Jeffree Star Skin Frost in King Tut 

Jeffree Star’s Skin Frosts are definitely one the most coveted beauty products he has ever launched. First of all the extremely large size of the product is ridiculous. It’s almost stupid. I love it. The mirror is like literally the size of your face. And I loooooves me a mirror. It’s $29 but for the size and quality of the product it’s well beyond worth it. 

They finally did a restock because basically all of them were out of stock. I literally waited out the whole summer for them to restock these babies. And the. They had free shipping, you know me and free shipping, and decided to try out King Tut. That was one of the first ones that I had really wanted to try. 

So here are the swatches and I’ll get right into my feeling. 

King Tut:

King Tut is a warm gold color. I really don’t have a lot of yellow/gold highlights and this one was calling me. When they say a little goes a long way, honestly it really does. It is no joke. Honestly the tiniest swatches are extremely pigmented. 

This is completely vegan, cruelty free, talc, paraben, and gluten free. You can use this on the eyes, face, and body. It can be used wet or dry. It is 15 grams/0.53 oz. It’s literally almost double the size of a regular highlighter. 

I honestly love it. I be glowing. Glow. The glow is so real you guys. I know there’s a lot of drama with Jeffree but…. listen we divorced and got shared custody of the kids. I just don’t go that hard for new realeases and stuff, partly to save money, and partly because I do find it better to wait to til the restockes or when there’s a good deal, like free shipping. And you know lots of holidays coming up with discounts so this is a good time to take advantage and just get a haul of what you’ve been wanting since forever and get a great deal at the same time. 

Now I know there was a lot of controversy with the King Tut breaking and how durable they really are. Now, right after I took all the pictures for this, mine fell and broke. Now, I don’t know if you follow him on snapchat, but he did a test of dropping onto a counter and it not breaking. But that was only a short distance and he did say that more than that it will most likely break. Well mine fell like a few feet onto a hardwood floor. I almost cried. It didn’t shatter but it did shift in the pan so there’s crumblies everywhere. However it is still completely intact, just some fall out from shifting. The outer casing is a hard plastic but it’s like the same with you phone. Like you never know if it’ll break or not. I’m just crying because it was in one spot and I’m like let me move it so it won’t fall. *Puts it in new spot. Ten minutes later falls and breaks my heart.*

I’m just really excited to get my hands on Lavender Snow. I took advantage of the Black Friday sale. I also got Sagittarius and Deceased. Those purples are my whole life. I can’t wait to swatch them for you guys!!! 

Hope this helped you guys out, I know King Tut is sold out again!! I mean it is that gorgeous. For the price, size, and quality I believe it is so worth it. Everything justifies itself and don’t regret buying it at all. 

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know if you have any questions! Stay purple! 

Colour Pop Now Playing

Colour Pop really has been coming for my money every week. They keep dropping collections worse than MAC does! It’s a lot to handle and sometimes I just buy after the third restock or something or when they put out enough stuff that I know exactly what I want. And whenever they drop them deals and free shipping on me. I can’t resist free shipping. My weakness. 

Well if there was one collection I felt like passing on or waiting to get and it was this one. Colour Pop Now Playing is I believe their holiday collection, or at least part of it. These limited edition sets and packaging I’m dying over. They had sets that come in a vinyl record box, and those were supposedly very limited quantities. I hate when they say that because it makes me mother fuckin panic and I’m like I need it. Need need neeeeed. 

What definitely put the nail in the coffin was a pre launch email that said I am a top buying customer and that I have early access to the collection. It was like being on the Dean’s List of shopping and I got to reward myself with more shopping. I mean when you literally didn’t do well in school until college this was the most like winning a medal. Also, Trump had just been elected president so I had ordered Chinese food and bought makeup to ease my soul. 

I chose the To And From set because the other sets didn’t do it for me. One was all lip glosses, and you know I don’t mess with gloss too much. The other was all eyeshadows but the colors weren’t appealing to me but the all lip set was. Even though there were some repeat shades and colors I wouldn’t necessarily wear, I did end up loving it. I also picked up some singles, I needed them in my life! 

Colour Pop Now Playing:


Tinsel is described as a grey undertoned, icy lavender in a metallic finish. So if that doesn’t describe me I don’t know what does. But then again I feel like every purple is me. And as of late I’ve been loving the more grey or cooler toned lavender and lilac colors. Even though I am yellow undertoned and more warm, I am drawn to cooler tones and feel they work best on me. As you can see, this purple had to join my family. In love. 

The Ultra Satin Lips:


Wink is described as a pinky plum color. They should add that it’s a deep shade because it is and not in a bad way. It’s definitely a beautiful shade. This one I was struggling whether or not to get because this shade did not come in the PR packaging that everyone got. So I knew what Bijou looked like and not Wink. It was so hard to tell because of the frosted bottle but I’m so happy I went with my gut. 


Bijou is described as a cool toned rose. This one everyone swatched and as soon as I saw it, knew I had to have it. I really love this color, it’s kinda neutral and very wearable color. To me this has a purple undertone that’s on the cooler side. 

Here are the two side by side. Wink is on top and Bijou on the bottom. These are both satin lips but the thing with their satins is sometimes they don’t dry at all and other times, like these ones, they dry down but not 100%. It is so crazy how these wouldn’t come off. Me and my friend both swatched them on our hands and we wiped and nothing. She was dying my hair and was wearing clothes and dealing with shampooo and water, was on her hand the whole night. Like some came off but otherwise they weren’t moving and they stain. I wore Bijou on Thanksgiving/ my birthday and it stayed on pretty well though all the eating. I just love that it’s easy to reapply, no crumbling. I’m loving the new packaging, matte black tops with a frosted tube. Sleek af. 

Me wearing Bijou. 

To And From: 


Parker is described as a matte mid tone warm nude shade. I was skeptical about this shade, but if it wasn’t a mid tone warm shade I doubt I’d be able to pull it off. So I like but I will definitely be pairing it with Grunge liner. 


Cami is described as a mid tone mauve shade in the matte x formula. This had been on my list of ones to try so I was happy to get this one. It’s a really pretty neutral shade that’s almost like a nude. 


Baewatch is described as a matte dusty rose. I am in love with color, look how friggin pretty it is. It’s such a great color to grab and go out the house. This one is a repeat from the Back To Cool set which I also have. But they don’t sell this as a single so happy to have the back up!


Weekender is described as a warm true red in the matte x formula. I am not a red fan, I am more a purple addict as you know. But this red is so pretty I feel like Snow White. It looks so smooth in the matte x formula. 

Pack Pack:

Pack Pack is described deepened dirty plum in the matte x formula. I am in looooove with this color omg. Colour Pop be coming through with them purples! This purple is the life I need all the backups. 


Tutu is described as a matte in a blackened red violet shade. Tutu was in the Forget About the Fruitcake lippie stix set from about two years ago. That was one of my first orders from Colour Pop. This color isn’t sold as a single so I was happy to get a back up in this set. I have gotten a lot of compliments on this color, so pretty. And boy does it stain. 

I love this set a lot more than I thought I would. I just wanted to get one of these record sets sets before they sold out and this was best suited for me. I believe this one is sold out right now and I don’t know if they’ll restock it. I really love the purple and was happy to get one of the lippie stix I’ve been wanting. I love the all black packaging, it looks super sleek. 

I love their matte formula but it does move around. But it’s still one of my favorite matte formula. The matte x formula however may be my new favorite. It’s literally as close as you can to a liquid lipstick. It’s super matte and the texture is very moosey. But once it’s on your lips it feels like you have nothing on and doesn’t really transfer. Love love love this formula. 

This is the inside of the record disk. It’s made out of foam so it’s easy to take out. With the other gift boxes I like to cut the foam out and I’ll duct tape the inside. I store the lippie stix in there. You can fit sixteen of them and two eyeshadows. I wanna cut this out and using this as storage container but I don’t want to ruin the pretty leopard pattern. I’ll keep it for awhile. 

Well I hope this has helped you guys out. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you guys so much for reading and stay purple. 

Lime Crime Venus

****Here are and updated swatch of the Venus palette and Superfoils****
Hello ladies, I’m sure most of you by now have heard the craze of Lime Crime’s newest palette: Venus. It is to be a grunge palette, arriving just in time for fall. Doe Deere, CEO, has been teasing makeup lovers all week long by revealing one shade at a time. And I must say, I’m addicted. I must have this palette! The only thing I’m scared about is the price, and how fast this will sell out. Cause believe me, this will sell out fast. I’m just going to show you what has been revealed so far and my take on the colors, and why this palette will be on top of most makeup addicts’ wish list. Doe Deere has yet to reveal an official date, only saying that it will definitely come out in late October.

wp_ss_20141005_0013 wp_ss_20141005_0012

That’s all she’s given us so far, now onto some swatches:

1. First up, is Venus:

wp_ss_20141005_0010 wp_ss_20141005_0011

Venus, the palettes’ namesake shadow and first swatch, is described by Doe Deere as the color of bruised fruit. I read in some of the comments that people don’t understand what she means by that and wouldn’t it be black or more rotten looking? Not necessarily and I totally understand her description. Bruised fruit in the more romanticized way. Haven’t you ever read a novel and they describe a woman’s lips this way? It’s more like when a fruit has gone soft and you touch it and it blemishes, like skin. Fruits like a peach, apricot, or mango. I love love love love this color! It is absolutely perfect for those days when you do want the bruised look on your eyes. You want a neutral but you want it also to a some color to it, and I am obsessed with trying this color out.

2. Next up, Shell:


Shell is an iridescent shell pink highlighter. She says it is really hard to capture it fully, and from the swatch video, I can totally tell that’s true. There’s a lot more depth and tone to it and really does remind me of the underbelly of a conch shell. I’m nowhere near an expert when it comes to makeup and I am still experimenting with highlighters and things of that nature, but this color seems like an amazing highlighter. I love the pinky peach tone that seems to hide underneath it.

3. Up next, Aura:

wp_ss_20141005_0006 wp_ss_20141005_0007 (1)

Aura is another highlighter, but Doe Deere claims it’d not your every day one. She says it’s literally a light bulb for your eyes, and from the swatch, you can totally see! The golden-ivory color has great depth and opalescent shimmer. The color seems to have multiple dimension and pearl tone to it. This color will be an amazing go to highlighter for the corners of your eyes.

4. Fourth shade, Creation:

wp_ss_20141005_0004 wp_ss_20141005_0005


Creation is described the color of fallen leaves, rust, brick-dust, and all things grunge. I really love this color because I think it will be really compatible with yellow skin tones. Another great neutral color for that semi bruised look. It is a really nice deep orange, but you can see some of the dimensions in the swatch. This is another color I’m really excited to try out. I cannot wait to play with it.

5. Lastly, Icon:

wp_ss_20141005_0002 wp_ss_20141005_0003

Icon is a dirt brown color, and the darkest color in the palette. You can see some of the dimension in this picture as well. I cannot wait to actually see these colors, play time will be amazing. I really like this color because it is dark but not a black or a chocolate color. It’s a dirt brown, so grungy, but with nice shimmer and layer of yellow underneath. You can slightly see in this pic. I cannot wait for the reveal of the other three other colors. This palette really will be the most sought after.


This was the announcement of the Venus palette and it looks like she is wearing Venus in this pic. I love the look and you can totally see the feel she was going for. This is a palette for 90s babies and grunge lovers everywhere. I used to try to be grunge in high school. Plaid skirts, fishnets, Doc Martens, and I would wear boys jeans. I loved wearing baggy shirts and leggings. Still do!

wp_ss_20141005_0015 wp_ss_20141005_0016


Two more looks with the Venus palette. I believe it’s Venus in the first pic, and Icon in the second.

The reason why I am so obsessed with this palette, as is everyone else, is that Doe Deere gets me. She gets the girl in my head. First purple lipstick packaging with a unicorn on it!! Now a grunge palette, perfect for any 90s girl looking to recreate that look. I always liked to make my eyes looked that neutral bruised color without going to orange or too red. That is super difficult to do and never been able to achieve it the way I would like to. I’d love a neutral that would suit my skin tone but with a bit of color to give it a bruise and wan look. That’s why I totally get the bruised fruit description. It’s what I bloody want!

This palette will definitely be a game changer in any makeup obsessed girl collection and that certainly means me. Buy this for me? That will never happen. But ladies keep an eye out for the swatches for the rest of the palette on Lime Crime and Doe Deere’s Instagram: @limecrimemakeup, @doedeere. I know I will and hopefully by the end of the week there will be a price and release date. God help us all if it’s bank breaker along with a game changer.

My Too Faced Eyeshadow Collection 

I’m slowly working on swatching my whole collection and doing more eyeshadows as well. I’m usually all lips on here lol. So I have five of Too Faced eyeshadow sets and this babies are super cute. They are really great for beginners, because I had one when I was. I like the eye charts they give you to help map out looks. I love that when you go across it’s and eye look mapped out for you in three easy steps. So for beginners that have no clue what they’re doing, like me, it’s made so simple. 

And I also wanted to show them some love because I never use them. So sad I know! My job working with food all day doesn’t make it a perfect environment to wear makeup.  And I have a million palettes now, not just a few. Figured I shed some light on them and my thoughts. 

Each of this shadow kits come with 3 highlight shades. Those are the biggest in the pan though I wish the eyeshadows were bigger. I feel like if you have a highlight shade that big, take out one or two and add more eyeshadows. I’ll never go through those highlight shades especially when some look so ashy on my skin. They lend ok but they’re just not what I would choose to use. 

Each of them come with 6 eyeshadows, and three eyeshadow looks. Day, Classic, and Fashion but of course you can use the shades however you like. 

Romantic Eye: 

The Romantic Eye is one my first palettes that I ever bought. This was my second Too Faced palette, my first one was their limited edition palette. I still have it, I believe it’s called Glamour Revolution. I used the shit out of that palette. Let me know if you want me to swatch it. This one really caught my eye and I wanted for a super long time. I finally crunched down and bought it and it is super loved. 

As you can see I was always into purple shadows even if I didn’t know how to use them right. I Do and Cut the Cake were greatly loved, the dips into the pans are serious!! The swatches are from top to bottom follow the palette from top and going across. All of them are swatched with my finger, no primer.  

The highlight shades are way more powdery and buttery than the rest of the regular shadows.  The shadows are also buttery but not as powdery. They’re more matte and very pigmented. The only shade I had a problem with was First Dance. That’s the second to last shade. It was hard to get the color to last through the whole swatch.

This will always be one of my favorite palettes and I hope to show it more love in the future. 

Smokey Eye:

The Smokey Eye palette I got in Too Faced Cyber Monday sale. Too Faced is not my favorite brand in that shades and stuff tend to be neutral. But they give you a whole bag of goodies for about $35. You always get a lip product, brush product, an eyeshadow set, a bronzer, and a Better Than Sex mascara. I can’t wait to see what we get this year! 

Anyway, I’m not very good at smokey eyes and they honestly scare me. I’m more of a color person and I believe I used this palette once. I’m just not sure I love smokey eyes as much as everyone else does. And if I do do a smokey eye, it’s probably a purple one. But one day I’ll get brave and use it. 

I’m not sure if they have changed all of the packaging for these, but these ones are cardboard with a maganetic closure. They came with 3 separate makeup look cards. In the newer one, the packaging is a tin with a magnetic closure. Instead of the cards, it’s an insert that folds out. You can take it out and reveals a mirror which you know I love. So I’m happy about that update to the packaging. 

Rock N Roll:

The Rock N Roll Eye also came in the Cyber Monday deal from Too Faced. I never used this lol. I feel so horrible saying that. All the colors are shimmery and I’m not sure how I feel about this palette. It’s pretty but it doesn’t exactly excite me. The shade Glam Rock is pretty light, I had to go over it several times. That one would definitely need a base. 

Cat Eyes:

The Cat Eyes palettes was one I really wanted, everyone was using this palette. It was every where at one point. And I just love anything to do with cat eyes and there’s a lot of purples in it. Sad to say I haven’t even used this either. I think I used it once. Kitty Glitter was a nice surprise when I swatched it. It’s literally a clear glitter shadow. This would be would really great to layer over other shades. 

Now the next shadows can be used wet or dry. The first ones are dry and the second one is used wet. I swatched those ones with a brush. 

The top two look hella amazing when wet. 

Pop Sugar: 

The Pop Sugar palette I really wanted because it was the most colorful Too Faced palette. I have yet to use this one either. So sad I feel like a horrible makeup mom. But while swatching it, I was pretty disappointed. I expected this to be way more pigmented and bright but honestly, it came off a bit dull. This I would need a white base underneath to make it have more life to it. 

Overall, I do love these palettes. They’re super cute and perfect for beginners. I just need a little more color to these guys. And I also don’t like the highlight shades. They very buttery and powdery. It comes off more ashy on me and I don’t really like the tones they have for highlighting. They should keep one and make more room for other ranges of color eyeshadow. These palettes are $36 but I believe some are sale on their website. 

Hope this helps in choosing your next Too Faced palette. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

Melt Cosmetics Love Sick Stack 

This post is long over due. I have a bunch of Melt lipsticks that I definitely need to swatch. Melt, along with Lime Crime, were the first indie brands I bought from and also help amplify my love of makeup. It’s been two years of loving this company and they do nothing short of amaze me. I’m only going to swatch my Love Sick stack today, my lips aren’t ready for the this swatch party just yet. I love their shadow stacks, they’re magnetic. They are huge pans of eyeshadow, so you definitely get a lot of product. 

This one comes with four eyeshadows and  costs $48. 

Love Sick Stack:

So guys, my stack is a little beat up. Had it for over a year. The red one fell and got injured. Killed me. Heart my heart. 


Amelie is a peachy gold. This is the more highlight type of shade. Use for the brow bone, in corner highlight, and an actual all over highlight. Just glow away! 


Fixated is a matte grey that inspired by their lipstick Space Cake, which I have. This is the only vegan shade in this stack. I love this grey so much, I like using instead of a black for certain looks. Help deepen up the crease without overwhelming the eye look. 

I used it in this eye look which was one of my favorite looks ever. (Lips: Colour Pop Petit Four liner, NYX Stone Fox, and Too Faced Unicorn Tears.)


Sorry, she a lil dirty lol. Promiscuous is a color changing violet-blue. I really love this purple so so much omg. First time I wore, I wore completely on its own, no liner nothing. That’s how much I love this purple, amazing. 

Love Sick:

Love Sick is an ultra matte burgundy red inspired by their lipstick 6six6, which I also have. Sorry the sparkles from the Promiscuous swatch wouldn’t go away! Look how frigging pigmented that color is omfg. Like red velvet, so damn smooth. 

These were all swatched with my finger, no primer.  The first line description is taken from their website. I overall really love heir shadows and am waiting to get my hands on more. I’m not gunna lie and pay $50 plus $7 shipping is a lot for four eyeshadows, but the quality and size of the product really do make it worth it. And you know Lora and Dana really put their heart into their collections and makes sure they’re perfect before we get them. Gotta keep in mind they’re still an indie brand and it’s just so worth it. I feel their love in their products and it just makes me love this brand even more. 

Getting a bit off topic, here are my overall thoughts. Great size, pigmentation. I love that it has a mirror, they didn’t have to add that all, and I am so happy they did. You know I love anything with mirrors. Also you’re getting crazy unique packaging. How many other brands have shadows like this? I loved this stack especially because of the colors. They said this stack was all their favorite accent colors from palettes. So it’s more of an eyeshadow helper stack. To use them all together is definitely a challenge but you could probably do it. Lots of blending required. 

The magnetic concept is really amazing, just be careful with the actual shadows. That’s why two of mine are injured, I played too much with the magnets lol. I do also love that you got stickers with their packages. I even got them to sign a few for me. I have like two of their keychains, and of course I hid them from myself. And I have one of their mirrors which I’m always finding and losing in the chaos of my room. And also, you can connect this stack to their other stacks and make one huge one. And they also have singles so it makes it hella easy to replace the ones you use the most. 

I like following their snap because you see how things work and how close knit their team is. You know love and family go hand in hand with everything their sending you. Like you need to follow them!! And they’re extremely down to earth and it feels like you could hang out with them. They also give back to a lot of different charities and volunteer. What other brands do that on the regular? 

Snapchat & Instagram: meltcosmetics, lora_arellano, danabomer 

And Dana answers questions you have on her Instagram story, especially business ones. 

Hope this helped you out in any way. Thanks so much for reading, and stay purple. 

Garnier Skin Active 

Everyone has been going crazy and talking about the Miceller Cleansing Water. I’m not sure what the hype is, I just know that I need a makeup remover. I like both liquid remover and makeup wipes. I just saw this and decided to try it. I’m always looking for drugstore liquid removers and they mostly only have makeup wipes. I prefer liquid because I’m not always trying to take a full face, just some swatches. 

I don’t like having only makeup wipes because sometimes it’s not enough to take off all your makeup. I also don’t want to waste a whole makeup wipe just to go over my face one last time after to make sure everything is removed. I rather just do that with a cotton pad and liquid remover. 

I honestly love both of these products and they do what I need them do, remove my makeup. 

These are the Garnier Skin Active Clean+ Purifying Oil-Free Cleansing Towelettes, $5.99. It instantly draws out dirt, oil, and makeup. It says within 4 weeks your skin should be more mattified and purified. It comes with 25 towelettes. I got these on a whim because I saw they were on sale at Walgreens. Then when I got to the register, they were buy on get on half off. So I literally got one for about $1.50. That was a steal. I really like these because they’re very soft and moisturizing. There’s a lot of cleansing product, feel almost like I’m actually washing my face which I like. I like knowing there’s a lot of product cleaning my face. It smells really good, very clean. It really takes off all my makeup with just one towelette. Most of the time I need like 2 or 3. This one I could can take off a full face with just using one. Even doing a last run through with a cotton pad, my skin is pretty clean. Compared to others where I still find so much makeup leftover. 

I bought this because I was running out makeup wipes and liquid remover. This is the Garnier Skin Active Miceller Cleansing Water. The blue one also removes waterproof mascara and I don’t think the pink one does that. This removes all makeup and cleanses and refreshes at the same time. This is for every skin type including sensitive. This has no oil, alcohol or fragrance. It’s 13.5 oz, which is a hell of a lot. I had this for a few months and it’s almost done. It really lasted a long time, most makeup removers are only three ounces or so. You have to shake it up a bit to get all the stuff mixed together because it looks like they separate when they settle. It does do a really good job of taking off all the mascara and eye makeup. Using both products on my eyes, my lashes feel moisturized. My skin doesn’t feel dry when using it. But when using it over and over again taking off liquid lipstick swatches, your lips get a bit dry. But honestly that’s with anything I use. Any lip swatches that has over 3 lip products is very taxing. I like that you can use this for makeup and just trying to cleanse your skin. Almost like a toner. 

Overall, I love both these babies. I feel the towelettes have a lot of product and are able to take off a good portion of makeup with just one. And the Cleansing Water works just as well. I have used these separately to take off my makeup and both of them do a really good job of taking everything off especially the eye area. When most of the time I still mascara on and what have you. 

A little tip, may not be a huge tip but whatev, I like to use both together. If the wipe is starting to dry out then I use the liquid to help revive it. I use the liquid on wipes I’ve had that are on their last leg. It helps perk them up and are as good as new with extra makeup removing power. 

I am also trying out their Garnier skin care. I have recently noticed I’m getting extremely dry in my t-zone area. The weather change kicked my ass so my face is very dry as of late. Even my dandruff started acting up and that hasn’t bothered me in a long time. So, when I was putting on my makeup, I kept noticing dry patches peak through my foundation and I had no clue how to fix it. I have the Sephora Play, and they sent a moisturizer and I used that and I was like I cannot go on through this winter without one. Especially if my skins acting up this much already. So I was at Rite Aide and it was buy one get one half off all Garnier so I got their gel moisturizer and another Cleansing Water. As you can see I’m running very low. So hopefully I can tell you how it is. I’m not very good at keep a skin care routine, but this one I definitely am. I got another moisturizer in the Sephora Play so I’m currently using that. But the time I was using it, it worked nicely and it has a lot of good reviews onYouTube.  

Hope this helped you guys in any way. Thanks for reading and stay purple. 

November- Medusa’s Makeup Monthly Box

I got the November box the day I posted the October one. Once they take the money out, they send it right away. I was so happy with how fast it shipped. Like yaaaas!! I really did like this box as well, so hard for me to hate it. I got some things I already love and things I’ve been wanting to love. 

Let’s get right into the lovelies!!

1. Lip and Cheek Stain in Moody- $8:

I already own this one and I love. This a lip and cheek stain in the color Moody. It’s all natural and vegan. I’m not a huge gloss fan but I had to check this out. I love this especially in the winter time. In the summer, it does melt and it gets hard in the winter. I just love how moisturizing and easy to use. Kind of brings my lips back to life. 

2. Lipgloss in Loud Mouth- $9:

If you see in the picture, it was a surprise between the orange and purple gloss. Sad that I didn’t get the purple, but orange is my friends favorite color to wear. So she gets this one as I can’t wear orange. I’m too yellow for orange. And I just don’t like orange on me. This color Loud Mouth is hella pigmented, I know she’ll love it. 

3. Eye Dust in Green Velvet: $7:

I love their eye dust, and I’m really love this color Green Velvet. They’re 3 grams, filled to the top with no shifters. So be careful when opening and using it. This green is sooooo pretty omg. Christmas times 1000. 

4. Setting Spray- $8:

This setting spray I’ve been wanting to try. My friend bought it and she loves it. It’s one ounce which is the same size the small Urban Decay setting spray. And that costs $15. I’m really excited to see how I like this. My only criteria for setting sprays is that my makeup lasts til the next morning and doesn’t break it down. 

This months’ box total: $32 

For $16 this double what you’re paying for the box. It’s awesome to receive stuff I already love so I can let my friends try this brand out. I’m super excited for the setting spray and the eye dust. 

I hoped this helped and I stayed true to my word. I had this up as soon as possible. Trying not to slack. 

Thanks for reading and stay purple!