Pastel Punch- Colour Pop

Now, if you are any kind of makeup lover and not have heard of Colour Pop….. YOU NEED TO GO TO THEIR SITE NOW!!!!! They have been taking the beauty community by storm with their #1 affordable products, #2 amazing quality, #3 range of colors, and #4 their collaborations with other makeup gurus. All their eyeshadows are $5, no joke! All their lippies come with a lip liner and all of them are $5 each! They just came out with a line of blushes at $8, totally fair since they are basically double the size. And next up is their range of highlighters!! I am sooo excited about this 100%! They have such an amazing range and they have lavender highlighters!! *Insert squeal here* I am a purple junkie and is there is anything I love is more ways to wear it! I will drown in a sea of purple makeup and never look back. If you are skeptical I am going to post a video of a makeup artist I have grown to love. Tells it like it is, tell you the truth straight up, and is amazing at what she does.

Here’s the link:

Ok, onto why we are all gathered here today. I have been meaning to swatch Colour Pop for some time, I have like 10 of their Lippie Stix. It has been on my list but haven’t really had the time. When they came out with their limited edition spring collection, Pastel Punch, well you know I had to jump on that bad boy! I bought everything I wanted from the collection and could not have been happier. It was my first time trying out the blush and eyeshadow, and they’re both cream based products. They tell you to use your fingers when working with them because of the texture, or a stippling brush. (Jackie discusses this in her video.) You need a dense brush to handle the lightness of the formula and that will be my next investment. I finally finally finally got my shit together and I am determined to get this post out to you today! (I recently had a death in the family and it has taken me awhile to get back to myself. )

So enough talking, seeing is believing!

WP_20150328_008 WP_20150328_020


Also, Colour Pop always include a really cute note đŸ™‚

First up, the Super Shock Shadows:


WP_20150331_021 WP_20150331_022 WP_20150331_073


Hello is such a pretty yellow. Like hello yellow mellow,  sunshine in my tummy! Such a pretty yellow, I have been on a yellow kick lately. I have been wanting to add more yellows, greens, and reds to my collection. I have more than enough blue and purples.






WP_20150331_018 WP_20150331_020 WP_20150331_089


Shop is a really nice kinda rusty red. Ever since Lime Crime Venus palette I have been wanting more rusty earth tone colors. This is a pretty and earthy red, almost like red clay dirt. So pretty.





WP_20150331_024 WP_20150331_025WP_20150331_083


Taco was a must have. Any shadow named Taco is a need to have in my collection plus it is soooo crazy blue like hello! This is like that 50s blue eyeshadow with red lipstick combo. Perfect for that and it’s just so vibrant, so vibrant.



WP_20150331_026 WP_20150331_028WP_20150331_078


Snapdragon is really pretty pastel green, I def needed this green in my life! So pretty and love the name as well. This green looks like a mermaid’s tail.



WP_20150328_048 WP_20150328_056 WP_20150331_092

Daddy is the purple I just had to get!!! Omg this purple is beyond super shock, so pigmented. I’m pretty sure this is the color of the sea of purple makeup I’m drowning in.

Swatching these had me swooooning at the color. So friggin gorg!!! All of these were swatched with my finger as usual.

Next up, Super Shock Cheeks:


WP_20150328_061 WP_20150328_063 WP_20150331_103


Soooo you know I just had to get this right? It’s fucking purple blush. I am so happy this is becoming a thing because I was scared of it, but I totally love it! Purple blushes are my new purple mission in life. Love Rain, it is a perfect spring cheek.

More, Please:

WP_20150331_015 WP_20150331_016 WP_20150331_094


I’m telling you right now, these pictures don’t do More, Please any justice. This color is so loaded with sparkle dimension it is not even a joke. It will def have you going yes More, Please, all over my damn face! The shimmer underneath is amazing, and I had my cheeks looking like a painted lady of the night.

Last, but certainly not least, Lippie Stix:



WP_20150331_057 WP_20150422_005 WP_20150422_016 WP_20150422_020 WP_20150422_027 WP_20150422_033


Westie is described as a soft dusty baby pink in their matte formula. At first I was scared of this color. I thought it was way to light pink for me. Ya know my thing with pinks. But after taking this pics (DISCLAIMER: I know I look so busted in these pics and I’m wearing my headphones in all of them but I had to what I had to do to finally get these to ya! Busted or not!), I really grew to like this color. It is so cute and really pretty. Almost a nude but not really, my natural lips are very pink, so it’s like a bright nude lol if that makes sense, it doesn’t. Anyway, I really like this color now and it is so spring, perfect for Mother’s Day.


WP_20150331_041 WP_20150422_043 WP_20150422_054 WP_20150422_067 WP_20150422_063 WP_20150422_068


Fern is a cool toned violet in their cream formula. Umm, how come no one told me how awesome this color is??? I actually never wore Fern until now, but I freakin love it! After doing my L.A. Girls lip paint review, I have secretly, in my own head hiding it from my own self, looking for more Barbie purple colors. I fell in looooove Barbie purples and I just wanna look like the queen of them all summer. I am so excited to have discovered this in my own treasure trove lol. And it is super creamy and moisterizing and smells soooo good. I really really love this color.



WP_20150331_044 WP_20150422_087 WP_20150422_095 WP_20150422_106 WP_20150422_116 WP_20150422_120


Tootsi is a cool tones grey beige in their matte formula. The ever popular greige color! Tootsi was def all over the beauty community as a perfect dupe for Lime Crime’s Cashmere, I haven’t tried them side by side yet, but totally believable. (I am sorry but to all the Lime Crime haters, LC really held their own on this innovative color. I never seen companies try so hard to dupe this color! It is completely unique, she did hit gold with this color.) I absolutely love it!!! It is one of my fave neutrals, so easy to wear.

Just showing a product size difference between the eyeshadows and the blushes.



Here’s everyone together:


WP_20150331_059 eff94a7c-d419-468e-a9c9-c8d9c305e09a


Me with it on my face:


WP_20150328_087 WP_20150328_094 WP_20150328_095 WP_20150328_097 WP_20150328_106 WP_20150328_147

Wearing Daddy in the crease, look how amazing this purple this! I am in loooove. And I am also wearing Rain on my cheeks. I am wearing Lime Crime’s Cashmere.

WP_20150329_006 WP_20150329_014 WP_20150329_047

Wearing Westie on the lips, I really thought it was too pink. But I love it, it’s really a nice baby pink.





6tag_020415-004810 WP_20150331_109


Wearing Taco in the crease, soooo blue!!!!!! And I’m wearing More, Please on the cheeks, sooo gorg. Lime Crime’s Riot on the lips. I love being heavy handed with my blush and looking like a Victorian hooker.

I really had so much reviewing Colour Pop and getting all these swatches for ya! This collection is so pretty. I CAN’T EVEN DEAL. Colour Pop has struck gold and I cannot wait for their highlighters! I will try and get my other lippie reviews up here asap, because they are amazing!!! Check out Colour Pop, you will not be sorry.

Hope this helped you guys out and as always stay purple!