Colour Pop Pressed Shadows- Lo-Key and Hi-Maintenance Palette 

If you have been living under rock, then you have to know about Colour Pop’s pressed shadows. I don’t think I’ve been waiting for anything more than these to release. And I really have been waiting for them to reach me, literally two weeks for them to ship to me. These babies have been anticipated for a long time. Their super shock formula is a little hard to work with but the formula is super unique and opaque. With that said, I swatched all my Colour Pop eyeshadows to remind us all why we love them so much. It definitely rekindled why I would continue to buy both formulas. And at $5 each you can afford to. And honestly, I have fallen in love with these pressed shadows. 

So let’s get into some swatches, a small trick, and a makeup look. 

Lo-Key and Hi-Maintenance palettes:

These palettes were on everyone’s list and I knew I had to get my hands on these babies. These are their first palettes to release and the shades are very on trend. And they sold out like twice. They are also sold individually. And I’m honestly glad I did get them. 

Lo-Key palette:

Take It Slow:

Take It Slow is a metallic warm champagne.  

I Owe You:

I Owe You is a matte mid-tone orange. 

Running Late:

Running Late is a matte creamy orange. 

Criss Cross:

Criss Cross is a matte brick orange. 

These shades are on trend with the peach craze right now. This is as close as I’ll get to that trend. 

Hi-Maintenance palette:

Just In Time:

Just In Time is a satin soft gold. 

High Strung:

High Strung is a metallic dusty rose. 

Get Out:

Get Out is a matte cool cranberry. 

Cute Alert:

Cute Alert is a matte deep burgundy. 

This trend I will always love, those marsala wine colors. Love this shade range. 
Loose Shades:

Come and Get It:

Come and Get It is a duchrome rose  with a gold flip. 

Paper Tiger:

Paper Tiger is a matte mustard shade. 

Making Moves:

Making Moves is a matte hot coral. 

Stay Golden:

Stay Golden is a matte raspberry. 

Popular Demand:

Popular Demand is a matte red brown. 

Silver Lining:

Silver Lining is a matte dusty purple. 

Lost and Found:

Lost and Found is a matte sky blue. 

Piece of Cake:

Piece of Cake is a matte dusty indigo. 

These are all swatched with my finger and without a primer. Some of the lighter matte and metallic shades were a little less pigmented. But honestly, these are fuckin amazing. The pigmentation, especially of the colored matte shades, are so crazy. Literally, a few swirls, and pigmentation heaven. And I have used these on a brush and they’re amazing. There is some kick up to them but it’s fine. I love them. Ignore the bad eyelash job. I’m so bad at putting them on. I used the Lo-Key palette, Come and Get It in the center of my eye. I picked up the shade on the brush, sprayed it with setting spray, and did the metallic ever pop. These pics do them no justice. I also layered with Silver Lining which blended out nicely with the red. You basically can’t see it. I love this look so much. I used Wisp highlight and Mimmy ultra matte lip. 

Time for a little trick. I’m almost mad I haven’t thought of it myself. As you noticed my palettes hold more than the standard 4. I saw some girl on Instagram had taken out the foam, a whole metallic strip is underneath. This makes its hold 10 shades instead of just four. I only feel dumb that I didn’t think of it myself I’d because I’ve taken apart all my other kits and use them to hold the lippie stix. And it holds about 16. 

And once you take out the foam, there’s some glue underneath. You just take it off and presto! Your palette just increased to take on 6 more shades and save a lot of space. They give you a free palette for every 4 you buy. I got 8 singles and for some reason I only got one extra palette. So I’m happy I saw this because it fit all my shadows and I have a palette leftover. 

And these are how the single shades come. I love the packet they come in, I wanna keep em. But I have no clue what to do with them. Hoarder problems. 

So if you have been debating on getting these, don’t. At least pick up 4 that catch your eye. The pigmentation is amazing and I love the color range. A little something for everyone. I cannot wait to see their Valentine’s Day collection, I’m gunna die. The sneak peaks are almost too much to bare. 

I hope this post has helped you with your decision making. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask me. Thank you so much for reading and stay purple. 

Colour Pop- Highlighters 

Hey guys back again but this time with some Colour Pop Highlighters. This part of the super shock cheek family is just as beautiful as the rest. Swatching these I was in immediate heaven. The texture of these are so silky and pigmentation is 100. When these came out my heart nearly dropped. These are $8 each as well. So worth it. 

