Head Over Heels and Kourt K

This is my second purchase from Kylie Cosmetics. I really wanted Head Over Heels from the Valentine’s Day collection. Then of course she did a restock and made it permanent. Which is fine by me, I bought it right away. The lip kits are $29 and and free shipping is when you spend $40. With $8 shipping, you might as well treat yourself to something else. So I decided to buy the Kourt K lipliner for $14. I love lip liners and this is a shade I have plenty of in lipstick. 

So let’s get right into swatches:

Kourt K:

Kourt K lip liner is a deep purple. The pencil is really matte and pigmentation is really good. You can almost wear it on it’s own but this one is a bit dry. I have a lot purple lipstick so I’m happy to have this in my collection. 

Head Over Heels:

Head Over Heels is a deep plum. I really love this shade, I had to have it. I love dusty purple shades. This lip liner I feel is a bit creamier than Kourt K. This is my first try of the Kylie’s liquid lipstick. It goes on pretty liquidy. Dried pretty quick, and when it does it almost feels like you have nothing on. It’s very lightweight feeling and when you rub your lips together it doesn’t feel cakey. I like formula so far. It smells really good like buttercream frosting. At least to me anyway. 

Hope you liked this post and it helped you out. Thanks for reading and stay purple. 

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have this blog, I ran out space for photos so I’m not sure if I’ll make another page or upgrade or what. But just wanted to give a heads up just in case. 

My Dupe That x Girlactik Contest Winnings 

Well I am very hit and miss with Instagram contests in general. I can’t say I never won, I won a raffle at a Nutcracker play when I was in elementary school. And my mom wouldn’t let me open it until Christmas. That was two weeks of torture and me pocking at the Barbie that was in the package. It was a whole package inside a lil basket with a Barbie and candy and idk what else. Anyway, I do have a hit miss with IG contests. I tend to do better with a smaller pool of people and I’m ok with that. 

But somehow, some fuckin how, I won the Dupe That and Girlactik  contest!!!!! Omg I don’t know how!!! I was like why am I tagged in this post? I was so lost and was just ignoring it. Then I was like omg wait, wait, wait, wait!!!! And I looked and I friggin won!!!!! What I won was their new liquid lipstick in Luxe, I was the first to receive it, and 5 other shades of my choosing. I was so excited to win this because this is a brand I’ve seen here and there. I’ve only swatched them in Duane Reade and they look so amazing especially their highlighters but girl…. I work in a low low low wage job. Idk how I afford the makeup habit I have now, and I can’t add another higher end brand to my list. They’re like in the middle of everything but I refuse to spend over $20 for a liquid lipstick. I do that enough already. These babies are $23 each and sure that’s only $3 more than $20 but honesty too much. And if I’m going to spend that much on them I need a shade range to die for. I love color and I live for it. You guys know I live in purple lipstick, purple is my red lipstick. That will never change. And I love that now we live in a makeup culture where it’s not scary to wear crazy colors anymore. I’m so comfortable rocking a green or blue or bright purple. 

I’m not saying they don’t have great colors, cause they do, I’m just saying to shell out $23 I need you to wow me. So I was totally greatful to have won these and to be able to swatch these for you. I feel like this is a brand that’s not really talked about too much. So it was great to have an opportunity to share some insight on how I feel about them. And I really hope you appreciate it because my lips were crying after this. Can anyone recommend something that takes of liquid lipsticks easy and doesn’t make my lips feel like sandpaper afterwards? Thanks. 

I love that it came with such a great note and this pretty pink bag. The spoke to my hoarder heart. I love shit like this. 

Time to swatch away!!!!: 


Sorry my face is so oily. Totally didn’t realize to blot after I came home. This is Devine and she’s a really pretty dusty pink. I really like it, very wearable. 


Playful is another neutral type of color. It’s a brown that has some plummy undertones. Extremely wearable. I’m not into a lot of brown toned lipsticks but this is not an extremely dark brown so I really like it. 


Demure is the perfect name for this color. It’s very soft, neutral, I know I’m saying neutral a lot but that’s what they are! It’s a very toned down pink. 


Stellar is a really nice purple like a berry purple. As you can see I love this color. Most of their colors are very neutral and this was the only purple they had so had to have it. It’s so freakin pretty and I love the color of it. I feel it’s still extremely wearable even though it’s a bold purple. 


Seductive is more of red wine color. It’s a deep color and so perfect for fall. This is a perfect deep red. 


Luxe is their newest shade and I was the first one to receive it. I like this shade of pink because it’s blue toned, but still not me. So I’m giving this lovely color to a friend. I’m just not a pink person. 


My overall feelings is that I really do like them, and was so happy to be able to receive these. This is a brand I probably wouldn’t have tried on my own otherwise. First, the price and second, the color range. It’s a bit dull to me, I really like bolder colors and lots of purple. You can layering it as you see some have some are a little patchy. It goes on creamy and dries very matte. Don’t layer too much as it won’t flake off or crumble, but it will cake up n crack into lines of your lips. But you really don’t need to layer that much, these are pretty pigmented. They do last a while even through my messing eat. The top lip was good. Bottom lip had some some of it gone on the inner lip, but nothing crazy. Of course if you eat greasy or really oily food it varies. It is for the most part transfer proof but I noticed when you eat that changes because of the grease and oils. These were pretty difficult to take off with a makeup wipe omg. Like wow. I thought I was gunna rip my lip off or something. My lips were so angry. So damn angry. 

But overall these are pretty awesome. I am so happy to receive these and be able to try this brand. I hoped this you guys out even just a little. Thanks for reading and stay purple! 

Daffodil- Hard Candy Velvet Mousse matte lip color

I received Hard Candy Velvet Mousse in a friend mail from my makeup bestie Yali. It’s so hard for me to get my hands on certain Hard Candy products because the colors are never in stock online and there’s no Walmart on Staten Island. You have to go to Jersey and I don’t drive so fuck me. It just sucks lol. Anyway, I got the shade Daffodil and it is such a strange nude color. It has a very yellow undertone and it reminds me of my skin tone and also the shade Honey Blonde from LA Splash. So this may be a cheaper alternative. 

As always let’s get right on into some swatches and my overall thoughts. 


Daffodil is a strange nude in that it is very yellow and not nuetral or pink toned like most. It really is a nice honey color and I think most can fill it off. 

I love the container it comes in. Not practical to store but I love the mirror on the inside. You can pop the whole thing in your bag and be straight. Like I die if I don’t have a mirror when I go out. I also like the smell of it, it’s pretty sweet. The wand is long and flat. I don’t mind when applying formulas that are easy to work with. The formula is, it is as it says a velvet mousse. It kind of reminds me of Colour Pop’s Ultra Satin formula, but the ones that are more drying. There some of them that are more drying than others. So this formula doesn’t dry down completely, which I don’t hate. It feels light and completely comfortable. The color is transferable, but it’s also not leaving your lips any time too soon. It’s matte so it does have that put me here and I’m not moving quality. I overall really like it and hoping to get my hands on some more. This is really perfect for those who don’t like the fully drying and comfortable liquid lipsticks. 

So hope this has helped you guys out. I hear that they have new metallic shades. Lemme know if you have any and how you like them. Thanks for reading and stay purple! 

KvD Project Chimps

Kat Von D has just launched a liquid lipstick color to help rehabilitate chimps that have been used for testing. Her liquid lipstick are $20 each and 20% of the prophets go to that. It is a limited edition color and it is described as warm brick red. This is the type of red that is well suited for my skin tone. I’m very picky with my reds I can’t just wear any shade. And also it’s for a good cause and a good cause for me to splurge. 

Here are the swatches: 

I really love this color and looks really nice on my overally yellow undertones. I was hoping this would match one her old lipsticks that has since been discounted. Maybe you guys can help me find a dupe. The color is called Misfit and deep brown/terra cotta reddish toned…. Lol idk I swatched it and lemme know if you know of any dupes! Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

I had for so long the lipstick formula is a lil warped but I love this color. One of my first reds and lipstick from Kat Von D. 

Anyway, hoped my post helped you guys out. Thanks for reading! Stay purple. 

Jordana Sweet Cream Matte liquid lip colors

Jordana is one of the more affordable drugstore makeup brands. They too have hoped on the liquid lipstick train and I must say I don’t hate it. They have one of the better formulas out there and I just love any one that can layer. Jordana never really caught my eye before they’re just not one of the brands I really reach for. But when they came out the liquid lipsticks and I just had to try them out. For the past year they have been chronically sold out. Like I was always literally just catching the last shade of a certain color or always finding the ones I wanted empty. Lately they haven’t been so few and far between. Only thing about finding them in Kmart is that they have two colors missing and of course it’s colors I really wanted. I have yet to see them at any Walgreens I go to, so how am I supposed to get them?? How??? And being priced at $5 each you really can’t got wrong with this drugstore liquid lipstick. 

How gorgeous are these??? Let’s get right down to swatches and later I’ll give my overall. 

Crème Brûlée:

I was swatching so much that day I just have this ring of missing foundation around my mouth. And I think I was getting really exhausted at this point cuz I have dead eyes. 

Anyway, Crème Brûlée is the lightest shade and more of a pinky nude. I kind of like that their nudes aren’t just a flat nude color and have more pink undertones to them. Not all peach type nudes look good on every skin tone and I hate buying nudes and they all make my lips look bleached out or just plain crazy. So these types of tones definitely help and I really like this color. 

Rose Macaron:

Rose Macaron is another nice pinky type nude. I feel like these are so easy to wear and look amazing on my skin tone. I’m loving these blush toned nudes and I’m living for them. These are such easy colors to wear. 


Tiramisu is such a beautiful ginger color. It’s a really warm nude. Jordana killed it with these nudes like they are all so wearable. 

Mixed Berry Soufflé:

Mixed Berry Soufflé is a pretty bright purple. This is one of the best drugstore purples I’ve ever had. It is so bright and not the same three purples everyone does. It can get very annoying and as a purple lover I love seeing a range of colors. 

Sweet Marsala Wine:

Sweet Marsala Wine is a really nice dark red. I love how dark this is. This is the only one that was patchy. You can layer this color but it is so patchy it’s so hard to make it even. It’s a shame because I really love this color. I’ll just have to play with it more. 

Overall I really love these. The price and the colors are amazing. I really love that you can layer these, they smell AMAZING, and they even tastes good. Lol don’t judge me. The only problem is the darkest red with patchiness. They really dry down pretty fast, they don’t crumble, and easy to mix together. I love the finish of these, they’re almost powdery. They’re just really soft, transfer is very minimal. I love the wand, similar to Jeffree Star’s wand, just smaller and a bit more curved. 

Overall I hope I can find the other two colors because these babies are amazing. Do not sleep on these, tho they are hard to find. These are so pretty and wearable. I think they hold up just as well as high end liquid lipsticks. 

Hope this helped you guys out. Thanks for reading and stay purple! 

Colour Pop Ultra Metallic Lip

I finally got my hands on the most coveted liquid lip Colour Pop has made to date. The Ultra Metallic liquid lipsticks finally restocked for about the fourth time and also came out with four new shades. When I saw them I knew I had to finally bite the bullet and get my hands on these babies. I had work when they dropped but my friend was working so I told him I won’t be in the floor at 1:00, I got serious business to take care of. I ended up getting all the colors I wanted but, for like many other people, J.I.C. wasn’t on the site at all. I was so mad because I just finished placing the order, and then I found they posted a link to it on Twitter. I tried looking it up but I searched jic instead of J.I.C. so it wasn’t coming up. And I really wanted this color so my friend signed up for the email so I could get the $5 off and not have to pay for shipping for one thing. It was harrowing 10 mins but I got the colors I wanted and two other ones. I won’t be swatching those today. I just wanted to finally post something but I’ve been so tired lately and not doing anything. 

I decided to last night especially since I finally played with all the L’Orèal makeup I got from Influester. So my eyes are all from L’Orèal with a few other things, full details on my Instagram. 


J.I.C. is short for Just In Case. This is described as a cool toned ivory with a ton of pink and silver glitter. This color is a bit more sheer and streaky. I had to layer this on a lot and still wasn’t 100% even coverage. It was really light and it’s a very pretty color. I just feel almost too light. I feel like a Vegas showgirl or I just ate a bunch of tin foil. Or remember that trend where white would get themselves crazy tan and where white lipstick? That’s me without half the effort. But I think it’s all how you wear it and wear it with. I may use this a topper or like a highlight for the lips. It’s dried down pretty matte but still left me with a tacky feeling. That’s fine for me because I know formulas for making metallic lips or anything with so much sparkle is very tricky. Otherwise I did really like this one, it is a bit streaky and have to layer to get an even base. But love that you can layer it. Also, this one has a shit ton of glitter in it and when I wiped it off omg. Sparkle city. 


Salt is the one I really had to have. This is described as a cool toned taupe. Omg this color looked so beautiful. And it did not disappoint. I find that the colors without all that sparkle and shimmer are more moussey and go on evenly. This one is very pigmented and dries down completely. This is more tawny and I feel like goes better with my skin tone and less like I ate tin foil. 

Man Eater:

Man Eater is described as shimmery rose gold. I love rose gold so I had to try this color. This would probably be a nude for me in metallic form. It has a lot of shimmer to it so it doesn’t dry all the way down but enough. It goes on very easily and great pigmentation. 


Zebra is described as a true bronze. This color I definitely wanted to get. It’s really dark or well darker toned that the others, and looks so pretty on. This is probably the most wearable looking one and just so gorgeous overall. This doesn’t have much shimmer dries really matte. Extremely good pigmentation and goes on evenly. 


3-Way is described as a plummy pink with a gold sparkle. This color is so much prettier than I thought it would be. It looks really amazing on like damn I could take on the world in this lippie! This has a bit more shimmer so doesn’t dry 100% matte but close enough. Goes on even and a lot of pigmentation. This one is definitely a must have. 

The top brush is what the old wands look like and the bottom one is what the new wands look like. Everyone was complaining about the new wands saying they were defective but apparently these are permanent. I don’t really like the short wands, I don’t know if these are for all their liquid lips as all of mine came with mixed wands. It’s fuzzier and I’m not sure how it makes the application better. I like the old ones but I’ll have to actually keep using the new ones to see how I feel about them. I really don’t see why they had to change the wand. 😕 

So here are all the swatches one last time. From top to bottom: J.I.C., Salt, Man Eater, Zebra, and 3-Way. I was really debating if I really wanted these or even needed these at all. I’m like this trend is all over the place, everyone and their mother is coming out with these. There’s a reason why they’re selling out like crazy, these are freakin amazing. When I finally got to try them out and swatch them, I was almost mad at myself for waiting so long, but totally worth it. These are totally worth having in your collection 100%. These might be a summer staple. I feel a totally badass millennial outfit coming on. Pass me a crop top with a side of witchcraft please, I’m ready to show my true colors. 

Hope this was helpful to you guys. Some of these are still in stock I believe so take the opportunity to get these babies in your life! Hope my swatches helped and let me know if you guys picked these up. Also if you liked any of the colors I didn’t get if I should. Thanks for reading and stay purple!