Lime Crime- Wicked

I got Lime Crime’s Wicked velvetine when Urban Outfitters had a 10% off all beauty products. At the time Wicked was sold out, so I was happy to get it somewhere else at $4 less. I really love this color. Lime Crime calls this a matte burgundy red. I feel this looks really dark on me, more so than on other people. Idk maybe it’s all in my head. But I really love how dark it is, this is def another perfect grungy lip color. I was just so happy when I finally got my hands on this color.


WP_20150131_106 WP_20150131_104 WP_20150131_131 WP_20150131_137 WP_20150131_138 WP_20150131_139


Wicked does make look and feel very wicked. I feel like a badass in this color. I have more pics with me wearing this, in one them I felt like such a chola, like damn. I know I have a million pics for one product, but I love that. When I look up how a product color looks, I like to see more than one picture. I especially like to see on the lips before I think about buying anything. My yellow skin tone can be just a jerk sometimes, one shade off and all hell breaks loose. But it has definitely been a learning process and that helped me not be afraid of lipsticks and color. Anyway, hope this helps in your makeup decisions!

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WP_20141206_007 WP_20141206_009 WP_20141128_007 6tag_281114-230936

Lancome- Aubergine Velvet

As you know my aversion to any lippie over $20, this was a gift from my friend. Otherwise, I do not own any other Lancome product, well she did give me a Lancome quad before. I owe all my Lancome products to her. I have not worn this color yet but I have been wondering what it looks like. The smell is like baby powder, or possibly their perfume or whatever. My noise is not amazing. Aubergine Velvet is is a nice burgundy color, but very soft. It is super wearable, and not overbearing at all. It doesn’t take over your face. I do love the dark color and it just make me wanna wear grungy outfits all day. The only thing I don’t like is that it is more a glossy lipstick, so trying to build on color or make it even is hard. I’m a matter lover, so sometimes using regular formula lipsticks is hard for me. But I love this color and I am not going to say no to Lancome or any present, especially a makeup present.

Aubergine Velvet:

WP_20150131_053 WP_20150131_057 WP_20150131_060 WP_20150131_071 WP_20150131_078 WP_20150131_081 WP_20150131_100

Also, forget to mention that the cap is magnetic! That is so freakin cool! As you can see. the lipstick looks darker than when you actually apply it. I kind of wish it was darker but I still love the color. Sometimes you don’t want a lipstick to take over your whole face, and God know I have enough of those.

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Nars- Belize Lip Gloss

Hey there! Just doing some quick swatches today of some lippies I have. Loving lip products lately. This is the only Nars product I own, mostly because it’s really hard for me to spend more than $20 on any lip product. Really really hard. But when I was looking for the perfect nude lippie with my friend in Sephora, I discovered this gloss I just could not live without. Hello, the lipgloss is called Belize! Of course I just had to have it!

It is the perfect pinky nude lip color, especially those with yellow undertones as myself. It is an absolutely beautiful color. Great for on the go, grab something and you’re out. It has gold shimmer to pinky nude color to give your lips a nice shimmer. No discernible scent, and not overly sticky, which I so hate in a gloss. Overall, it was made me for me universally fits on any skin tone. Just was so excited that a beauty product had the name of my country on it. I couldn’t leave it there!

This is my lips bare so you can get an idea of what they lip color looks likes. My lips are naturally pink, so they tend show the color very true and bare colors can be unnoticeable.


So here are the swatches for Nars Belize:

WP_20150131_017 WP_20150131_024 WP_20150131_032 WP_20150131_036 WP_20150131_037 WP_20150131_038

Isn’t it perfect? See why I had to show my bare lips, you can barely see the difference. But it is definatly noticeable to me, and sometimes I love a good barely there lip, with some shine.

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Fergie for Wet n Wild

Always been a bit wary of Wet n Wild cosmetics, but they held it down for me when I was in high school, and providing me with cheap alternatives. I have learned to love their lipsticks even though I am always so iffy about them. I learned it’s all about finding the right color. Anyway, I love them even more since they came out with their Fergie collection. I have a few pieces and I really like the colors. Here’s my collection so far.

I will start with the foundation. BB Cream in Deep.

WP_20150128_044 WP_20150128_049

This what I am wearing in the all the swatch pictures. This was on last chance sale at Walgreens. This was the only color they had, and decided to take a chance on it. I was happy I did because this color perfectly matches my yellow skin. It so hard for me to find a good tone because they are either too light or too dark. And I really need that yellow undertone otherwise it just makes me look like I have a tan, like way more than usual. So I was so happy this actually fit with my skin coloring. The only thing I didn’t like is the intense chemical smell it has. It smells horrible, but it does eventually go away. When applying it’s bad. Otherwise, it worked out really well.

Next up are the Center Stage Collection eyeshadow palettes. Maldives Sky and Dutchess Longue.

WP_20150128_020 WP_20150128_025 WP_20150128_031 WP_20150128_038

The first one is Maldives Sky. I couldn’t resist getting this palette, as I am drawn to cool colors. I really love the different shades of cool blue and a shot of purple. The lighter colors a bit harder to swatch, I just used my fingers, but he matter ones are easier. Overall the colors are really pretty in that palette. Just some of them are not as opaque and will probably have to pack it on to get its true color.

The Dutchess Lounge is darker and has a lot more sparkles. I was really drawn to this one because of all the shimmer, and the different shades of black with different undertones of sparkle. And also the shot of purple. There’s a silver, navy blue shimmer, red shimmer, and black shimmer. This will be great for a night look, smokey eye. Overall these are cute little palettes, easy to take on the go for any touch ups. Either way you can’t go wrong with picking these babies up. I took this pictures in natural lighting, sorry they weren’t clearer.

Next is Fergie lipstick in Ferguson Crest Cabernet.

WP_20150128_051 WP_20150128_056 WP_20150128_071 WP_20150128_084 WP_20150128_096 WP_20150128_099 WP_20150128_104

Ferguson Crest Cabernet is such a beautiful berry purple color. I really am in love with this color, this is my trend lip in my head. It seems like it might be similar to Dark Room, but won’t be sure until I actually get it. But this color is really beautiful and I am glad I picked it up. Great on yellow skin tones, and it is really creamy. It’s very creamy, moisturizing, and seems like it never wants to leave your lips. The first three pics were with natural lighting, and the last three is with the lights on.

Lastly, is Fergie’s Vicious Varnish High Shine Lip Stain in Global Fierceness.

WP_20150128_110 WP_20150128_118 WP_20150128_129 WP_20150128_131 WP_20150128_136 WP_20150128_138

Global Fierceness lip stain is a pretty pinky red. It smells kind of chemical and has a funny texture. It’s a bit sticky, goopy, I don’t know. But I do love how glossy it is and I feel like it makes me lips look really full, or maybe that’s just me. I really wouldn’t pick up another one, but I am glad I got this color, because it is really pretty. I must say this lip stain really is high shine and it is moisturizing, unlike most stains. It just feels funny on. I just noticed it matches my hair. 😉

Overall, I really like the Fergie collection and it just seems to get better and better. Hope you guys liked and lemme know what other stuff you picked up from their collection I should try. Don’t forget to check out my instagram for my makeup looks, hauls, and new products. @thepurpleloba, and if you just want to check out my beauty things, it’s all in my #uniquelyaveragebeauty. Thanks for reading, and as always, stay purple!

Kiko Cosmetic Swatches- Part 2

I love Kiko Cosmetics! The price along with quality make these products such a must have! So happy that they came to the Staten Island mall, since they are not available online. I love their products, especially when there’s a sale. I got all this makeup I’m about to swatch for about $30, amazing! Originally it came out to $60. Anyway, I’m just going to get right down to the swatching.


I’ll start with the Daring Games collection. These were all on sale.

WP_20150120_011 WP_20150120_012 WP_20150120_016

First the Top Pairs blush, 03 Rosewood and Azalea. First off, love the packaging, and you know I can’t resist anything purple. Plus, it’s a compact, and I love when makeup includes a mirror and it’s a compact. I love when makeup has that imprinted design on it, even thought it makes it hard for me to want to use it. The first swatch on my hand belongs to the pink side the right side of the compact. The more brown side belongs to the left side of the blush. I really love these colors, so full of shimmer. I love really bright blushes, the pinker and brighter the better. I’d look like a drag queen clown if I could. This was originally $24 and I got it for $12. Such a steal! Love this blush compact set.

WP_20150120_001 WP_20150120_009

Next is the Color-Up Long Lasting Eyeshadow in 33. This eyeshadow is really amazing. It is such a nice matte formula, goes on very creamy and the color payoff is very true. No need to find a sharpener that will be able to fit something this big, it has a twist up bottom. I really want more of these, hopefully there are more left when I go back. And this eyeshadow does not budge or smudge! Omg if this does not move one inch. I love the foil undertones, it has a nice dimension. This was $13 and I got it for $6.50.

WP_20150120_026 WP_20150120_040 WP_20150120_047 WP_20150120_048


Next is this lip pencil that I’m in LOOVE with. I got the Ace of Diamond lip pencil in 27. It’s a beautiful burgundy red. It is really matte and omg if this doesn’t budge either! Please excuse my bare face and crazy hair. Honestly, I’ve licked my lips, tried to wipe this off, kissed my hand, it is really hard to transfer. It can transfer but that’s only if you go out of your way. It’s really mattifying on the lips, stays on really long, and the color is beautiful. This was $9 and I got it for $4.50.

WP_20150120_019 WP_20150120_024

Lastly, is a highlighter from their Holiday collection. I just HAD to get this highlighter pen. It’s the Magnificent Highlighter in 01 Rose Gold. It has crazy shimmer and it absolutely prefect. The shimmer and gold flecks are beautiful. And I love anything in rose. This color was perfect for my yellow skin tone. This was $14 and I got it for $7.


In these pics I used the eyeliner, the blush using the pink side, and the highlighter on my nose, cheeks, and brow bone. I’m in love with everything I got, and can’t wait to go back!

As always thanks for reading, sorry that I haven’t posted in awhile. My Instagram is @thepurpleloba and my #uniquelyaveragebeauty, if you want to check out my other makeup looks.

Stay purple!