more of the Gem Glosses.

Aurora palette- limited edition:

WP_20140725_089 WP_20140725_094 WP_20140725_097 WP_20140725_099 WP_20140725_100 WP_20140725_103

I always wanted one her palettes and the Aurora jeweled shadow palette was the perfect first one for me to get. It is to simulate the Aurora Borealis. I got the Violet Storm palette and it has purple, blue, and green my favorite colors in makeup that I run to all the time. The outside of the palette is purple and iridescent and it has a mirror and all these things I totally couldn’t resist. Also, all of the shadows have crushed pearls, diamond dust, and porcelain in them and that’s how they have such a beautiful iridescent glow. They show up so well and just are so amazing. You can even use the colors as a highlighter if you want to. From the swatches the colors are: metallic royal blue, pearl violet, pearl baby pink, pearl forest green, and pearl violet. Omg could this palette be any more me? Great for spring, it’s subtle but fun and looks totally amazing on any skin tone but by God if it doesn’t go great on a gal with yellow skin tone.

WP_20140725_106 WP_20140725_109 WP_20140725_110



This is the Sparklicity Shimmer Dust and I got it in Aurora Borealis. It can be used on your face, body, and hair. I love all types of different body shimmers, shimmer dust, any type of body glitters. I am such a glitter person. I know it’s kinda reads more hooker/club kid but I don’t use craft glitter to accessorize with. I used body shimmers and dust and things like this to achieve what I want without looking super cheap. 😀 This color is more white and luminescent, and easy to wear with any outfit. And I love anything that has that vintage pump and spray, just makes you feel like such a lady! That swatch was only after a few sprays.

Eye Dream Hyperliner:

WmDev_635425425363787925_jpg WP_20140725_036 WP_20140725_038

The Eye Dream Hyperliners are one of the first things that I bought from the Tarina Tarantino line when it was still at Sephora. She has amazing colors plus they are so creamy and smooth, which I love in an eyeliner. Of course these are my go to colors in a turquoise, purple, and blue. I bought Spark of Envy: metallic peacock green, Amethyst Android: royal purple with silver shimmer, and Cute Robot: metallic deep blue violet. They have jojoba oil and vitamin E in it. So lovely! Makes it so lovely and smooth and all the liners are waterproof, even better! I love all these colors. I bought these years ago and I re-bought Amethyst Android and Cute Robot from HauteLook. Cute Robot was down to a stub and I just got Amethyst again cause who doesn’t love having a million and one purple eyeliners? I love them so much and I want to get more liners when they go back on sale at HauteLook.

Cameo Collection:

WP_20140725_073 WP_20140725_058 WP_20140725_061 WP_20140725_064 WP_20140725_066 WP_20140725_069 WP_20140725_076 WP_20140725_077 WP_20140725_078 WP_20140725_086

This was Tarina’s premiere collection at Sephora. I loved it so much! I was like I have to have this! I love lip gloss rings, reminds of being a little girl and these are just so cute and grown up. The pink is called Candy Cameo and the purple is Victorian Punk. I have no clue what I did with the original box of the Victorian Punk. I haven’t worn these in a long time since I got fat and the rings don’t fit. I believe they are a size 7. I bought the Candy Cameo twice because they first the lip gloss part kept falling out the ring frame. And finally it was just gone and I loved it so I bought it again which is why I have two pink boxes. But I have no clue where I put the Victorian Punk which makes me sad cause it’s purple but I have a bad suspicion that I threw it out a while ago and just kept it in the other pink or that it got ruined somehow or lost. Whatever. Anyway I swatched the glosses and they only have a very light sparkly color to them, very simple. I got the Victorian Punk eye shadow when they were having a sale, and duh, purple. Omg this purple is amazing and rich when you wear it and I did get a few compliments on it. I swatched light to dark to show how it looks which a lot of layers or one layer. You can build it up or keep it light. I tend to like things very dark and saturated so I like building up my shadows a lot.

This is my entire collections of Tarina Tarantino makeup swatched for you and I hope this helped anyone trying to see how the colors will look, especially on yellow skin tones. I found this other store called dermstore.com. They sell a bunch of Tarina Tarantino makeup, especially a few shades that are sold out on the Tarina sight and that HauteLook does not offer. So if you want some of those hard to find colors, def check them out. I hope you guys enjoyed and I def had a lot of fun swatching and looking at some makeup I haven’t used in awhile! I will leave some pics of me sporting some of the makeup. Also, if you want to see any of my makeup looks and style, you can find me on Instagram @thepurpleloba or check out my #uniquelyaveragebeauty.

WP_20140609_001 WP_20140531_023 WP_20140621_059 WP_20140621_065 WP_20140725_130 KINDLE_CAMERA_1404660096000

Beauty is whatever you make it, as long as you love it. And as long as it doesn’t look too sloppy. ;P