Rimmel London Colour Rush

The Rimmel London Colour Rush balms caught my eye because of how pretty the colors are. I really don’t like balms like that, I think it was all those years of being afraid of lipstick, now that’s all I want to wear. But these looked so pretty I just got two that seemed like me. I think they are about $5 and you can get them at any drugstore. Let’s jump right into swatching.


Drive Me Nude:



Drive Me Nude caught my eye because it reminded me of those griege colors. I wish it was a little more matte but it’s a balm so can’t really be mad. It is a really nice sheer cream color. Reminds of cream soda, really is a pretty color. I feel like this would be nice to layer over Lime Crime’s Cashmere if it feels a bit dry. It is pretty light and very moisterizing. I just wanna keep applying and reapplying… I feel like this will be one of those balms I’ll grab when I’m on the go and don’t really have time to do my makeup. This will probably always be in my bag as one of those just in case glosses when my lipstick just isn’t working.

Viva Violet:



Viva Violet I was hoping would be more purple as I am the purple lady, but what can ya do. It’s a really pretty berry shade tho. I just love how shiny and full my lips look without all the hassle of gloss and it being sticky. It’s a twist up which I love and smells really nice. I just wanna sniff them all day!

Overall these are really pretty and smell amazing. If you want an easy to wear balm and add some color these are great for that. I wish Viva Violet was more purple but I really do love Drive Me Nude. Pretty different from other nude balms I’ve had. Plus your lips feel so soft!

Thank you guys for reading and lemme know if you have checked these out and what you felt about them. I honestly wish more purple colors were included in collections because I am just so over pink and reds. Purple is my go to color these days. You can ask me any questions you like through my contact info. You can find me on the Gram or Facebook. Stay purple!

My The Balm Collection So Far

Haute Look is my freakin favorite place to shop and get really amazing deals, especially on makeup. I’m so mad that they are no longer on Ebates but I just found out Forever 21 is! Finally! Win some, lose some. Anyway, you all know I love good deal and great freakin products. I kinda heard of The Balm but the price is little like woah for me, don’t get me wrong I will buy it but if I KNOW I can get it cheaper I will. That’s why hold out for the sales or when it comes on Haute Look. You literally pay half price or cheaper and I think that’s a great way to test out a product you are not sure of just yet. Or want and don’t necessarily want to drop all that money on. The Balm comes on Haute Look about every 3 months or so. You can also get them from thebalm.com, kohls.com, and Duane Reade. Their website is great to check out for all the swatches, and they give you tutorials and tips. So awesome!

Ok, this is from like 3 different orders I have made (I am so bad at reviewing things when I get them. I have a pile of stuff I need to review!). So I will jump right into it, this will be a long one! I will totally start off with some internet favs for sure though!

The Lou Manizers:


Betty-Lou Manizer AKA The Bronzing Bandit:

WP_20150621_049 WP_20150621_050 WP_20150621_052 WP_20150621_055

How gorgeous is Betty Lou?!!! I am not one to really use bronzers, I have like two and others that have come in palettes. Still not sure what they do or how to use them, I just do a 3 on the sides of my face with it. I feel like bronzers are those things that you use and you can’t tell what it did but it did something. Idk maybe it’s just me, I need to watch a tutorial. I am so clueless when it comes to bronzers. So why did I buy these? Because when I see one, I pretty much want them all! And you barely hear them talk about Betty-Lou and she is a beaut! I have been using her a bit more now that it’s summer. I guess it helps gives that golden glow, but where? All over? Must consult Jackie Aina about this or YouTube in general. What do you ladies love bronzer for?

Cindy-Lou Manizer AKA The Con-tour Artist:

WP_20150621_056 WP_20150621_059 WP_20150621_063 WP_20150621_067 WP_20150528_015 WP_20150430_070

Cindy-Lou Manizer is my favorite of the 3. It’s more of a peachy pink highlighter, and I don’t know why, but I feel like this goes well with my skin tone. You would think I would think the gold would be more for me but I actually really like this one. I use this one way more. I feel it goes more naturally with my skin tone. After I put on my makeup I feel it more suits the other colors I guess. This is more everyday for me. I love love love these babies!

