Lime Crime Venus and Superfoils 

I’ve had Lime Crime’s Venus palette for a year now and I love it. I have yet to get my hands on the Venus II palette. I’ve used it a few times but I hardly wear makeup as I’m always working and have 5,000 palettes. And as much as they can be neutral colors, still a little hard to pair with some outfits.

I also got two of the Superfoil shadows. There are all so pretty and want more but gotta hold myself back. They are a wet/dry foil eyeshadow duo. When you use them wet that’s when they transform into a foil. They are beautiful both ways. 

I’ll jump into the Venus swatches first. 


I love the packaging, it is cardboard but I love it. I love the modern redoing of the Venus, with her bright blue hair with roots and her Venus palette shadows on her eyes. I love that inside has a mirror. Whenever you have a mirror included in the packaging, I’m in love. 


Venus, the palettes namesake shade, is the color of bruised fruit aka marsala. It’s finish is a velvet matte. The velvet matte still has some blue and pink shimmer to it. It has great pigmentation and goes on smooth. 

Shell is an opalescent shell pink in a glow finish. The glow finish is the most pigmented and smooth. I use this shade for inner corner highlight and brow bone. 


Aura is a pearlescent ivory in a glow finish. Love this shade also for the inner corner and brow bone. 


Creation is a rust brown in a matte finish. The pure matte finish I fine a bit dryer and harder to pick up. Idk if it’s cuz I had it for awhile, but they do work well the brushes. This is a great crease color. 


Icon is a dark brown in a matte finish. Idk how these are matte finishes with shimmer but ok. I didn’t realize how pretty this color was. It’s a deep chocolate brown with peach shimmers. 


Rebirth is the color of an overripe nectarine in a matte finish. Love this color, this is one the smoother matte color but I feel it’s also a bit shimmery. 

Divine is a dusty stone in a matte finish. This is one of the mattes that’s a little hard to work with. But I do love it as a crease color. Colors like this are my favorite crease colors especially for nude looks. 


Muse is a deep burgundy red in a matte finish. This matte is also a little dry but omg do I love this shade. It is red and deep like all the wine you’ve ever wanted. 

The first line of the descriptions were taken from the website. Those are the over all swatches. I swatch everything with my finger and no primer. And here’s a look a recently did with the palette. I love it for this shirt, it goes perfectly well with it. I felt so fall that day. Like I felt like I was going to a coffee shop to meet up with friends after school in a 90s sitcom or something. Love nostalgia and all things 90s as I am a 90s baby. 

Anyway, I love all the shadows and they work really well together. The ones that were drying when I swatched with my finger, I didn’t realize they were when using brushes. Maybe I had work them a bit more but nothing that I really remember being hard to show up on my eye or use. My eyebrows are so bad but the wing is life. 

I remember everyone and their mother being so excited and super hyped for this palette. It’s basically colors you never see all together or maybe sold separately. At the time these were considers shadows that you wouldn’t wear together, especially red shades. Marsala was color of the year and a huge trend and apart of Lime Crime’s new neutrals. Shades that weren’t considered neutral that were now being redefined as such. And as much hate and shade they throw at Lime Crime and Doe Deere, this bitch was innovative. She put these together and then everyone wanted it. Companies had to jump on this because at first it was hot but then the credit card scam hit and vegan stuff, Lime Crime took a big hit. Companies saw the hole and everyone filled it with a version of their own. I only have Venus as a red neutral palette and just got the Morpe 35O matte which is a red organge version of alla this. And even a few years later, I feel like it’s still really in trend. So way to go, Doe, you scored with this one. Even if people don’t wanna give you the credit. 


Comic/Firefly: is 

This is my first Superfoil in Cosmo/Firefly. I’ll just go through with the review of the swatches. In my overall I’ll tell you what happened with this being broken. 

The first swatch is dry and the second one is wet. I’m in love with these colors. Firefly kind of got contaminated with Cosmo so I can’t get the true color of it. But I feel like it’s really pretty with the hint of purple to it. 


Lucid/Dream I just had to get. These are some gorgeous neutral colors and I love the name as well. Was obsessed with lucid dreams for awhile. I was just happy this one came in good condition. 

My overall thoughts on them is that are definitely gorgeous metallic colors. The left side of like the super glittery. It kind of reminds me of Tinsel from the Kat von D Metal Matte palette. It’s extremely delicate and buttery. Very full of glitter and just packed with metallic tones. A little goes a long way as you can see in my swatches. The left side just crumbles to the slightest touch. It’s just that soft and buttery and packed with pigment and glitz. The right side is a calmer version of the super glitz but lovely just the same. I think you want to use a denser brush and to pack it on when applying. 

I used Lucid just on the lid and omg. I never been so in love with a color. It just felt so absolutely perfect for the look I was going for. I couldn’t have been happier with it. 

What happened with Cosmic/Firefly is that I did receive it broken. They sent me another right away after I sent them an email and a picture of it. I was so upset because I was so looking forward to trying them and I opened it and it’s just broken, pigment everywhere. My house is on the street like there no front yard or get to break up between my house and the sidewalk. I was wonder what was taking so long with getting it, and I finally checked the tracking and it said it was delivered the week before. That could only mean someone stole it. I just didn’t even bother to get it investigated because once it says it’s delivered, that’s it, nothing they can do about it. And I knew Lime Crime wouldn’t send me a replacement of a replacement shadow. So I’m just keeping it the way it is for now. I’ll eventually get around to setting it with alcohol orbuy another, eventually. 

Overall, I am in love love with Lime Crime’s eyeshadows. I have 3 of their previous eyeshadow palettes and those are amazing as well. The Venus is really an amazing palette. If you don’t have a cranberry palette, this is perfect especially for fall. I can’t wait to try the 2nd one. The Superfoils I didn’t expect to fall in love with, but totally did after using them. They are totally worth a try. 

Hope this has helped you guys. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for reading and stay purple. 

Kat Von D MetalMatte palette

Kat Von D came out with a limited edition palette for the holidays. It’s called MetalMatte and it has shades that are metallic and matte. This palette is so gorgeous and colorful, completely and totally me. I love matte shades and I have yet to try her Metal Crush eyeshadows, and these seem to be the same formula of those. 

I’m really excited for this palette, it has 9 metallic shades and 13 matte shades. You get 22 eyeshadows for $60 and I feel that’s pretty amazing. That’s another reason why I went with this palette instead of other holiday ones. I love the color range, the amount of eyeshadows you get, and the price doesn’t totally break the bank. 

I have used a few of the shadows and it’s fucking gorgeous. There are a lot of good reviews on this palette and I totally agree with everything they had to say about it. I’ll jump right into swatches and beautiful pictures. 



I’m showing the swatches of the metallic shadows first . I swatched all of these without a primer and with my finger. Pigmentation on the metallic shadows is crazy. 


I love love this trio. I call them the Galinda shadows, they remind me of her so much. Tinsel is absolutely gorgeous like actual glitter in a shadow. So pretty. 


These are so metallic and pretty and of course I like the purple one. It’s nice to have some neutral metallics as well. That yellow is omg. 


These are the matte shades. Again swatched with my finger and no primer. Velour is absolutely gorgeous and this shade did have some kick up but I’m fine with that. A few of the matte shades did but it does really bother me. I’m in love with grey as well, love grey shades. 


These mattes were a little more tricky, not as pigmented especially the purple. Fringe you just can’t see on me because it’s almost the same color as my skin tone. Perfect brow bone shade. These mattes reminded me of the mattes in the Serpentina palette, more so the purple shade. Tricky to work with but buildable. 


These are the more neutral shades. Sorry that it’s hard to see the more tan ones. Suede is literally my skin tone which I love love love love. I love that she also have neutral shades in her palette that way if you did want to travel with these, you can do an everyday eye plus any other eye look. Some of these had kick up but no big deal. I love Velvet, so pretty. 

Overall I’m extremely happy with this palette. Maybe one or two shades you have to work at but other than that it’s amazing. You get so many shades and different ranges and textures. The price I think isn’t too bad at all, especially with the amount you get. All the shades are vegan except Twinkle. 

I hope this has helped you guys out. I know there’s a bunch of great reviews on this palette because it really is. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple.