Paper vs. Plastic

Ever since the e-book device has come into existence, the war between paper and plastic has struck up once again. I honestly hold no sides favor, always straddling the fence. Why can’t we just get along? I don’t see what the big deal is about reading an actual book versus using an electronic device. I have a Kindle Fire, which was a Christmas gift from my mother, and an overstuffed bookcase. Hey guess what? You can have both guys!!! OMG Yes it is true! You don’t have to burn your books just because you have a Nook or a Kindle or whatever! And you don’t have to order every book physically that you have read on your Kindle. You can do both guys. But of course there are people who have to be so fucking God damn extreme. People will find problems with EVERYTHING.

My thing with books is that I love them. I always have. I grew up reading and going to the library. That’s what we did. I loved it and then fell out of love with it but really got back into it in middle school. When I read The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot, my love for books renewed again. And I went to the library in search for more. The library is 2 minutes from my house and was on my way to middle school. I was there almost everyday dropping off books, picking up books, and searching for new ones. Everyone knew me there and in high school that was my hangout spot. As lame as that sounds but I met a lot of cool people there and we had some good times hanging out and being silly. And I was surrounded by books. I haven’t been since because I owe the library like $100 lol. Sooooo, that is a major reason as to why I’m not there all time checking out books. Def need to get that shit resolved.

So I ordered books off Ebay and, or wherever I could get them cheap. Used, I didn’t care. I used to buy books from the library book sale for 10 and 50 cents. I came home with piles of books all the time. I was always reading in high school, I had no life. I wasn’t allowed to go out with my friends, I couldn’t watch tv because my mom and brother were always watching what they wanted to watch. I got sick of watching crap I wasn’t into and reading became my ultimate escape. It still is, but I don’t read non stop as I did then. I really had no other outlets besides my terrible poetry that I post from time to time. Anyway, I hate getting rid of my books, and I have kept most of what I read and haven’t read yet. But I just have no more space to it. Between my ever-growing clothes, makeup, and jewelry collection, there just isn’t room. And honestly nobody got the money for alla that. If I didn’t owe the library anything, my ass would totally be down there, especially since the revamped it. But I also don’t have the space to put all those books. I read some comics and mangas as well, and those can have endless amounts of volumes. You the hell has space for that?? Not me that’s for sure. My mom already wanted me to throw a bunch of my books away and I just can’t bear to part with them. Especially the ones I love and collector edition covers. I have the Barnes and Nobles Grimm Fairy Tales edition, and I just love it!

Some times you just need to buy the book. And I haven’t stopped buying books. If it’s $5 I will snatch that sucker up! A book’s a book dammnit! And I buy my little cousin books all the time. I have to because the love of books and reading is the greatest gift you can give, and you have to make sure to tell this new generation that you still must read. It’s so important to me for them to get that. So as much as I really fucking love books, I just don’t have the space. I do believe you should still buy books, especially the fancy bound ones, but that doesn’t make it any better than an electronic reader. People are always like oh, I need to feel it in my hand and turn the pages. For me I see no nothing in that. I like it but I’m not going to die if I’m not physically holding it. And neither will you.

My thing with my Kindle is that I love it. I really freakin do! I don’t understand this fear of oh it will run out of battery! *in my best Ask Ashley voice* THEN TAKE THE FREAKING CHARGER, CONNECT IT TO THE FREAKIN KINDLE, AND PLUG IT INTO THE FREAKIN WALL!!!! MAAAAANNN!!!!! Really guys? Come on. Your phone can die if you use it, and that’s an essential part of your life isn’t it? How much God damn reading are you doing that your Kindle drops dead so fast? And you can’t charge it while you read? I didn’t know that was illegal. Battery life never was an issue for me. And I have all my apps on there. My email, Facebook, Pandora, Netflix, and games for days. And I have a ton of fuckin books on there. Oh yeah everyone’s like, but you’re supposed to read only and all that other stuff is a distraction and you’re not using it for the right reason. Cry me a river. Sometimes you just don’t want to read. There are other things you can do. And I love it because it’s like a tablet and you can do some many things on it. If you only have that on you, you’re good. I keep most of my apps on there and off my phone, so my phone isn’t cluttered with so much crap. Oh and it is has a camera.

I love all these things about it, and you know what I really love? The fucking prices!!!!!!! You cannot beat the prices. Some books just don’t go down, and especially true for the comics. But I don’t mind. Sometimes things go down to 99 cents, or they’re free. FREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! What’s cheaper than free? Nothing. One time, all the books in the Wicked series went down to $1.99. $1.99!!!!! Best believe I snatched that up quick, pressing buy buy. It still holds the same excitement of buying a real book, but I feel it more because I constantly find deals. They’re constantly going down to $2-3 and I cannot help myself but to snatch that up fast. Also, authors seem to be making a lot novellas that are for e readers only, and I am super obsessive. I have to read everything in order and I don’t want to miss a damn thing. With this, I know I’m not. I was never one of those people who marked up their books, but I know people complain what about that. Well you can still do it. You can highlight, make notes, do whatever you want and get to it fast. I like that you can look at the x-ray and see the guts of the book. If there is something I need to see, or by a certain character, you just look up the name and find what you need fast. I don’t know a word, there it is to tell me what it is. I just really like the ease of it.

I have no clue of what’s with the hate with e readers. I just don’t get it. I have all my books one place, the prices are constantly lowering, and it is multi-functional. Also, I don’t need a book light to read it at night. You don’t know how many of those I have bought and lost or broke over the years. The struggle of reading by my window or cellphone light. Never again. And I don’t know but when I see all those book on my Kindle screen, I want to read all my books just as much as if they were sitting there right in front of me. It’s not about it holding more books and that’s cool. For me, I can just interact with my book better. And I DO like that it can hold more books, because when I’m done with one book in the series, I can go right to the next non stop. For me it is functional, because I don’t have anymore space for books, or money, until I pay off my huge library debt. And with the amount of books that I read, all of them seem to turn into a series these days, it is just more practical. And every series turns into a manga these days, so those can easily have 20 in a series, I really don’t have the space. For this, the Kindle really is a plus for me and I really like it because of that. And I do want the manga because the clothes are so cute and I like to look at the styles and get ideas. Though I haven’t designed anything in years. Let’s hope I haven’t lost that superpower.

That’s my rant on the whole real books and e books. When I become a writer I def want my actual book to be in stores, don’t get me wrong. I always love the physical book. But after awhile, because or space and money, it is very practical. But it is really up to you and what you love. I love both. I am not opposed to carrying a book and my Kindle. Both worlds can coexists peacefully together. Stop being so damn racist! Or bookist! Or e readerist! Something like that.

But in the end, it’s all about reading and escaping and falling in love with that story and those characters. No matter how you get there.

Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich

It’s no secret that I love to read and spent all my time holed up in my room reading. I’d devour books within days and would go to the library nearly everyday. My library is five minutes from my house and can walk there lickity split and also it was on my way to middle school. So I was either dropping off a book, picking one up, or just looking through my fav section, the young adult section. I read some adult books then but not many. More Alice Hoffman and Meg Cabot books. But a friend introduced me to One for the Money, the first in the Stephanie Plum series. Lemme tell you, I was fucking hooked. This lady actually makes me laugh out loud. I devoured them all til I was caught up and been following them ever since. I did see the movie and didn’t think it was that bad. Why do people hate Katherine Heigl so much? That bitch is making way more money than me or you ever will with all your complaints about how crappy all her movies are. I like them I wouldn’t slit my wrists after watching them but they’re not the best shit ever either. I also like her cuz we have the same birthday. November babies unite!

download (2)

Anyway, I bought the Notorious Nineteen on my kindle cuz I believe there were having a sale on it and I was like bitch you’re mine! Purchased! Takedown Twenty is to be released the 19th of this month. So excited! But I’ll probably won’t by it til much later. Anyway, for those of you that are not familiar with Stephanie Plum, here’s what ya need to know:

1. just your average girl from Jersey

2. she’s a bails bondsman, but not that good

3. her car tends to get blown up

4. still struggling to get her life together (glad to know I’m not the only one)

5. keeps her gun in a cookie jar

6. her grandmother likes to lift the lids of coffins at funerals

7. people tend to turn up dead around her

8. love trysts between Morelli and Ranger (and you CANNOT go wrong either way)

9. they eat a lot, which I love, I struggle with my weight too, why shouldn’t my fav characters?

10. her and Lula are the best team to have you cracking up into pieces

This was a standard Stephanie Plum novel and if it is even possible, I think I cracked up more than usual. Lula def had a lotta jokes and wise cracks in this one. You need to read this series from the beginning, you won’t regret it. Here’s a few quotes I have highlighted on my Kindle:

1. I’m not feeling so good after all those donuts. I was only going to eat two, but then I lost track of what I was doing and next thing there weren’t any more donuts. It was like I blacked out and someone came and ate the donuts. – Lula

2. A salad? What do I look like, an alpaca? I’m a big woman. I can’t keep going on a salad. I need salt and grease and shit. – Lula (Preach it girl! Shout out to all my big bitches! Me and Lula are totally on your side!)

3. I just got trouble finding a man that don’t have a heart attack opening the condom package. They gotta make it easier to get them damn things open. It gets to be depressing. There’s paramedics that know me by name. – Grandma Mazur

4. But it was recreational shooting. Barrel was already dead from being run over. – Lula

5. You’re not gonna have to work with Morelli, are you? Last time you tried that he had to stop carrying his gun so he wouldn’t be tempted to shoot you. And remember that time he chained you to a pipe in his cellar? – Lula

Just some of the funny things that are being said in this book. As you can see, Lula takes the cake on funny sayings. She’s def one of my fav characters and she just adds to everything that goes on around them. I can barely contain myself, sitting at the ferry and laughing like crazy. I think I read this book in four days. I was trying to stretch it.

But please, read this series, it’s amazing. It will make you wish you lived in the Berg and your mom made chocolate cake for dessert during the week and that you could stop by the most Italian deli and get amazing meatball subs and the latest gossip so you can go catch your skip. Love me some Stephanie Plum. Always getting into something exciting, and you will too. I love Janet Evanovich and if I ever make it as a writer, I can only hope to have half of her ability to make comedic situations translate on paper. It def is something very difficult to do be she is one of the best at it.

Thanks for all the crack ups and I hope you guys enjoy!

Beta by Rachel Cohn

I just started reading this book, Beta by Rachel Cohn. She is def one of my fav authors and helped me get through high school. This book is so different from the others that she’s written and I’m glad. I love all her other books but this one was so different and captivating. Her writing has definitely gotten stronger and I love the concept of this story. I only just started and I can already see the storm that’s ahead for Elysia. I can’t get this book outta my head and I just wanna read it 24/7. I’m trying not to gobble the whole thing up and enjoy it on my breaks at work, and when I’m traveling. This is one book I wanna yell at my friends to read. (If I really had any, and those that read what I read.)

I’m getting toward half through the book now, and I don’t ever think I’ve been so excited about a book in a while. Not to say that I don’t love the other stories I’ve read, but this is just very refreshing. I like sci-fi type stories like this. I just keep wanting to know what’s going to happen next, and I’m trying to read to get to the good stuff but trying to pace myself as well. I love this little Beta, Elysia. Being the first teen clone on an island of pure paradise can’t be easy. Especially, when you are experiencing a lot of things you shouldn’t. Newly awakened to the world and there to serve, Elysia is discovering some very strange things. First about herself, but then about her kind, being a clone. Are things really as perfect on Demesne as they seem? I hope not cuz this would make for one shitty story! Anyway you better check out my girl, she’s sure to cause a riot! Also check out Rachel Cohn’s other books, such as Gingerbread, Shrimp, Cupcake, and You Know Where to Find Me. Also joint novels she did with David Levithan, another fav author, such as Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist (read the book before a movie was ever thought of, I know such a hipster. just glad that Kat Dennings and Micheal Cera were in it so I felt better), and Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List.

So here’s some food for thought, or not if you’re a clone, this is a nice and breezy summer read. I can feel this beauty of their and the coolness of their violet ocean. You’ll want to go to Demesne, if even for one night, and if anything, to check out all the hot clones! So step into her world, and see, if this is how the world’s truly meant to be.


The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

I’ve been meaning to write the post for such a long time but never got around to it cuz I’m terribly lazy and unmotivated. Even more so with heat that determined to boil me every time I wake up. Being on the top floor of your house in the middle of the dry New York heat wave with no AC is no joke. I honestly think you could’ve fried eggs in my room this past week. But a few characters already know this all too well, being that they’ve grown in the heart of New York, and they’re the stars of a book turned movie (of course), The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.