Mary-Lou Manizer AKA The Luminzer:

WP_20150621_068 WP_20150621_071 WP_20150621_073 WP_20150621_075 WP_20150620_018 WP_20150403_029

Mary-Lou Manizer is more of the gold highlighter and I use it from time to time. I definitely use it when I am going out, for a super shine. You can see from the swatch that this highlighter does not mess around! It is very pigmented and it will def give you the high shine you’re looking for. This one is the most popular of the 3, but I love all of them. Buying these helped me to learn what to use highlighting for. That and Instagram, and YouTube videos.

WP_20150628_310 WP_20150628_309

One thing I must say and love about The Balm is the packaging. It is so cheeky, retro, and totally girly. It’s everything I love! The names are totally awesome as well. The packaging for the Lou Manizer (get it? Manizer? Like she’s a man eater. And Lou Manizer as in lumanizer, eh eh get it? Lol ok I’m done) is sooo freakin cute! They are 50s pinup jailbird cuties that racked up some offenses such as being too pretty, and stealing glances. I love that these have more than one use as they can be used to for shadow, to help brighten it up or if you just want something quick. These are highlighters, shimmers, and shadows all in one. The pan is really big, so you will get some long time uses out of these girls! The all come with mirrors, which something I completely love about The Balm. Every item has its own individual mirror. As a compact junkie, this is totally convenient and will cut down all the extra stuff you put in your makeup bag. I got these ladies for $12 each which is half the price! I think that is an amazing deal especially for these guys. They helped introduce me into the world of highlighting and I can never go back, and I don’t want to!



Meet Matt(e):

WP_20150621_013 WP_20150621_014 WP_20150621_015 WP_20150621_028

My Meet Matt(e) palette is pretty beat up because I use him so much! I am a huge lover of all things matte and this was one of the first things I bought from them. I completely fell in love with it and it really was something different for me. I’ll just give a quick sum of each shadow going in order across and down the palette, going from the top of my arm to bottom. Everything swatched with my fingers as usual.

Matt Smith: This is a more light peach I use it for higlighting more than anything else.

Matt Gallagher: You can barely see this one on my skin, which I love! I love nudes that match me exactly for my shadows. I don’t know why, but it either has to be my perfect nude or else I don’t really like it. But this guy is perfect for me. Literally.

Matt Ramirez: This like a chocolate brown, great for the crease to give it depth.

Matt McDonald: Love this color! A dark navy blue.

Matt Horowitz: This is probably one of my favorites, it’s a deep marine blue color. One of my favorite colors.

Matt Chung: This is a light pink that I just use for highlighting as well.

Matt Batali: This is a bit of a softer dark brown, also great for the crease.

Matt Schilling: This is another of my absolute favorite colors. I call it a poison ivy  green. I love using this color a lot. Really great for those sultry looks.

Matt Patel: This is probably a second favorite nude.  A nice warm brown with some greyish undertones.

I really fell in love with this palette and made me want to get the next one asap! These are great for matte smokey eye looks. It just gives such a great 90s vibe, all those tones are muted, and did I mention they’re matte? It comes with a mirror, and did come with a double ended brush. It was one of those flat head brushes that I would more use for eyeliner than regular application. I got this guy for $17. The only thing is that I looked on their website and this is not on it! I wonder if they discontinued it? *GASP* Here’s some look I’ve created with this palette.


6tag_290415-020539 WP_20141024_034 WP_20141024_052 WP_20141024_049

Meet Matt(e) Nude:

WP_20150621_029 WP_20150621_032 WP_20150621_034 WP_20150621_045

This palette is double the size of the other one, and then some. I am not a nudey but the original palette convinced me that this had to be in my life.

Matt Johnson: This color is a smokey slate color.

Matt Garcia: This color is a lil deeper than a perfect nude color for me.  Great for cut crease.

Matt Malloy: This color is pure white.

Matt Rosen: This is a nice pure brown.

Matt Wood: This color is a beautiful coffee color.

Matt Singh: This is a nice peachy nude.

Matt Abdul: This is like the perfect griege color!

Matt Lombardi: This is a beautiful nude for those of yellow undertones.

Matt Hung: This is a deeper griege color with a nice pinky undertone.

I really love this palette because though it has traditional nudes, it has a few that are more grey and blue toned. And I am not a fan of nude shadows. So I like this palette because it’s like the best mix for me. Plus it’s matte! And I really love anything matte.

Cabana Boy:

WP_20150621_088 WP_20150621_090WP_20150621_092 (1) WP_20150621_098


This is a blush I have definitely circling around Instagram and I just had to try it. They have another one everyone buys I think it’s called Down Boy, but that was a little to powdery pink for me. Cabana Boy I am so happy with. It’s a perfect pink, it’s not too light not too dark. It has a bit of shimmer to it and I think it’s perfect for that summer glow. It of course a has mirror and the design is so cute. It has some palm trees around it and a very cute 50s pin up style cover. It has a magnetic close. This was $10.50 on Haute Look.

Sexy Mama:

WP_20150621_101 WP_20150621_104 WP_20150621_111 WP_20150621_113

Sexy Mama is an anti-shine translucent powder with tiny oil absorbing spheres. I love that this color is not completely white white and is more a yellow toned color. Better for me and when I want to powder my face and don’t have everything look kinda white. This was $10 on Haute Look. Again a mirror, magnetic close, and a cheeky pin up!

How ‘Bout Them Apples?

WP_20150628_402 WP_20150628_404 WP_20150628_405 WP_20150628_408


WP_20150628_439 WP_20150628_453 WP_20150628_457 WP_20150628_467


Cider is a really light nude color. It is really pretty, just gives you a flush of color.


WP_20150628_441 WP_20150628_477 WP_20150628_485 WP_20150628_487

Pie is a light pinky color that really just gives a nice hint of color.


WP_20150628_442 WP_20150628_501 WP_20150628_507 WP_20150628_514

Candy is a pinky nude. It very light and has  shimmer to it.


WP_20150628_445WP_20150628_526 WP_20150628_533 WP_20150628_543

Cobbler is the rest of the colors and really look like you just took a bight out of an apple.


WP_20150628_446 WP_20150628_553 WP_20150628_565 WP_20150628_567

Crisp is a really pretty nude color with a gold shimmer underneath it.


WP_20150628_447 WP_20150628_576 WP_20150628_578 WP_20150628_588

Caramel is a really pretty nude has a very sheer color and has shimmer undertone.




All of these are pretty sheer but they each have a different type of nude look to them. A lot of them have a bit of shimmer underneath and it gives them a really pretty look. These are both for your cheeks and lips so they are very soft and creamy. The texture feels a little odd on your lips because it’s almost like they’re too soft. I don’t know if that makes sense lol. These colors I think can be very versatile for your face, besides blush I think a bunch will be very good for highlighting because of the shimmer underneath. Of course I love love the packaging, the 50s pin up and the guys on the inside.  The is so cute and reminds me of fall and apple cider… Lol I just find the palette really versatile and beyond cute. Of course, it has a nice huge mirror and a magnetic close. This palette was $16.

I know this post has been crazy long! It took me forever to write it! Thank you so much for reading and I hoped this has helped you out in any way if you want to try any of The Balm products. I cannot wait to try their liquid lipsticks and eyeliners. Those are next on the list. Let me know what products you guys have used and any you think I should try. Also if you haven’t signed up to Haute Look, here’s a link to their site: http://www.hautelook.com/invite/AStuart122. Sign up is absolutely free and an access to so many amazing deals!

Thank you again for reading. I love all of you that has stuck it out. You know where to find me. Stay purple! 🙂

Milani Rose Blushes

When I saw I had missed out on the first set, (so sad that those were limited edition), I made sure to jump on the new ones. They really big, they’re about $7.99. I made sure to scoop them right away because they are very hit in miss in stores. Even the last several months I still look for them and sometimes they have one, none, or all 3. The struggle. The Milani Powder Rose Blushes are so pretty you almost don’t want use them, but they colors themselves are so pretty you have to. I am going to jump right into swatches because these ladies speak for themselves.

WP_20150116_015 WP_20150622_002


Romantic Rose:


I really have grown to love Romantic Rose, it’s a pinky nude color. I am not a nude lady when it comes to blush, I’m very more is more, and not enough. I love having hooker clown cheeks. But I found myself really liking Romantic Rose. It’s a great nude blush and this really got me into those. I was scared of the idea of just a soft nude cheek but I have grown to love it. This is surprisingly my favorite to use.

Coral Cove:


Coral Cove is a coral blush, obviously. Probably the only coral blush I own. I tend to go for the pinks, as you already know. Finally used it the other day and I like it. I think I’m just scared coral will pull on the yellow undertones but it really doesn’t. It’s actually looks pretty good just like my pink blushes.

Tea Rose:

WP_20150622_006 WP_20150105_033WP_20150622_032WP_20150622_042WP_20150530_040


Tea Rose is probably my second favorite. Sorry for all the boobage!! I don’t use this color as much as Romantic Rose but it is like a soft pink. I do love this one as well. Finally, pink cheeks! I love the powder because it is subtle but very buildable. I love love love these sooo much!!

Overall, I really love these blushes! They have beautiful perfume to them that I just love. It just smells so fresh and I can smell the powder. I like sniffing them, that sounds kinda wrong… But I do what I want! I love the texture, it is really soft and lightweight. So glad I bought these. If you see them, jump on them, or you can get it off their website, milanicosmetics.com. These blushes are huge, a lot of use out of these and the packaging is irresistible. I love floral prints especially roses so these are my weakness. It just looks very classy with the clear top and gold accents. I’m in! I just wish I was able to get the other ones because the pigmentation was more up my ally of pink overload.

Have you guys gotten any of the Milani blushes? Lemme know! Feel free to contact me with any questions. You can always catch me on IG or Facebook. Stay purple!

Bh Cosmetics- Take Me to Brazil and Galaxy Chic

I had finally got some Bh Cosmetics through Haute Look. I have heard of the brand but never really looked into it. Finally decided to when Haute Look had their sale. But when you go onto Bh Cosmetics website, they are always having a sale and their items tend be at a discount at all times. I have two of their palettes, Take Me to Brazil and Galaxy Chic. I got Take Me to Brazil because I am a color junkie and this palette seemed like a good way to jump start that collection. Galaxy Chic just looked so pretty and I love planets and such. I did notice that some of the colors and names are different from the first on the was released, that had an astronaut girl on the front. The one I have has just a regular front.

Take Me to Brazil I got for $6.50, and Galaxy Chic for $12. Now for swatches!!!!

Take Me to Brazil:

WP_20150622_051 WP_20150622_148 WP_20150622_052 WP_20150622_054

Rows 1&2:


I swatched everything with my fingers. I saw these were more pigmented on other people, but it might just be my sometimey yellow skin tone. But definitely on the eyes, they are pigmented. You can probably get more color wet, but I’m still don’t know how to work with shadows like that. But the first two rows are the pinks, reds, yellows, and oranges. These are the very warm fire colors. Very bright and neon.

Rows 3&4:


These colors are bright yellow and green. I am trying to incorporate more of these colors in my makeup stash. I love these bright colors and I never seem to have them when I go looking for them. I love that they are matte shades and shimmery shades. So pretty. I love this arm, it just reminds me of lemon lime. Perfect for those beach parties.

Rows 5&6:



You know I love my cool colors especially my blues! Love that it gets so dark towards the end. Just in case your afraid of the brightness you can always mix colors and bring it down. But I really love the sky and baby blues, the matte greens and the really matte navy blues. This is like the ultimate sky eyes.

Row 7 & and the bottom:



And ya know I love my purples!! The last row of purples are very light. Some are more matte and some are shimmery. I love the top one, it’s still an electric purple. The bottom shadows are of a white, a little off white shimmery, and black. I guess this for mixing? Or for a base? I use the white sometimes as a highlight for the eyes and base for my colors to show up brighter.

Overall I really love this palette for the summertime, so bright and electric. It really gives a range of shadows you don’t have, basics, and colors that you are familiar with. I think this will be perfect for concerts or EDM shows. Like electric baby here I come! Here’s two looks I used with this palette.

