Valentine’s Day Look- Using Kiko and Kylie Cosmetics 

Hey guys I’m here again to continue with my Valentine’s Day makeup theme posts. I am so anxious waiting on my Valentine’s makeup orders to arrive. I cannot wait to swatch all those beautiful goodies with you all! They got me good this year. So far, no regrets. So while I await my coveted goodies, I decided to swatch some of past Valentine’s Day makeup goodies. I am going to swatch the Kiko Cosmetics Valentine’s collection from last year called Endless Love. I wasn’t going to do a full face but I ran into the Wet n Wild foundation at Rite Aid. Decided to test it out. So full face here we are. So I will start with Kiko and then breakdown the rest of my Valentine’s Day makeup goodies. 

Kiko Endless Love 

Love Elixir:

Love Elixir is described as a face powder with three shades. The top shade is a bronzer, the middle is a bright pink, and the last shade is a peachy pink. I only used the middle shade. I used the little brush it came with, not expecting much from it. But I actually really liked the brush and being it so small, it only got the section of color that you wanted. This was also really hard to get my hands on last year. It was sold out in stores and online. You really got to constantly check the website for it because it can be in stock one minute and sold out the next. The packaging killed me. Literally the cutest thing ever. 

Endless Love Lipstick 


I really like the color. It’s like a berry wine. My hugest pet peeve with Kiko is that they will have the names on the website and sometimes the box, but never on the actual product. They need to start putting the names of the lipsticks. It’s not fun to say I have this lipstick in shade 05. The lipstick is really creamy, I almost forget how regular lipstick feels. 

06 lipstick and liner:

06 lipstick is like a muted raspberry with a gold shift. The sheen of gold was extremely hard to capture and it’s so beautiful. Hopefully you can kinda see what I mean in the last picture. It looks so pretty in the light. Love the lipliner as well. I hope this year I can get my hands on the new ones. They’re all sold out right now. Just happy get my hands on some of the collection. 

Blushing Hearts in Bursting With Love- $8.96:

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts in Bursting With Love is a triple baked blush. This is definitely a play on the Too Faced Sweethearts blush. But I like these better. The colors a bit too shiny and ashy, so I like them for a highlighter. I mostly used the top shade but I swirled my brush around on all the shades. 

For this look I used the Kylie’s Diary palette. Full review of it on the previous post. For this eye look I used Be Mine in the crease to start off with. Then I put Love Potion on top. I put a little of Heart Eyes on the corner and then all over the lid. Then I put Sweet Like Candy on top dry, and then wet. This really made that amazing rose gold pop. Then I put Heart Breaker as an inner corner highlight. Really loving this palette. No regrets. 

Now a short review on some products I’ve been trying. I found the new Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation in Golden Beige. It’s so sad how this is the darkest color and I live in the hood. Like this is next to a Western Beef, where are the other shades?? This was almost a match not quite. The yellow undertone they got but the shade itself is a bit off. I had to mix it with the NYX foundation mixer in warmth. It looked better with that mixed in. So I definitely have to venture out to my other Walgreens and look for more shades. And I’m not sure if it’s the amount of powder I put on top, it looks very powdery and cakey. I don’t know, we shall see, got to play around with it. I have no other problems with it other than with powder on top, everything is so visible. 

I’ve also been using the Makeup Revolution Banana Powder. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’m so used to my Sacha Buttercup. I realized I can’t let it bake too long because it becomes very cakey and powdery. It just clings to the skin. You have to really dust it off well. So this is another product I’m on the fence with right now. Got to play with it and see how it ticks. 

I hope you guys liked this mini swatch and review post. I just happened to pick up the foundation today and wanted to try it out. And I really wanted to swatch last years Valentine collection from Kiko. 

As always thank you so much for reading all this. Stay purple. 

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