March- Medusa’s Makeup Monthly¬†

Got the March Medusa’s Makeup subscription and was not disappointed. Got to try some new things and got some others that have been on my list. This box we got four things so I’m pretty happy. Let’s get straight to swatches. 

1. Stick It! Eyeshadow primer- $8:

I’m so excited to try this. It’s a wax based primer. It looks tan in the pot but goes on clear. And I love the packaging of their primers. It’s 0.2 ounces. 

2. Eye dust in Wasabi- $7:

Wasabi is a really pretty light green. Perfect for St. Patrick’s day. I put this on the primer and it adhered easily. This is 1.5 grams and comes with a shifter. 

3. Lipstick in Lydia- $12:

Lydia is a lavender, and I’ve been wanting this shade for awhile. It’s a creamy lipstick that’s vegan. It feels very comfortable and moisturizing on. I love these with a lip liner. 

4. Lip Paint in Get Lucky- $12:

This is their new Lip Paint in Get Lucky. This is their version of a liquid lipstick. I hate this shade so much it’s not even funny. I hate pinks and this a hot pink. My worse enemy. It takes a little while for it to dry. I had to put a bunch of layers to get it even and it got tacky. And because I put so much on it kind of started crumbling after awhile. I have to try the other colors to really judge if I like it. Because so far I’ll never use it. And the color is so horrible on me. It’s transfer proof. 

This months total: $39 

I’m really happy to try out the eyeshadow primer, I’ll probably use it when I use loose shadows. I have a ton of other eyeshadow primers that I’m trying to use up first. I really love the eyeshadow and I’m happy about the lipstick. The lip paint I didn’t get to enjoy because of the color. 

Hope this helps you out in your decision on getting this monthly subscription. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple.