My First Anna Sui Makeup Products

I have always loved Anna Sui but God only knows there is no Anna Sui money around me. There’s a moat of despair but no Anna Sui money. Anyway, Urban Outfitters sells Anna Sui products exclusively online (I believe), and I always online window shop and stare longingly at all the beautiful goodies I’ll never have. But I always wanted one of those Anna Sui handheld mirrors. Like yes please! So I somehow found out that there was a sale on UO for 20% off all beauty products! That’s a major hooray for me because they sell Lime Crime on their site, and Lime Crime at any discount is a yes. Then I remembered Anna Sui, so of course looked her up and her limited edition collection, Tempting Sweets is out. And of course there was a beautiful new hand mirror with my name on it! This was the perfect opportunity for me to own some Anna Sui and finally get the Lime Crime Wicked velvetine. And I am so excited to own these Anna Sui goodies, as small of a start it is to my collection. Plus, I figured it was a great birthday gift to myself 🙂


WP_20141228_120 WP_20141228_123 WP_20141228_122

So you understand how this totally screams Drea right? First of purple, second of all super cute design. I love that it’s a see through plastic type of material. It just makes it so much prettier. The back says Tempting Sweets Anna Sui. I love how the piping is like frosting on a cake, and there are strawberries on it. Those attention to detail make it so cute and girly and whimsical. I really love pieces like this and it was $25, I believe and hello limited edition. I had to snatch this up, cuz I know I would have regretted not getting it.

WP_20141228_125 WP_20141228_127 WP_20141228_128 WP_20141228_132 WP_20141228_133

I had to just try some of her eyeshadows, they are so pretty! I think they were either $12/13, I don’t remember if that was before or after the discount. Even though they are loose pigments, they are still so beautifully packaged and framesd. Embossed in purple, Anna Sui on the front. You can easily take them out of this plastic container, and on the back of the pigments, there’s and adhesive sticker that you can take off. I assume this is for when you have a palette to put these in. I would really love an Anna Sui palette. Even if it is empty save for these two colors.

The first shade is 401, and you know I just had to get a purple shadow. I just lightly swatched these on my arm using my finger. I’m almost afraid to use them because there’s a rose embossed on them and it is just so pretty! I tried to use around the rose. Anyway, I love this purple! It’s a rich dark color. I love really rich purples, and Anna really knows how to do a good purple! The shadows also have a nice fragrance to them. It is very department store but in a good way. Like when you go to beauty of perfume section and everything smells fresh and light, ready for a day of beauty.

The second shade is 208, it’s more of a red orange. I wanted to pick another color that I don’t really have. I don’t have a lot warm colored shades, I am a sucker for cool ones and I drawn to them all the time. But more and more I find that I need a red, yellow, and orange and I am really lacking. I really like this color because it’s bright and it has a great shimmer and dimension to them. The color is almost like a red gold. Really happy with it!

One thing I really love and such a sucker for, is packaging! Her packaging is beyond amazing! First of all, we all know how much I freakin’ love purple, and all her packaging is purple. It makes me fall in love with her stuff even more. (Also one of the many reasons why I love Urban Decay.) She also features a lot of florals, which I am also obsessed with. Omg if I could only put florals on top of florals on top of florals on top of florals….. Oh wait I already did that. (One day I wore my floral vest, with floral socks, and floral Doc Martens, floral bag, that had a floral notebook, with a rose pen :). ) So that just makes me an even bigger fan. And then packaging is every girls dream. Florals, sweet treats, and purple, come on! I just hope Urban Outfitters does another 20% off beauty sale. I really want one her lipsticks (it’s in the shape of a star, COME ON!), but I can’t yet bare to spend $30 on one single lipstick. That’s when that Anna Sui money I don’t have starts kicking in. 😉

Here I used shade 208. It was for one of my birthday looks. I went to Serendipity for the first time that day 🙂 (See, I’m in florals!)

WP_20141122_042 WP_20141122_054 WP_20141122_083

Anyway, I hope you liked and maybe you guys can tell me where I can get cheap Anna Sui makeup, or at least at some discount! Thanks for reading, and you can always find me on Instagram: @thepurpleloba or my #uniquelyaveragebeauty. Stay purple, dolls!

Kat Von D- Coven

Sorry that I haven’t really posted in a while. I’ve been working later shifts as of late, and when I get home it’s almost 12. And Idk, I turned 24 and I hit my old lady phase. I can barely stay up pass 12:30 and I have been waking up around 7:30/8 am. I do not like that at all. Anyway, at least I got a new laptop for Christmas and maybe it will inspire me to write more. Plus, I’ve been feeling and totally looking like complete crap. So when I get home and I think of all the work it will take to try to make myself look right to do some swatching…… It’s just a no go. And I have been so busy on my days off with Christmas shopping and since I’ve been getting so tired lately, I just come home and pass out. I rarely get two days off together and tried to take advantage of it. Determined to get these swatches out to you!

So I finally got my hands on the illusive Coven by Kat Von D. I swear this lipstick is forever sold out and never in stock. Of course I found it at the Staten Island Mall. I just had a feeling I would find it in the JC Penny Sephora, not the actual Sephora. I checked there too, and it was not in stock, not a shock. Anyway, I figured that not a lot people go to that Sephora in JC Penny, and sure enough I was right! Being no one goes there, no one is there to snatch up Coven. There were 3 boxes and they looked like they haven’t been touched since they came in stock. But that’s good for me. So if any of you ladies that live on Staten Island or the other boroughs and want to venture out to SI, there are 2 more for the taking, hopefully, since I left from there.

Anyway, here are the swatches and I’ll tell you guys what I think!:

WP_20141228_058 WP_20141228_050 WP_20141228_075 WP_20141228_085 WP_20141228_116 WP_20141228_067 WP_20141228_071

Coven is a matte lavender. It is one of the new lipsticks from KVD’s Studded Kiss collection. I really do love the new packaging. The studs on the outside is perfect for the rock n roll chic inside of you and outside, and plus it’s functional. It looks sleek, modern, and the studs stop your lipstick from rolling around all over the place. I love the smell, omg sooo good! I think it smells like marshmallows, but it’s creme brulee. But I never had creme brulee so Idk nothing.

Anyway, I put Coven on, and I guess with my eye makeup, I really felt witchy. I think the color is a bit light for my skin tone, and this will be one of those lipsticks I have to work with, and really try to put on eye makeup that doesn’t clash with it. It went on a bit streaky for me, I really had to fight with it, especially to get the close up shots. I suggest using a lip scrub before wearing this one, it will totally help and you wouldn’t have to fight with it like I did. But the color really has grown on me and I really like it. I just had to have this purple to add to my purple lipstick collection, and plus anything that is hard to get is high on my list.

I was iffy with purple at first, but I do like it. It’s a really beautiful matte lavender. It is definitely one of those statement colors. I don’t really have the skin tone to just pull this off off the cuff. I think minimal eye makeup, not so dark, and monochrome outfit will best suit it. When I feel like I’m in a witchy mood, I will break this bad girl out! Along with my lip scrub.

But good news, I just checked out Sephora’s site, Coven and Poe are available right now. Also Kat launched her own beauty website: There, she just showcases her products and tutorials. I love watching her tutorials, and I just wish I had the skill to actual pull half of what she does off. Also you can use her hashtage #kvdlook to be featured on the site! I really like it, her site is like a big playground to talk shop and see what other people are doing and get ideas. And follow her on the gram @thekatvond. And if you wanna follow me and make sure I’m still alive: @thepurpleloba and my #uniquelyaveragebeauty for more of my beauty looks and such. Hoped this helped you guys! Stay purple!

Nasty Gal x MAC


Time for our favorite black box! Nasty Gal and MAC partnered up and did a mini collection of lipsticks in Stunner, Gunner, and Runner, and a nail polish in Flaming Rose. I was only planning to getting Gunner but I saw how Runner looked and I had to get that too. The lipsticks are matte but they still go on really creamy and don’t feel dry on. I also got the free gift wrap because I wanted to see how it would look and keep the bag for myself. 😀

Let’s see what’s inside!

WP_20141211_005WP_20141211_007 WP_20141211_010

So pretty! It’s an Heirloom collection themed bag and the tag is a cameo. Sooo cute! Not sure to reuse or just save it for myself. 😉


How gorgeous do these ladies look? So happy to add these to the collection.


WP_20141211_026WP_20141211_103WP_20141211_070 WP_20141211_078 WP_20141211_072 WP_20141211_076 (1)

Runner is a matte burgundy. This a really nice deep wine color, so easy to wear! I love colors like this, that are bold but don’t take too much effort to wear them. I don’t have to plan a special outfit or wear only certain colors with it, it just looks amazing. Or that I can wear it and not feel overshadowed by it. Even though it’s a matte, it’s still really moisturizing and has a nice sheen to it. This will def look great on all skin tones, and paler ones I could imagine would be greatly striking.


