Made Some Cupcakes

I am currently on vacay from work for 2 weeks, and I spent a lot of it making cupcakes. The first 2 batches was for a coworker, who said they would buy them off of me. So of course I’m like yes please!

The first batch was red velvet cupcakes. I frosted them with cream cheese frosting, pink sugar crystals, and a little bit of red sugar crystal sprinkles.


WP_20140907_001 WP_20140907_005 WP_20140907_012


The second batch was triple chocolate: devil’s food cake, dark fudge frosting, and chocolate sprinkles. I also added some blue sugar crystals on top, to match the cupcake paper, which was blue.

WP_20140907_004 WP_20140907_009 6tag_070914-182636

The last batch I did, was for a party I was throwing, and no one came. Well four people did. Whatever. They were still really good and looked really pretty. These were total princess cupcakes, unicorn, fairy whatever you wanna call em, super pretty, super cute, and super girly cupcakes. And they were really good. They were strawberry batter, with vanilla purple frosting. They came with their own sprinkles, and I added pink sugar crystal sprinkles to them. They looked so pretty, pink on the inside, pink wrapper, and purple on top. Yummy! The 4 people that ate them loved them! Yummy! lol



Hoped you liked looking at my pix, and enjoyed them as much as me and the 5 other people that had them. Anyway, hope this makes someone smile. They make me smile a little bit, because I know they were good, and they looked really pretty.


I told ya I’d be going to that macaroon cart in the mall and buying me some macaroons. Well finally I DID IT. Little bit on the expensive side but……. macaroons. It’s by this company called ByWoops. Never heard of them but all I need to know is macaroons. The girl there was your typical blonde skinny, I know I’m hotter than you, ya fat weird girl who I’m gunna get to buy all these macaroons, Staten Island girl. I didn’t mind because she was nice enough and was really kinda coming at me like she was selling real estate or a car or something. She had some guy there that she was talking to and I didn’t mind because I wanted to be left alone to look at the flavors and peruse without any interference. But I guess being in a kind of far off corner of the mall, she didn’t get many costumers. Time to shine and put those sellers techniques to use. Guess she didn’t hate her job that much just yet.

Anyway she tells me how much they are and she tells me they’re $2.50 for one, or 6 for $16, and some other prices, I stopped listening. I kinda felt bad because she was trying her hardest to talk to me and when I’m alone shopping, I’m very fuck off and leave me alone until I’m ready but thanks. Anyway I go for the 6 because there is not way I’m getting just two and I totally wanna try different flavors. Even though I’m like damn $16. Don’t let me lose in the mall, apparently I have no restraint. They come in this neat macaroon tray and a nice little box wrapped with a nice yellow ribbon. I didn’t feel so bad after all. I got me some damn macaroons and nice new hair bow.

WP_20140120_008 WP_20140120_009 WP_20140120_010 WP_20140120_011 WP_20140120_015


Yeah, macaroons, bitch! (Jesse Pinkman voice)

First up: Lemon



Lemon is really good. It reminds me of lemon meringue pie and you all know how much I love lemon meringue pie. So I def love this one.





It reminded me of jam and it’s very sweet. Almost a little too sweet for me but it’s very good. I def would have this with tea.




I was kind of worried about how rose would taste. Like when I told me my friend that’s the flavor I got, he was all “Rose? As in the actual flower rose? You can eat that?” But it’s pretty sweet but not too sweet and it’s refreshing. It’s like when you smell a rose and you kind of get that refreshing sent, it tastes like that. I really like and I am so glad I tried it. Tea parties here I come!




I love all things blueberry, so of course I had to try this. Was not disappointed.

Red Velvet:



I liked the red velvet, kind of reminded me of a wafer, like a chocolate wafer. But still tasted like red velvet.




Of course got the Nutella. Couldn’t have not tried it. You will not be disappointed, it is so nice and chocolaty, yummmm. Very good, Nutella lovers will go nuts over this one! (Hey, hey, see what I did there?)

Anyway, totally visit there site and have fun! I will def be at that cart in the future. I know that girl was like, that was easy, when I walked away with my macaroon box in hand and crazy hair on top. So Islanders, please go visit this girl! She’s really nice and will help you even if you are fluffy, are of questionable race, and hang out by yourself in the mall. She’ll keep it professional, and she is very helpful. Service with a smile. 😀 I’m just joshing, I’m joking but I’m not joking, but I’m joking, but I’m not.

Here’s some pix of me loving macaroons, well the box anyway:



My beautiful new hair bow!


Cheeky, eh?


Filter? No filter?




Ooo, pin up!

WP_20140121_010 WP_20140121_014

Not so much here…


What I wish I was still doing…. manga!!


Will this nightmare  of photos ever end? I fear so. What? I can’t help it, I just got a new phone and I have finally graduated to the 21st century. Having sooo much fun with it! No one should have this much power….or fun! You know your phone is old when everyone at work congratulates you on your new phone like you just graduated, got engaged, or had a baby. “Congrats!” “Finally!” “Eeyyyyy, Drea finally got an upgrade” “Andrea, I’m so proud of you” “Yeah… that phone was crazy” That last sentiment was from my manager, Captain Chaos aka Whispers. Even my 5 year old cousin noticed I got a new phone. Sheesh.  WP_20140121_00720140121013343


P.S. Don’t you just love ribbons? I feel like a Disney princess or someone from the Victorian era. I love ribbons, velvet ribbons, I’m a bow person.

Because I Really Love Cake… and Pie

I love food especially sweets, desserts, anything that is not good for you and piled high to the sky with deliciously bad things on top. Here’s some good shit I would to eat right now. Yummm…..

3034258508_45b10fc195BridalShowerFavorCake Cake Detail cakes,sweets,food,sweet,photography,bakery-d698338f3e3f22f048066e798593db07_h moldcakethree2 moldcaketwoimages2 download (4)


Caaaaakkeeeeeee………………………….*drool* Omg I def love the shit outta cake. Who the fuck doesn’t? I always know those people that are like no thanks, and I’m so stuffed how can you even still eat more? I can be stuffed to hilt but I always have room for dessert. That has it’s own special space. So there’s always room for dessert, never pass that shit up. And you know it’s bad when I don’t eat it. A grade school teacher once told us how to never confuse the spelling of dessert and desert. You always want seconds of dessert so it gets two s’, and no one wants to be stuck in the desert more than once. Damn straight teach. I love cake that has that whipped cream frosting, always love a strawberry filling. Cake should always have a good heaping amount of frosting and sprinkles and hoopla on top. Just make sure the insides are bearable to eat as well. I kind of imagine my wedding cake like cake#6 and #1. I want a traditional cake, no fondant and craziness for me. I would love that cake pipping detail like #3. I want it to be white on white but when you cut it, the cake itself is dyed a nice purple. My fav color is purple so of course I’m going to have a purple wedding. I just want the pop of color to be on the inside and outside to be very traditional, and have nice yummy frosting. My dream cake. When I would get my ladytime I would crave wedding cake. My dream birthday party for when I turned 21 was for it to be in a hotel with balloons and bubbles and a DJ, a wedding cake, and Asian porn mags. *shrug* I was in Chinatown when I thought of it. But of course that dream never came true. And don’t even get me started on the crazy good combo of ice cream cake.

cherry_pie-med Lemon_Pie_Wallpaper_pcvzdownload (1) download images (3) images (2) download (2) images (1)


Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who knows me, knows I freakin love key lime pie!! It is def my favorite and one of the hardest pies to get a hold of. Twice in the same week when I went to go order key lime pie at two different restaurants, they were all out. Why??!!!! Why won’t the universe let me just eat some freakin key lime pie??!!! But I love it so much and that one season of Dexter almost became unbearable when he kept giving that lady her dying wish, the perfect key lime pie. Every time he visited her I just wanted to punch my fist through the screen and grab those pies and eat them til I turned into a key lime pie. And then you also know that my back up loves are lemon meringue and blueberry. Love those two a lot and also some chocolate pie. I just really love pie. That was my goal, to learn how to make pie. Now that my mom has broken out that mixer of hers and the kitchen has been finally been fixed up and more functional, I plan to try and master that which is pie. They took my love of cupcakes, ran with it, dragged it through the mud, and the media beat it to death til I almost can’t stand them. But of course I never stop loving them. I know it’s not cupcakes fault they’re so irresistible. Also, this nice guy that works at Pie Face has informed me that key lime is season and it will be coming back. Whoo hoo! Can’t wait!