I swatched this in alphabetical order, no primer, and with my fingers. Let the gorgeousness begin!! 


Avalon is a true copper in a pearlized finish. Look at that one swipe pigmentation. Lawd. 

Butterfly Beach:

Butterfly Beach is a warm peach with highlights of silver in a pearlized finish. 

Fanny Pack:

Fanny Pack is an icy silvery white in a pearlized finish. This is currently sold out. I try not to wear too many white highlighters but this one was so pretty I had to try. 

The Golden Child:

The Golden Child is a bronze gold in a pearlized finish. It was apart of the Jamie King collab and is discontinued. I didn’t realize how much I’ve used this one. Almost hit pan. It’s such a great gold. 


Honeymoon is a sheer opalescent pearl with a blue an violet glitter in a pearlized finish. When these came out I had to get my hands on them. And I put them on my chest for Halloween and it looked amazing. 


Monster is a light pink with opalescent duo chrome flip in a pearlized finish. This was the one everyone was going crazy for. It was sold for a long time when it came out. 

Over the Moon:

Over the Moon is a sheer opalescent pearl with hot pink and violet glitters in a pearlized finish. This was one I had to have as well. Omg so gorgeous. 

Pretty Bonnes:

Pretty Bonnes is a white with gold sheen in a satin luxe finish. This was apart of the Jamie King collab, discontinued.  

School is Fun:

School is Fun is a pale yellow gold in a pearlized finish. This apart of the Hello Kitty collab set to discontinue February 1. No one told me how gorgeous this was. This is one swipe heaven. It’s even prettier in person. 

Smokin’ Whistles:

Smokin’ Whistles is a cool toned pink champagne with silver highlights in a pearlized finish. 

Sticky Sweet:

Sticky Sweet is a deep violet with a pink sheen in a pearlized finish. This I was so excited about because it’s different and purple. 


Wisp is a golden champagne with gold pearls in a pearlized finish. Lawd. 

I hope this helps in your hunt for the perfect highlighter. These babies are so gorgeous and you can afford to splurge on more than one. I usually apply these with my fingers. If I want to use a brush I use the same I use for the blushes. It’s the small sticking brush from Wet n Wild. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much for reading! Stay purple. 

Colour Pop Blushes- Discontinued 

Hey guys this is the second half of my Colour Pop blush collection. These are all my discontinued blushes. They recently got rid of so many. I swatched them in alphabetical order. I used my finger and no primer. All Colour Pop blushes are $8. 

Coin Purse:

Coin Purse is a bright cool toned pink in a matte finish. Coin Purse is still in stock but the Hello Kitty collection is due to be discontinued February 1st. 

Early Bird:

Early Bird is a medium toned pink with a blue undertone in a matte finish. 

Fruit Stand:

Fruit Stand is a bright orange in a matte finish. 


Homie is an orchid purple in a matte finish. 


Mochi is a baby pink and has a blue sheen undertone in a matte finish. 

More, Please:

More, Please is a bright purple with blue glitters in a pearlized finish. 

New Lowes:

New Lowes is a deep burgundy in a matte finish. This was apart of a makeup artist collab. 


Pegacorn is a medium toned orchid with shimmery undertones in a satin finish. 


Pie is a hot pink in a matte finish. 


Thames is a mauve pink in a matte finish. This was apart of the Jamie King collab. 

I hope they come out some more fun blushes this year. I’m slowly getting better at using these but ya know how it is. Hope you guys found this somewhat helpful. I just really love swatching these more than I thought I would. Playing with makeup is so soothing. 

Thank you guys so much for reading and stay purple. 

Pastel Goth

When Pastel Goth hit the internet, everyone basically died from pure love. But then people were saying how it wasn’t pastel enough. Listen to me, pastel is the lighter version of the original set of of colors. This you will never see together in one palette. I absolutely love it. Anything Kat Von D and colorful I am so here for. I wanted to resist buying this but I really couldn’t. Don’t let people sway you out of something you really really like because what you like isn’t for everyone. And after seeing other people’s reviews and wearing it, I was so happy I bought. I would’ve regretted it if I hadn’t. 

Pastel Goth has 8 matte eyeshadows. This is all vegan and cruelty free. It comes in a thick cardboard packaging with a magnet. And it has a mirror and you know I love me a mirror. It’s $38 and limited edition. I am so in love with packaging. It’s like melting sherbet, it is absolutely beautiful. I wish this was a shirt or something. 


Star is a daffodil yellow. 


Clementine is a peach. 


Meow is a lilac. 


Dope is a lavender. 


Doom is a sky blue. 


Gloom is a meadow green. 


Dagger is a stone grey. 


Skull is a pure white. 

The best two colors to me are Star and Skull for easy pigmentation. These I’ve swatches with my finger and no primer. I had to go over a few of these swatches. I found you get better pigmentation when you use a light hand. Also, this is one of those palettes that you’ll definitely need a primer. Some shadows just work better with brushes and on the eyes. I’ve seen the looks people have done with it and omg gorgeous. Matte pastel shades are extremely hard to make. I think she did a great job. I cannot wait for these to get on my eyeballs. 

I hope this helps you guys out. Let me know if you picked this up. It just made my colorful heart squeal. Thanks for reading and stay purple. 

Colour Pop Blushes

Hey guys I’ve been really ready to swatch my entire collection. I am on a mission. Also have a person goal of how many blogs I want to write this year. So now I am onto the Colour Pop Super Shock Cheek. When these blushes came out it was everything. Omg, giiiiirl. And I love blushes so much. Recently, they discontinued many eyeshadows along with a ton of blushes. They have about 16 blushes left. That is not a lot compared to what they used to have. I don’t know why they did that and if they plan on making a lot more this year. They didn’t really release a lot of blushes last year. Not a lot of collections had a one included. We shall see. 

I decided to swatch whatever is actually in stock first because what’s left is a small amount. And I have about half of it. 

Between the Sheets:

Between the Sheets is a beige pink in a matte finish. This is perfect for those no makeup makeup looks. 

Birthday Suit:

Birthday Suit is a neutral pink in a satin finish. I love the satin finish because they have a nice shimmer to them. You can’t see in this photo really well but this one has a lot of shimmer. 


Cheerio is a deep cranberry in a satin finish. 

Cruel Intentions:

Cruel Intentions is a warm rose in a matte finish. This was apart of their Back to Cool collection.  


Fox is a warm pink coral in a satin finish. 

Never Been Kissed:

Never Been Kissed is a deep coral in a matte finish. This was also in their Back to Cool collection. 


Rain is a cooled toned lavender in a matte finish. This blush I was most excited for. This was apart of their Pastel Punch collection. 

These colors are all so beautiful. Hope this helps in choosing which of the blushes you’d like to get first. 

These are a bit hard to put on. I honestly hate putting on cream blushes because I am so bad at doing it. I feel like I never get full pigmentation. But I did find that using this Wet n Wild brush makes it a lot easier. It’s the small stippling brush. I love it because it’s affordable so you can get a whole bunch. I either put some on my cheeks first with my fingers and blend it out with the brush. Or I stick the brush right in and concentrate it on the ends. Or I do both for maximum pigmentation. 

The super shock cheek formula is a creme powder formula. They suggest that you use a flat synthetic cheek/foundation brush, or a duo fiber brush. They said the synthetic brush will give you more coverage whereas the duo fiber will be more sheer. And as always you can build up until you can get your desired pigmentation. 

I hope this helps with the application of the blush. I sure ain’t no makeup artist so anything that makes this easier is all the better. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

Colour Pop Shadows- Purple, Purple, and More Purple

Hey guys I am back and guess what? I made it to the finish line! And so did you guys! Thanks for suffering through over 50 of my Colour Pop super shock shadows swatches. Say that 5 times fast. There was no way I could swatch them all in one post. It would be impossible for me to finish. I would’ve gone crossed eyed. My arm hurts from constantly removing the shadows and they stain like you won’t believe. It’s like hey, you haven’t even been on my arm that long jeez. 

I think a lot of these shades will be in stock, well at least more so than the others. You know me and purple, I have to have every shade. And I’ve used these the most so I’ll be able to tell you what I use most them for. 

Mixed Tape:

Mixed Tape is a taupey grey with a silver sheen in a pearlized finish. I love taupe, it’s such a strange purple. It’s like right before death purple. But I love it especially for crease colors. 


Tang is a soft plum beige in a matte finish. This I love love love for the crease color. Especially since I do all purple eye looks most of the time, this is a great transition color. 


Tinsel is a greyed out icy lavender in a metallic finish. 

Party Time:

Party Time is a dusty mauve grey in a matte finish. Another great crease color. 


Stereo is a blackened purple with gold and pink glitter in this metallic finish. I love their metallic shades for the lid. It makes for an amazing pop of color. 


Porter is a warm burgundy with gold multi dimensional glitter in a pearlized finish. This is apart of the second Kathleen Lights collab. 

Birthday Boy:

Birthday Boy is gold with purple glitters in a metallic finish. This was for the 2nd anniversary. And oh you know I HAD to have this shade. First off, packaging is purple, this shade is gorgeous, and there’s a little crown on the front. Of course you can’t see it because all the lettering wore off. I have two backups. 


Hustle is a deep cranberry in a matte finish. 


Envy is a black saturated with violet glitter in a metallic finish. This shade is sick omg. 


Bae is a rich eggplant purple with blue glitter in a metallic finish. This color is crazy beautiful. I can’t wait to use this. 

Straight Trippin:

Straight Trippin is a blackened purple with brown undertones in a matte finish. This was apart of their Back To Cool launch. Discontinued. 


Doe-A-Deer is a blackened smokey violet in a matte finish. Discontinued. 


Leopard is a true purple in a matte finish. This was apart of their winter collection last year. And you know I had to get my hands on this shade. It’s my perfect purple shade and I had to get two back ups of this amazing shade. 


Lace is a deepened violet in a pearlized finish. This is basically purple glitter heaven. 

Dance Party:

Dance Party is a blackened violet with blue and violet glitter in a metallic finish. This color is absolutely amazing on the eyes omfg. 


Daddy is a pastel lavender in a matte finish. This was apart of their Pastel Punch collection. Discontinued. 

And that’s the last of them! Omg how beautiful was this post??? Purple explosion! As much as I would like to see more true purple shades, I really the variety that they do have. It’s very interesting and can make for great all purple eye looks. 

I know this post will be much more helpful since 98% of them are still in stock. Whoohoo!! Hope this post has helped you out and was what your purple dreams are made of. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

Colour Pop Shadows- Greens and Blues

Hey I’m back finally. Finally feeling more myself and not dying and sleeping all day. So I decided to try and finish these posts up. I have yet to get my Colour Pop pressed shadows. They said because of the high volume of orders it will be delayed til I don’t know when. I know. I’m sad too. But here are some og Colour Pop shadows to tide us over. I pray these are still in stock but I make no promises lol. They discontinued so many shades this summer. 

Also I will finally be testing out their brushes for you. So the top swatch will be with my finger, as usual. The second one will be with the shadow brush, and the third will be the crease brush. I did it in each finish of this group. 


Sour is an electric lime green with shimmer in a satin finish. This is discontinued. 

Snap Dragon:

Snap Dragon is a pastel seafoam green in a matte finish. This was part of their Pastel Punch collection, discontinued. 

Mermaid Kiss:

Mermaid Kiss is a pearlized tie dye in shades of teal and lime green. Discontinued. This was apart of their limited tie dye collection. 

Pop Rocks:

Pop Rocks is tie dye shadow in purple, pink, and blue. Discontinued.


Krinkle is a grey blue with silver sparkles in a metallic finish. Discontinued. 


Ibiza is an aquamarine with silver shimmer in a pearlized finished. Discontinued. 


Taco is a pastel baby blue in a matte finish. This was also apart of their Pastel Punch collection, discontinued. 


Coconut is a bright teal in a pearlized finish. I don’t know how this is a bright teal but ok. This was definitely a best seller. This sold out so many times. 


Kimono is bright blue with silver shimmer. Discontinued. 


Effect is a blackened teal in a matte finish. Discontinued. 

The literally just discontinued all these shadows this summer. And these were on my very long list of things I want from Colour Pop. And I still didn’t get all the stuff I wanted because they discontinued sooooooo much stuff. Especially the blushes. And they discontinued my favorite eyeliner, Piggy Bank. Never been so mad at them. 

Ok so brush reviews. I think you should still use your fingers for best pigmentation. But I do think they are great to help for a more precise application and have more control for where you want to put it. The shadow brush you should more pat it rather than drag it. You’ll be able to build up pigmentation. The crease brush is great for being able to blend it out and build it up. I just swirl it around and focus the product on the end of the brush. Hope this helps a little. 

Sorry for the endless amount of discontinued shadows. I didn’t realize how many they got rid of. But ya neva know if they’ll bring them back. Fickle fickle Colour Pop. 

Thanks so much for looking at these gorgeous shades. They kill blue shades. Hoped these helped and feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks for reading and stay purple.