WP_20141211_019 WP_20141211_107 WP_20141211_109 WP_20141211_091 WP_20141211_094 WP_20141211_095

Gunner is the purple everyone has been gunning for. Omg is this a purple! This had to be apart of purple lipstick collection! Gunner is a matte deep purple and boy that is no exaggeration! I love it! Did not disappoint at all! This purple will bring out your inner goth girl and wish you had more corsets in your closet. (I wish I did already.) Anyway, I’m not sure how this would look on other skin tones but I am just happy it went well with mine. My yellow skin tone is of a fickle nature and I’m glad it let me have this beautiful purple.

Lemme know if you guys checked out this collection and what you think. My instagram is @thepurpleloba and my #uniquelyaveragebeauty if you wanted to check out my other beauty looks. Thanks for reading and stay purple!

Marc Jacobs 210 The Siren Style Eye-Con No.7

I love Marc Jacobs, one of the first designers I fell in love with, and inspired me to want to be a designer. I don’t own anything by him tho, never was that fortunate. I have a pair of stud earrings by him tho. I can barely afford Marc by Marc Jacobs. But, when I found out he was coming out with a beauty line Sephora, I was beyond excited.

Still pretty pricey but the collection is so Marc. Very modern, minimalist, smart, and clean packaging. You can see this is perfect for the Marc Jacobs brand and reflects him perfectly. One things I really want is their gel eyeliners, they seem so amazing, but at $25, that’s a bit of a bank breaker for me. But I just couldn’t resist The Siren palette. I had 10% off and I decided to treat myself to it. I think that palette is $55.

From some reason, it brings up a lot of feelings of nostalgia. Reminds of those single strip paint palettes you would buy for elementary school. The colors and the packaging were just so beautiful I couldn’t resist not having this in my collection. It comes in a neat little bag and has an eyeshadow applicator which is like the grown up version of the ones you buy 10 in a pack for $1.

WP_20141209_007 WP_20141209_011 WP_20141209_012 WP_20141209_013WP_20141209_017


I haven’t used this palette yet so I lightly swatched the colors with my fingers. I don’t know if you can see that well, but all the colors have a shimmer dimension to them. The first one is a pure white, then a nice red orange but more red, then a kind of burnt orange, a lighter mustard yellow, then a kind of grey silver baby blue color, a rich blue, and then a dark sea green. I love all the colors and can’t wait to play with them. I’m saving them for a fancy occasion or something. I don’t really go out much, so this I will be saving for when I really get to go out.

The formula seems really rich, nice color payoff, and hopefully I will really get to play with this palette soon. And maybe I will have one or two gel eyeliners.

Let me know if any of you guys have indulged in the Marc Jacobs Beauty line and what ya think. I’m on Instagram @thepurplelobe and my #uniquelyaveragebeauty if you just want to see my looks. Thanks for reading. 🙂


More terrible high school poetry. You could tell I was right nutter. Anyway, I would have been 14 almost a month. How terrible.




i tend to get pissed

when you’re happy

and you’re happy when i’m down

you feed off my pain

hunger and deception

feed the masses


you never were that feeling


i nearly died today again

i nearly died today all alone



where were you

not by my side

you’re supposed to love me

hold me dear and tight

you just want another sweaty


in the dark

beyond dusk

you had your own

glass bottle to heal

not that you cared

don’t want me to do anything crazy

want to shove that medicine you gave me,

down your throat

feel it burn

feel it ache


i nearly cried for

stayed with you

you made me feel small

and tainted

tainted by your words

just sinking myself

in your delusional world


i died again today

all alone

by myself

without your pain

Calm Evil Gentleman

Because I’m bored and can’t sleep and feeling very 14 at the moment. My brain won’t rest, and I don’t want to sleep, I really don’t want to do anything at all. My high school poetry has been on my mind and it’s been awhile since I shared any of the horribleness. And I feel kind of horrible and like my life is one long day in high school that just won’t end. Everyone has turned in their assignment and I’m still trying to copy homework from two days ago. Just a mess. So here’s some poetry about my high school shit. This one is about my second boyfriend, but I always considered him my first. My first was really shitty. I never had a boyfriend until high school, and after this kid there were no more. I just don’t have any luck. People love walking in and out of my life all the time. Especially love interests. I’m the girl that’s always alone.

Maybe I am that horrible, or is there something on my face? Even when I was skinny, sure I’d get cat called 10 times more than I do now, but I consider that a benefit right now. I’m too old for that shit. But Idk. My energy/aura must be really off-putting. Anyway here’s poetry on my first real boyfriend. And I have no clue wtf that chicken part means. Or the rest of it.