cake,blue,cupcakes,icing,sprinkles,stars-a865728ef84899934a9aaa77693b5717_h ice-cream-with-cherries-and-chocolate-wallpapers-t 2582051778_e6d5ca6a86 sweet,beautiful,breakfast,coffee,colour,cupcake-54781660fd3cbdbf0ac719c0ee33ff57_h


Just some little extra treats. Who doesn’t love them some ice cream? It’s like un-American. It’s just not natural period. In Italy they have gelato. An Australian I once knew that they don’t eat popcorn in theaters, but ice cream. People love the shit outta ice cream and you can play with so much. They have bacon ice cream for goodness sakes. I’m kinda scared to try that tho. In Japan, they have snake venom ice cream. I’m even more scared to try that. Love me some ice cream sundaes with all the trimmings, yumm. MACAROOOOOOOOONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I practically growled that when I spotted that they had a macaroon cart in the mall. Staten Island mall finally stepping their game up, and they finally got a CRUMBS, too. Last but not least, donuts. They also have a donut hole stand where you can get things like caramel and white chocolate drizzled onto it. Fuckin deliiiiiiiisssssshhhh. Who doesn’t love donuts? Cops love donuts. It’s basically illegal to not like them. Love me some Dunkin Donuts. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

How can you be mad when you see all these nice delicious treats dripping with frosting, overburdened with sprinkles, and entices with you with delicious coloring. Yum I say. I’m only mad that I don’t have any of this to eat right in front of me. No pie. No cake. No yummy treats. *sigh* But a girl can dream…

Cupcake Hour Part 4

Last part, I promise. Getting a sugar rush? I get it, just don’t go on a Tilt-A-Whirl after viewing all this sugar. You might just get sick. But in this last part, I wanna share some cupcake art with you and show that, yeah celebrities are people, too. This is for all the people that love cupcakes just as much as me. Love them just enough to eat them with the paparazzi around and to make them into everyday things you can enjoy.


Celeb Love Cupcakes!:

ccc2 ccc11 ccc10

Even before she could afford to put gas in her car, Katy Perry could afford to love cupcakes. You know someone loves cupcakes when they are willing to put it on their boobs. Kinky, I like it! Make sure to send me a bra, Katy!


This pic says it all. Quentin and Fergie love cupcakes! Who wouldn’t when they’re stacked in a tower?


I kinda wish Taylor would eat a few instead of just posing with them, but at least she has sense enough to love them enough to take pics with them. Can you write a song about loving cupcakes? Pleeaassseee?


Cupcake Queens. My favorite cupcake ladies of 2 Broke Girls.


Even the ladies of the Jersey Shore know that cupcakes are the best way to cure a hangover…. or just vomit (not from the cupcakes but eating one when you have bad hangover. Idk how sensitive your stomach is!).


Hayden Panettiere loves cupcakes so much, it’s giving her the ability to blissfully ignore the creep hanging all over her. Keep calm and eat a cupcake. You go girl! Don’t let any man destroy your cupcake happiness!


Even Kim Kardashian pretends to know what a cupcake is… or what to do with it.


Even down to the miniest of celebs, Suri Cruise has the face of a happy child about to destroy a cupcake.


Yeah… yeah.. uh huh… uhhhh….. What was the question again? Sure they may look like they’re paying attention to what you’r saying, but Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner are trying to figure out how to eat that cupcake as quickly as possible.

That’s all for celebs eating some cuppie cakes for now, but until then, keep calm, you don’t have to be a celeb to enjoy cupcakes. And you can still be a celeb and know what cupcake happiness is.

