Kiko Milano- Matte For You

This will be the last of the Valentine’s Day themed makeup posts! So sad but really ready to move on. Just like all the guys in my life did from me. This collection from Kiko Milano was super hard to get your hands on. Everything was sold out all the time. I really wanted more heart shaped lipsticks but they sold out. They’re not even on the website anymore. Even the stuff I’m showing you now is sold out. They only have two things left on their website from the collection. 

I’m going to jump right into this baby because these Valentine goodies don’t need my help being talked up. 

I’m just Matte For You!:

Matte For You Face Brush:

Omg this brush, are you kidding me? I had to have it. This kept going in and out of stock literally within the same day. So hard to get your hands on. I believe it was $12, not bad at all for this super adorable face brush. It’s very soft and pretty dense. The heart feels extra soft. I’m not sure exactly what I’d use it for just yet. Maybe to blend my whole face out with a beauty powder after I finish my makeup. I’m not really sure. Either way this was literally the cutest brush I’ve ever seen. 

Loving Pink Flame:

This was another product that was going in and out of stock along with the brush. Y’all know I love me a good blush with with a compact and the hearts. They killed me this year. It’s all super cute and girly and full of things my inner 14 year old killed to have. Also has a purple blush so they didn’t want me to resist at all. This was also $12. 

The top swatch is the background peach color, and then the pink heart, the purple heart, and them all swirled together. I love the pigmentation, it’s light but buildable. 

Soft Lip Pen in Velvet Blossom:

Okay I’m going to talk a lot for this one. I wasn’t sure what this was when I opened it and still don’t. It’s a matte lip pen so I thought maybe it was a crayon or even liquid lipstick situation going on. 

The top pick first swatch I did and the second one was when I figured out how to really work it. 

The cap where you see the color is where the actual product is. The applicator retracks and and you pump it into the cap. You have to do this a lot to build up any sort of pigment. Especially since I got the nude shade. They have a red and I kind of want to see how that is because it’s a darker shade. 

As you can see I barely got any pigmentation on my lips. It feels really nice on and smells really good. It’s a fine powder with a matte finish. It says it good to layer with lipsticks to help create an ombre look. I’m not sure how you’re supposed to do that. I’m going to play around with it though. I really like the formula and thinks it’s perfect for when you just want something on the lips. Those no makeup makeup days. This was $9. As much as it was hard to figure out, I really liked the idea of this . 

I really loved Kiko’s Valentine’s themed makeup this year. I loved that it was wrapped in tissue paper. It felt like a real gift. To myself. Lol. I really wanted to get more of the heart shaped lipsticks. But I was really happy to get the brush and the blush.  Those were top priority. 

I hope you guys enjoyed all my Valentine’s Day makeup themed posts. These were super fun to do. Especially since I got a bunch of the collections. Doing those makeup looks was a lot fun. 

Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you soon. Stay purple.