Amanda Steele x Colour Pop

I’ve been meaning to swatch this forever long. The Amanda Steele collection was the first collection to release with pressed shadows. I was hella excited about this but I don’t know, the colors weren’t calling my name. They’re pretty muted and I love muted cool toned shades but for whatever reason, the palette wasn’t calling me. However, the super shock shadows and the ultra matte lip were screaming my name. Had to get these babies. 

The shadows:


Ignition is a glitter lavender. This shade is absolutely gorgeous. There’s so much glitter in it. Sooooo much. I really want to top this over lipstick. Gorgeous. 


Hydroplane is a glitter teal. This is another pretty glitter shade. Pounds of glitter. I lahv it!!!!


Chaps is a deepened aubergine or eggplant. I really really really love this shade. This is a really dark purple without a heavy blue undertone. Looks so amazing, in love with it. I love true purples like this. 

These colors are so beautiful. And I’m super in love with the details on the packaging. I’m totally keeping the cardboard lol. Colour Pop is really doing better with collab packaging. I was really happy with it. 

This was just a quick little swatch. I wanted to show you favorite of the collection. And hopefully this helped in decision making. And don’t be afraid of that purple lippie! She is your friend! 

As always, thanks for reading and stay purple!