Cupcake Art:

PicsArt_1370905632143 PicsArt_1370905889134

Hey there! Look it’s me! It’s me just trying to be all fancy and slapping some filters on some of my pics that I think look really cool. I was eating the pink lemonade cupcake from Crumbs. So yum!

Oh-Crumbs-Cupcakes-MBKatari-Cupcake-Desktop-Wallpaper-Free-Download-1cupcakes_greenth-valentine-cupcake-wallpaperstrawberry-cupcakecute,cupcake,food,art,photography,ir,cupcakes-69652eb9b8ccb32721b899439ee6ab4b_himages (1) images (3) images (4) images (5) images (6) images

Some cool wallpaper art and just some cupcake art.

images (7) images (8)

Cupcake jewelry! Adorable!

images (9) images (10)

I love this hat! I get sooo many compliments on it when I wear it. I have the white one. I bought the green one for Anthony because he wouldn’t give my white one until I did. Love this so much! I got it at

images (11)

Of course Betsey Johnson loves cupcakes! I really wanted one of these bags, so sad that I didn’t get one.

images (12) images (13)

Miss Perry again with a purse I looove to want! What girls wardrobe wouldn’t be complete with this?

images (14)

I have this cupcake palette and I love it! The lip glosses and shadows are so cute and sweet. Every girl should have this in their makeup kit.

Well that completes the cupcake celebration for having 200 views and counting. I’m just glad to know that there are people out there that read my blog and enjoy. I just put some stuff out there hoping that people relate or understand. Hopefully I bring some type of joy to your day and don’t get a sugar rush looking at all these delicious treats. Thanks guys!

Cupcake Hour Part 3

Now these are just some pix of cupcakes that I think are very yummy looking and awesome. Like Jeanie, make all these cupcakes appear in my room immediately. Yes, master! Cupcake Party!! Yum, yumm, and yummy is all I can say about these wonderful treats. 😀

2220791829_4816f89fc2 bakery,bakery,inspiration,cupcake,cupcake,bakery,cupcakes-a8d2dbdd2e8c7fd4b833d3a0fa208093_h bakery,cupcakes,photography,cupcake,bakery-fb280e68fa1293504b58da4746f8b7f8_h 1454758774_c522aaa151shutterstock_317868584,cupcakes,cupcakes,blue,colorful,pastels,pink-f409f50525411fa1d904329dcb02e1d7_h 3011556468_5e923db443 birthday,cake,cupcake,cute,food,giant-e12be5e8689a37b5b079644d60e67e7a_h1752384725_349aaa4468art,amazing,cupcake,fabulous,fashion,flower-f3be70d78b3ac205ec4c4e4f5e6ec8dc_h1353875804_2cebf0b1be5406740887_8d9336b31b beauty,sweet,vintage,cupcakes,muffin,s,panqee-f8bf82cfc62927f09b658f0d95bae62a_h cupcakes,blue,pattern,pink,cupcake,sprinkles-74e2186ab3e078c340543df51320b0b0_h cupcakes,chocolate,dessert,flowers,food,hydrangea-dfacf69e45b5da633b5d8a5bbac5fead_h colour,cupcakes,food,feelgood,beautiful,cute-5c7d8a8f90e6de3c43ecd3e9d973e410_hcolor,cute,sweet,yum,cupcakes,frosting-7ec9cd2e90f800976c649ccd0e1054ee_h cupcake,cupcakes,cute,tea,cup-8a29b99e117fe131adcb320958b38c8b_h cupcakes,cupcake,roses-d3371c7d851683a140a22746e2251aa4_h cupcakes,purple,purple,cupcakes,pearls-6e7f6b879f9c58daf2cb9156acf4a99c_h cupcakes,icing,peach,tea,cup,fotografia,colorful-30cdf17e3f72cf941b272484823c5179_hCupcakeWallpaper cupcake,delicious,cute,cupcakes,food,porn,aqua-9a4253d0e32214569b9a685b446f7e92_h

Yummy yummy yummy in my tummy! Who wishes they could’ve tried some of these? I know I do!

Cupcake Hour Continued

Now here are some pix of the cupcakes I have consumed. Yes, it’s a lot cuz Ima big lady now. But who only eats one cupcake? Don’t answer that.

100_0755 100_0786

This was on my birthday when I was in college. I went to BMCC and there was a Whole Foods right down the block. So I bought all the cupcakes and treats I wants because it was my bday. What better excuse? (skinnier days *sigh* my makeup is so kickass tho)


Random cupcake that I bought. I think I was at the ferry.


Me and my friend eating cupcakes from 711. I lived in that place when going to college. The guys even knew me there. But they’re actually really good and I loves them. yummmm

246 248 250

Now, who the fuck doesn’t love Crumbs? You gotta be a Communist if you don’t just love this place. They have really big cupcakes of alllllll different types of flavors and filled with frosting in the middle. Diabetes please? These were apple caramel and birthday cake. I took this pix and posted them on Facebook at midnight. My birthday was on Thanksgiving. So at midnight, happy birthday to me!!

Camera(464) (1) Camera(465) (1) Camera(467) (1)

Yaay!!! More Crumbs! These flavors were pink lemonade and smores. I love them, sooo good. And yes, that’s a pillow with cupcakes on them.

IMG_20130509_175136 IMG_20130509_175240

You’ve gotta try Baked by Melissa. This is a cute place that I have just recently went to, thanks to my cousin. I’ve always seen it but never been. Idk why but I didn’t know that they sold cupcakes or anything and it’s like when I go to the city now, they’re everywhere. But they’re really yummy bite sized little cupcakes. They have really cool flavors like PB&J and cookie dough. Very yummy and it’s nice when you just wanna quick treat.

So I hope you guys are super jealous that I got to eat all these delicious treats. But you get to enjoy them visually without all the added calories (bitches xp). If I were ever to have a Travel Channel show or a Cooking Channel show, it would be all about desserts. Sweet treats all the time. All that other crazy crap I’ll leave to Andrew Zimmerman and Anthony Bourdain.

Cupcake Hour!

Hey there! I have 200 views which is 200 more than I thought I would ever get. So what better way to celebrate than with cupcakes? So I’m having a cupcake hour featuring cupcakes I’ve made, consumed, and covet. Hope ya enjoy them as much as I do! Cupcake Partaaayy!!!!


This I made for a Christmas party for work. The frosting was green I use gingerbread men sprinkles.


These got kinda mess up. I made these for Valentine’s Day. Strawberry mix, with fluff frosting, and conversation hearts. Fuckin delish.


These were some cupcakes I made because I liked this boy and they were organic chocolate mix that I got from Whole Foods. It was actually really good. They have leaf sprinkles on them cuz it was in the fall semester of school and there was no holiday at that time yet.


I guess I scrounged up a cupcake after I made a batch. Leftovers. Cupcakes don’t last long in my house.


This I made for a friends birthday party. I saw the mini candelabra candle and thought it was sooo adorable, from that I got my inspiration. I dye my own frosting but now I see they have them in all colors now. Now that cupcakes are such a popular in thing, it’s become so much easier to make them. They have all sorts of tricks now. Those were the colors of the party.

Camera(57) (1)

These I made for my cousins party that she had. I had hurry and take a picture of them because everyone was eating them like crazy. I think that was all that was left that morning or some time during the night.


Cupcake fashion! I love this cupcake pin. I this pin from:

I love this site and this hair pin. (Don’t look at my face, that’s when I was still skinny xp)

So those are some of the cupcakes I have made but certainly not all of them. I was making them once a week at one point for my coworkers. Now it’s been such a long since I made any. I made them for Anthony when I visited him in the hospital. That was the first time in a long time that I’ve made them. Now my mom makes them more than I do. It’s def one of the things depression has taken away from me. Now all I can see is the work I have to do when I make them. But when I do actually make them, and I see people really enjoy them, it makes me really happy inside. And that’s all I want, for people to enjoy what I make.