WP_20150123_069 WP_20150123_072

This palette came just in time with this outfit! I look like an alien baby, one of my favorite looks. I used all the lime green colors for this eye look.

WP_20150130_014 WP_20150130_041


I only used the one of lighter matte pink colors in the crease. I had an all black and fruit punch look going on that day, even my hair matched. I used a lotta black and used the pink to make it softer.

Galaxy Chic:

WP_20150622_115 WP_20150622_147 WP_20150622_117 WP_20150622_118

Rows 1&2:




Like I said before, some of the names and colors might be different from the first one with picture of the astronaut girl on the front. I have seen other people’s swatches on Instagram and they look way darker than mine. I don’t know if they are using editing or just have better camera and lighting than I do. Or they can also be swatching these wet. These are baked shadows so mine were a bit dryer, probably get more opacity wet. So just saying sorry from now about how light these are.

Sun: This color is a very beautiful golden rose color. It is very shimmery and it golden with a nice rose undertone. So pretty.

Saturn: This shadow is yellow with pink spots. In use it comes off very yellow gold with pinky undertones. It’s another very light shimmery color. Beautiful highlight.

Mercury: This color is a light bronze with some lavender spots. This makes it a very cool metallilc color. Shimmer shimmer shimmer. I never seen so much shimmer.

Jupiter: This a pink with a gold undertone. Really gorgeous color. I know I’m saying this about all of them but they are!!! So shimmery and have so much dimension.

Venus: This color was hard for me to swatch, it was very dry so I’ll probably use this wet, after I watch a tutorial on how to do that. Anyway this is a really bright orange, got some yellow shimmer to it. Mostly just very orange.

Mars: This is a maroon sorta color. Just very shimmery. All these babies are shimmy shimmer shimmy. Say that 3 times fast.




Prometheus: This really looks like a piece of space rock but they pretty kind! It’s a deep purple with cream spots in it. It comes of a light plummy pink with a lil bigger chunks of shimmer. I want it on my eyeballs now!

Meteor: This color is mostly an ice white blue with some swirls of ice baby blue. Really looking like outer space now. This color is very white, loaded with shimmer, and some chunks on glitter.

Asteroid: This is deeper maroon with electric blue shot through it. Very much an asteroid looking shade. This was a little hard to swatch as well, very dry. The color swatches maroon with nice shimmery undertones.

Aphrodite: This is a solid color of golden purple. It’s weird but it’s a nice purple toned with gold underneath. These colors have a lot of dimension underneath them.

Comet: This is a another solid color of an icy mint green. A lot of shimmer. I really love these icy shades because they are so different and I don’t really have colors like these. It’s very 90s but more shimmer and less frosty.

Electra: This color is the same as Comet just the icy baby blue version. Ice Ice baby.

Rows 5&6:



Milky Way: This was definitely my favorite arm! All the colors were so pretty and girly and shimmer shimmer. This is a total 90s eyeshadow set. Milky Way is an icy purple with some white spots. It is a really nice shimmer icy lavender color.

Earth: This color is a light blue with a mix of white. It gives you a nice icy blue color. So cute!

Moon: This is a purple with lavender shot through it. It comes off as a beautiful icy purple. I loooove this color.

Cosmic:This is a solid icy lavender color. A pretty girly color.

Neptune: This color is a nice solid blue, a planet full of solid color.

Pluto: Pluto is my favorite planet (welcome back to the club!). And it’s a purple shade!! Yay! Pluto is a solid purple with some silver shimmer underneath.

I think this palette is great for spring time or use those icy blues in the winter. These are great for festivals, you can look like a total alien baby! You can get really shimmery and use some of the more golden tones for the beach and such. Even use some of these as highlights. I can’t wait to use this palette. I always need somewhere to go to use my stuff cuz I’m a weirdo. It’s hard for me to just play at home and sit there with a full face and go no where.

Overall, I love these palettes and Bh Cosmetics. Getting more of their stuff have definitely been on my list. I love their shadows and blushes a lot. I want to get more palettes and some lipsticks, and some of their brushes. Lol ok very long list of things. Lemme know what some of your favorite Bh Cosmetics things are! As always you can catch me on the Gram and Facebook. Stay purple!