Calm Evil Gentleman


he moves about mysteriously

no one knows where he goes or where is

about his elusive past

the dreams he keeps

the stories he’s told

chicken still on the bus seat

he’s sneaky conniving devious

and yet…

you love every bit and

every moment of it

you let him

just to see how far he’ll go

how good it’d feel, to feel something so surreal

so damn philosophical

tell what your eyes say

how open they are

how beautiful you are

what a great person you are

list what he likes about you with no

hesitation and the first adjective not

a physical feature

crazy at it may seem

he cares and he love and he cherishes

he has a warm heart holding on the

weight of the world

crazy cool hair

skulls skullmania

and broken canes

secret hiding places in the library

muddy cup and pink comforters

a badass with love to give

just hook me

with your insightful words

the power to read minds

wonder if he’s going home alone again

wonder if future and fate cares

want to protect him

his head from getting harder

if Cali makes him anymore evil

and tricky tricky of a trickster

that power and demons don’t

corrupt him

or ruin his friend

that the light would shine

and no more burying

be careful


there are many out there

catch you in my dreams

drowning faster and faster on your

syrup of chaos and abnormality

taste the blood of danger

sing a stupid song

dance for love

sing for fate

don’t ever lose your hope

don’t let it get to your head

don’t get crazy/insane/irrational/evil

bastard that we’ll all want to kill


because I’ll always be there

even if you’re crazy and not the same and

i’m scared of you

i’ll always hold you in my arms

protect from the cruel world

and whisper silent prayers in my head

warm your heart and soul bring you back to reality

and learn to accept

the truth

of what you done/what happened


our definitions of love

holding each other tight

not letting go

until it hurts







Wet n Wild Swatches- Part 2

I have indulged and bought more Wet n Wild lipstick. I am really impressed with the colors and really grown to like their Mega Last lipstick. Now I know what everyone is raving about. Finally swatched them. Been kind of out of it lately so I haven’t really been much for doing anything. But my blog has never been far out of my mind. Also, with work, I’ve been working night shift or when I get off it’s 11 pm. So I never have time to really do it. Anyway, onward with the swatches!:

Mink Brown:

WP_20141202_006 WP_20141202_008 WP_20141202_012 WP_20141202_014 WP_20141202_016 WP_20141202_019


I wasn’t so sure about this color, was just looking up colors for a friend, but I ended up really liking it. It’s a nice caramel brown, and it’s not too shimmery.  A really nice neutral tone. I like it.

Spiked with Rum:

WP_20141202_021 (1) WP_20141202_025 WP_20141202_032 WP_20141202_034 WP_20141202_035 WP_20141202_036


I love Spiked with Rum. It is a really great pinky nude color. It looks so perfect and effortless. This look so great with my skin tone and I think it would look good on most other ones as well. Definitely one of my favorites.

Cinnamon Spice:

WP_20141202_039 WP_20141202_057 WP_20141202_045 WP_20141202_052 WP_20141202_054 WP_20141202_055

Cinnamon Spice is a nice warm brown with red undertones. I really love it because it’s really dark but has some dimension to it. Another favorite.

Bare It All:

WP_20141202_063 WP_20141202_073 WP_20141202_077 WP_20141202_075 WP_20141202_080 WP_20141202_081

Bare It All is the perfect nude color for yellow skin tones. I look like I have nothing on at all! It really is a perfect color, matched me perfectly. It’s a lighter toned pink nude color.

Sugar Plum Fairy:

WP_20141202_083 WP_20141202_085 WP_20141202_090 WP_20141202_094 WP_20141202_095 WP_20141202_098

Omg once I got Sugar Plum Fairy, I finally understood why everyone has been going crazy over this color. It really is beautiful and vibrant. It’s purple but not quit. I really don’t know how to describe it other than I really love it. It is one that really surprised me, especially with how vibrant it is. Perfect.

All in all, I’m really happy with the colors I chose and how they came out on me. Wet n Wild really has done well providing colors that will easily go with all skin tones, especially my very picky yellow one. I really love Mega Last lipsticks, they are more flat than their regular ones. That appeals to me a lot more, and it’s flat enough that it’s almost matte. Love matte lipsticks. Anyway I hope this helps when you go raiding the Wet n Wild isle. If anything, just take a chance one a color, you may really like it.

More beauty looks and makeup can be found on my Instagram @thepurpleloba and my #uniquelyaveragebeauty. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I am also wearing Wet n Wild foundation in tan. Wasn’t sure about it but there was a sale so I said why not. A little lighter than I like but it grew on me.

Also my choker is from, just in case you were wondering. I love the poison apple from Snow White, and this choker just made me feel extra cute when doing my swatches.