Sooooo, of course I had to talk about this. From the time I heard there’d be a Maleficent movie staring Angelina Jolie, I was completely sold. Who doesn’t love Disney villains? I definitely do, especially when MAC came out with the Disney Villains limited edition collection….. omg loved it but it was the worst!!! I was a broke college student on a budget, still broke, and it was between that and eating lunch for the rest of the week lol. It was really awesome but it was just way too many pieces and such a limited time to get them all. There was the Evil Queen from Snow White, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, and Doctor Facilier from The Princess and the Frog. That’s four different villains with a numerous amounts of makeup pieces each. I managed to get one shadow and blush from the Evil Queen, but most of the stuff I got was Maleficent’s collection. I got two lip glosses, a lipstick, and a due eye shadow. There was so much more I wanted but I dropped a heavy amount of cash for these products and it was such a struggle to not go to MAC every week and just buy everything I wanted. Anyway………..

Back to how excited I am for this movie! I saw the first trailer and was like, whaaaaaaa…… Awesome! And Elle Fanning’s gunna be in it!!!!!! Even more awesome, she’s my fav of the two Fannings. So it definitely made me fall in love even harder with the movie. But during the Grammy’s, they premiered the second trailer with Lana Del Rey singing a beautifully haunting rendition of “Once Upon a Dream.” As soon as I heard “I know you….” It was over, I was done, I’M IN LOOOOOOVE. I can’t friggin’ wait til May, omg love love looooooooove!!!!!!!!!  What more could a girl want? Oh, I don’t know….. Maybe MAC coming out a Maleficent collection that’s set to come out the SAAAAMMMMEEE TIIIIIIIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, needless to say I’m not leaving my house til May so I can buy all the MAC I want and go watch my two favorite bitches on screen, and hear my number one bitch sing. Oh yeah, I downloaded that song so fast it wasn’t even funny.

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Enjoy lovelies:

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As they say on Once Upon a Time: Evil isn’t born, it’s made. And I cannot wait to see how Maleficent was made. This is not your childhood Sleeping Beauty or Maleficent that you know. And I’m so excited to see this amazing classic get an even more amazing twist.


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If MAC made green foundation as apart of the collection….. I’d totally get it if it made me look half this amazing. You know you would too, don’t judge me.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

I’ve been meaning to write the post for such a long time but never got around to it cuz I’m terribly lazy and unmotivated. Even more so with heat that determined to boil me every time I wake up. Being on the top floor of your house in the middle of the dry New York heat wave with no AC is no joke. I honestly think you could’ve fried eggs in my room this past week. But a few characters already know this all too well, being that they’ve grown in the heart of New York, and they’re the stars of a book turned movie (of course), The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.


Am I excited that this has turned into a movie? Of course. Am I deathly afraid how it’s gunna turn out? Of course. But I totally jumped on board when the likes of Johnathan Rhys Meyers, Kevin Zegers, Lena Heady, new comers Lily Collins, and Jamie Campbell Bower (I fell in love with him in Sweeney Todd.) All these guys are hot and I had crushes on forever, Lena Heady is giving me a chance to like her and not want to punch her in the face when she’s on Games of Thrones,  and Lily Collins is just so adorable but I do feel her red hair dye job bordered on too red and fake looking. But I know is so hard to match red to certain skins tones to make it look natural. Being a red head is a tricky tricky thing. And I am sooo over the trend.

micb4 micb7 micb1 micb6

Some characters look like they fit and others not so much. As much as I love Meyers, he looks nothing like the character in the book who has extremely fair hair that’s so blonde it’s white. But he’s so hot, I can forgive him. I know nothing’s gunna be perfect and exact and all the but can you blame a girl for wanting it to be that way? Anyway I had read the books so long ago, I barely remember any details. And I remember the first three books as one whole big thing. I can’t remember when I read them, but I believe it was when I was in college. To tell you the truth, I have read better books as just in like, how do you say, writing I guess, but I’m not hating one bit cuz I can barely finish a chapter in my own long over due story. But I think it’s just her writing style or something, not overly impressive and I’ve read so many books to know which one to scream to my friends about. I really liked this series and it pulled me in and it was interesting and everything, but I didn’t tell anyone about it. It also helps that I have no friends to tell. But I did read all three and was like, well that was great. I totally forgot about the books until I saw years later there were two other ones out and the Infernal Devices trilogy. I was just like wtf lady? You told me this was a trilogy and that’s why I was satisfied with the resolution, never to remember anything ever again and on to the next. Apparently not so, she had to a trilogy sequel follow up.

micb2 micb8 micb3 micb5

Anyway, forgot about them, it was just on my kindle wish list, blah. I saw then that it was to be a movie and I was totally blind sided by this news and the fact there would be actors in it that you actually knew, like whaaaaaat duuuuuuude gotta see that shit. Sometimes I reread the book if a movie remake comes out, but these books are huge so I was like fuck that shit. The books were $5 on my kindle so I just bought all of them. Read the follow up two books and it didn’t help me remember everything about what happened in the first three but totally helped in refreshing my memory about the characters and things like that. I really like the these last two ones for whatever reason. Maybe I was more focused in reading than I was in college? Who knows. I also read the Infernal Devices trilogy which I hear will also be a movie. Well then. Bitches be making that moneeeyyy. Go Cassandra! Let’s just see how this movie goes. It already get high marks from me over Twilight in the first round: casting. Great job with that. Thank God you have an excellent cast! Never watched all of Twilight, never could stomach what a travesty it had become. So that’s round 2: getting through the movie. I know there are excellent actors in this movies already so nothing on skill, just a test of script and how they adapted the book and how much of the actual heart of the book they kept. That’s really the most important part when it comes down to it. Sometimes it sucks being such an avid reader and everything you read becomes a movie. That’s one of the reasons my aunt took me to see The Devil Wears Prada. I made my mom buy the book for me from Costco and my aunt remembered seeing me read that book from all those years ago. So when it came out she took me to see it. I did like the movie, hello Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway!, but in the book, that lady was way crueler than she was in the movie. But overall it was still really good. And that’s all I want. That I can still respect it as a movie, as tho I never read the book. I still really like that movie. And if they can pull that off, it’ll be a miracle.

Another thing that’s happening is the Hot Topic is actually making clothes for this movie, but not like they usually do. It’s not like how they do Twilight or Warm Bodies and go all 7th grade rocker kid with it. They’re actually make some nice pieces inspired by the movie and the characters. They’re nice enough that I would consider buying them and putting it on my body. That’s what I would want if any of my over due novels ever actually made it out of my head and onto my hard drive. I want to stay as true and structured to my story as I could. Or I can could take the money and run from it screaming: I release myself for any responsibility of this horribleness and have not helped me it such a travesty that it is!

Here’s to link to getting all you need to look like a Shadowhunter, or at least think you are:

But hopefully this makes you check out the movie, or any of Cassandra Clare’s book. I look forward to the end of the second trilogy, and definitely look forwards to reading the Dark Artifices trilogy and her joint book with one of my all time favorite authors, Holly Black.

And finally here’s the trailer so you can see all this crazy goodness for yourself:

Pain and Gain

So guess what I did after I got off work? Yes, you guessed right, went to the movies. And yes alone. I really wanted to see this movie, and for many reasons. It looked really funny, Mark Wahlberg, and because it was a true story. And not just based on it and the facts sent spinning into the air never to return. I wanted to see what this true life story was about. It seemed very interesting.

Not into spoilers, so don’t worry. I don’t reveal too much. I must say I really loved the Rock in this movie. I’m really not for or against him, he’s always just been there, with a lotta muscles. But his character in this movie was pretty adorable even though a bit psychotic.  He was just this big, juiced up teddy bear. I could totally with deal with all those muscles if the guy was just super sweet. I also really love the clothing for this movie. The movie takes place in the early 90s and it’s like Malibu Barbie’s closet exploded. The 90s were a horrible era in fashion. It def was one of the worst fashion transitions. I guess you had to put all that leftover fabric from the 80s somewhere. The clothing in this movie will just slap you in the face with nostalgia. Jorts (jean shorts), spandex, tacky prints, fanny packs, high cut briefs, and more high tops than you can shake your high waist-ed zooba pants at.

At some points, you really forget that this is a true story, but the movie doesn’t let you forget that. Life really is funny sometimes and the things you go through, smh… that’s why they say fact is stranger than fiction. Some shit you just can’t make up. Some of the things that they do seem crazy, but I understand how it could go there. When people are really desperate, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. And a lot of things go right out the window and there is no turning back.

As much as this movie was funny, it def had its fair share of shit just got real. And that’s because it was. Life has a dark sense of humor, even during the darkest of times. It def had some suspense to it. I can’t handle suspense, I’m a little bitch when it comes to suspense. That shit had me on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t sit still. I was clenching my jaw. I wanted it to end, I wanted it to speed through the scene, just get on with it already. I got through it. As much bad shit they were doing, I felt for these guys. I totally understood where they came from with wanting to have it all and hating being stuck were you were at. I wanted them to have everything they thought they should. But you can’t always get what you want, especially that way.

This was just a great movie overall, I have no complaints. You’ll def laugh, cringe, and shake your head at it all. Hopefully you learn something. If not, good luck to ya. I just enjoyed myself in general, eating popcorn and stretching my legs out in front of me, whole row to myself. Now that’s what you call a good ass night.

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Went to See Oblivion

Hey guys. Today, after work, I did something I normally do. I spent my whole summer doing at one point. Just going to the movies. Alone. I get picked on at work for this, I guess because I go alone. They feel I should be doing something else, like spending this time at home. But I spent all my time at home already. So much so, that half the time it’s difficult for me to get out of bed. Doesn’t help that I’m pretty fucking depressed, but whatever. I only go to the movies a lot because this movie theater is at a reduced price. Otherwise, I’d never go. It also helps that it’s 5 mins away from my job and there’s shopping and stuff around there. I’m surprised they don’t know me at the theater by now, because I’m pretty sure I’m there all the time. Alone. I think I’ve seen movies there with other people about 5 times. I don’t mind tho because people don’t really go to that theater that often anymore. More on the weekends. I like having the theater to myself most of the time and everyone there is pretty nice. I have no problems with that theater at all. It’s been like a second home to me.

I usually go when there’s a movie I wanna see and if I just work til like 3 or 5 or something, I’ll change and go there after work. It gets me doing something else, even though it’s just watching more movies. I already have Netflix, how many more could I possibly watch? A million more apparently. I love going to the movies. At a point, I did have a friend I could go to the movies with but things change of course and I was back on my own. As much as I hate it, I kind of missed going by myself. I didn’t have to discuss what movie we were seeing, debate on what we were seeing this week from next week. I didn’t have to wait on anybody to go and worry about if you’re hungry or that I’m hungry. I get to watch whatever I want, sit wherever I want, and buy whatever crap I wanted. Pure freedom. The thing I do miss tho, is discussing the movie afterwards. Movies, especially really deep ones or ones that I like, tended to leave me with a longing. I want more, or like I’m not done with it yet. I wanna talk about it some more and discuss things and see if we felt the same way. But instead I just mull it over inside my head, feeling restless for not being able to talk to anyone about it.

Anyway, the movie I saw today was Oblivion. Even though I’m not much of a fan of Tom Cruise ever since he went cray and became a Scientologist, I decided to see the movie. Sure the actor’s personal life has nothing to do with their acting or the movie but he didn’t go good cray, he went scary cray, like hide your kids hide your wife cray. So I try to steer clear of him. But this movie looked so cool, Earth obliterated, going to the mother-ship, rogue people out and about, and of course one curious guy to set it all in motion, I just sucked it up and decided to see it. I am not going to spoil the movie or anything, so not my thing, I but I really did enjoy it. Major plot twist, for me anyway. But it’s the writer in me and I like anything that twists and turns and makes you think. And that’s what this movie does. So I ignore Tom Cruise and focused on Jack Harper and his kick ass plane. Of course, nothing’s nothing without a love angle. It was really good and I could feel it pull at my heart strings, which are more than old and rusting. I totally love that line tho: Dream of us. Omg, enough to make to make even Grumpy Cat not to so grumpy, well… maybe I won’t go that far. But I was not disappointed with it.

Dream of us… maybe I will.

oblivion2 oblivion1 oblivion