Am I excited that this has turned into a movie? Of course. Am I deathly afraid how it’s gunna turn out? Of course. But I totally jumped on board when the likes of Johnathan Rhys Meyers, Kevin Zegers, Lena Heady, new comers Lily Collins, and Jamie Campbell Bower (I fell in love with him in Sweeney Todd.) All these guys are hot and I had crushes on forever, Lena Heady is giving me a chance to like her and not want to punch her in the face when she’s on Games of Thrones,  and Lily Collins is just so adorable but I do feel her red hair dye job bordered on too red and fake looking. But I know is so hard to match red to certain skins tones to make it look natural. Being a red head is a tricky tricky thing. And I am sooo over the trend.

micb4 micb7 micb1 micb6

Some characters look like they fit and others not so much. As much as I love Meyers, he looks nothing like the character in the book who has extremely fair hair that’s so blonde it’s white. But he’s so hot, I can forgive him. I know nothing’s gunna be perfect and exact and all the but can you blame a girl for wanting it to be that way? Anyway I had read the books so long ago, I barely remember any details. And I remember the first three books as one whole big thing. I can’t remember when I read them, but I believe it was when I was in college. To tell you the truth, I have read better books as just in like, how do you say, writing I guess, but I’m not hating one bit cuz I can barely finish a chapter in my own long over due story. But I think it’s just her writing style or something, not overly impressive and I’ve read so many books to know which one to scream to my friends about. I really liked this series and it pulled me in and it was interesting and everything, but I didn’t tell anyone about it. It also helps that I have no friends to tell. But I did read all three and was like, well that was great. I totally forgot about the books until I saw years later there were two other ones out and the Infernal Devices trilogy. I was just like wtf lady? You told me this was a trilogy and that’s why I was satisfied with the resolution, never to remember anything ever again and on to the next. Apparently not so, she had to a trilogy sequel follow up.

micb2 micb8 micb3 micb5

Anyway, forgot about them, it was just on my kindle wish list, blah. I saw then that it was to be a movie and I was totally blind sided by this news and the fact there would be actors in it that you actually knew, like whaaaaaat duuuuuuude gotta see that shit. Sometimes I reread the book if a movie remake comes out, but these books are huge so I was like fuck that shit. The books were $5 on my kindle so I just bought all of them. Read the follow up two books and it didn’t help me remember everything about what happened in the first three but totally helped in refreshing my memory about the characters and things like that. I really like the these last two ones for whatever reason. Maybe I was more focused in reading than I was in college? Who knows. I also read the Infernal Devices trilogy which I hear will also be a movie. Well then. Bitches be making that moneeeyyy. Go Cassandra! Let’s just see how this movie goes. It already get high marks from me over Twilight in the first round: casting. Great job with that. Thank God you have an excellent cast! Never watched all of Twilight, never could stomach what a travesty it had become. So that’s round 2: getting through the movie. I know there are excellent actors in this movies already so nothing on skill, just a test of script and how they adapted the book and how much of the actual heart of the book they kept. That’s really the most important part when it comes down to it. Sometimes it sucks being such an avid reader and everything you read becomes a movie. That’s one of the reasons my aunt took me to see The Devil Wears Prada. I made my mom buy the book for me from Costco and my aunt remembered seeing me read that book from all those years ago. So when it came out she took me to see it. I did like the movie, hello Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway!, but in the book, that lady was way crueler than she was in the movie. But overall it was still really good. And that’s all I want. That I can still respect it as a movie, as tho I never read the book. I still really like that movie. And if they can pull that off, it’ll be a miracle.

Another thing that’s happening is the Hot Topic is actually making clothes for this movie, but not like they usually do. It’s not like how they do Twilight or Warm Bodies and go all 7th grade rocker kid with it. They’re actually make some nice pieces inspired by the movie and the characters. They’re nice enough that I would consider buying them and putting it on my body. That’s what I would want if any of my over due novels ever actually made it out of my head and onto my hard drive. I want to stay as true and structured to my story as I could. Or I can could take the money and run from it screaming: I release myself for any responsibility of this horribleness and have not helped me it such a travesty that it is!

Here’s to link to getting all you need to look like a Shadowhunter, or at least think you are:

But hopefully this makes you check out the movie, or any of Cassandra Clare’s book. I look forward to the end of the second trilogy, and definitely look forwards to reading the Dark Artifices trilogy and her joint book with one of my all time favorite authors, Holly Black.

And finally here’s the trailer so you can see all this crazy goodness for yourself: