March- Medusa’s Makeup Monthly 

Got the March Medusa’s Makeup subscription and was not disappointed. Got to try some new things and got some others that have been on my list. This box we got four things so I’m pretty happy. Let’s get straight to swatches. 

1. Stick It! Eyeshadow primer- $8:

I’m so excited to try this. It’s a wax based primer. It looks tan in the pot but goes on clear. And I love the packaging of their primers. It’s 0.2 ounces. 

2. Eye dust in Wasabi- $7:

Wasabi is a really pretty light green. Perfect for St. Patrick’s day. I put this on the primer and it adhered easily. This is 1.5 grams and comes with a shifter. 

3. Lipstick in Lydia- $12:

Lydia is a lavender, and I’ve been wanting this shade for awhile. It’s a creamy lipstick that’s vegan. It feels very comfortable and moisturizing on. I love these with a lip liner. 

4. Lip Paint in Get Lucky- $12:

This is their new Lip Paint in Get Lucky. This is their version of a liquid lipstick. I hate this shade so much it’s not even funny. I hate pinks and this a hot pink. My worse enemy. It takes a little while for it to dry. I had to put a bunch of layers to get it even and it got tacky. And because I put so much on it kind of started crumbling after awhile. I have to try the other colors to really judge if I like it. Because so far I’ll never use it. And the color is so horrible on me. It’s transfer proof. 

This months total: $39 

I’m really happy to try out the eyeshadow primer, I’ll probably use it when I use loose shadows. I have a ton of other eyeshadow primers that I’m trying to use up first. I really love the eyeshadow and I’m happy about the lipstick. The lip paint I didn’t get to enjoy because of the color. 

Hope this helps you out in your decision on getting this monthly subscription. Thanks so much for reading and stay purple. 

Gun Metal Stack- Melt Cosmetics 

Today I’m swatching the second Melt Cosmetics eyeshadow stack that I own. If you don’t know about Melt, they’re a high end indie brand that started off with a few lipsticks. All their lipsticks are matte, like hella matte, and are in some of the most amazing colors. I definitely want to swatch them for you guys one day. I have so many of them, more than I realized. Lol. Anyway, the Gun Metal stack is one of the many palettes they have came out with. I decided to jump on this during their Black Friday sale. This one appealed to me the most for whatever reason. And also most of the stacks were sold out. The Rust is definitely on my list. And whoever keeps breaking into their  warehouse, and stealing their products, I hope you know there’s a special place in hell for you. 

Also, if you don’t want to buy a whole stack, you can always purchase the singles. That makes it easy to refill and get the shades you really want. I love the uniqueness of their palettes. They’re stackable and magnetic. They come with a mirror. The shadow palettes are big, 0.09 ounces each.

Now let’s get into some sparkly goodness. 

Harsh Stone White:

Harsh Stone White is a glittery champagne white. This is great for the inner corner highlight and brows. They also use this as a face highlight. 


Assimilate is a deep taupe. This is their transition shade. I love a good taupe for my transition shade. So I’m totally in love with this shade as much as the others. 


Industrial is a glittery grey brown. 

Gun Metal:

Gun Metal is a metallic blue black. 

The Gun Metal stack is completely vegan. I really love this stack. The metallics are super super creamy. Be careful because you don’t need a lot of pressure to pick up the pigment. These are all swatched with my finger and no primer. And there is a hella amount of glitter in these shades. The first swatch I removed left glitter all over my arm. My arm and hands are covered in glitter now, it’s so crazy. But always in a good way. 

I really love this stack. I used it for a New Years Eve look and it was so pretty. I loved it. I can’t wait to really use this baby. The glitter alone will satisfy your inner unicorn. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Hope this helped in your makeup day hunting. Thanks for reading and stay purple. 

February- Medusa’s Makeup Monthly Box

Honestly, Medusa’s Makeup has become on of my most anticipated things to receive in the mail. I love everything by them and getting to receive all the things I’ve been wanting to buy is so awesome. Especially for only $16 a month. And they have launched so many new goodies it’s fun wondering if we’ll get them this month. 

This month has been no exception. I love that the shipper is red for Valentine’s Day and they included a box of Conversation Hearts. I have no Valentine so it’s like they’re my Valentine lol. Here are some swatches and comparisons. 

1. Kabuki Brush- $14:

This Kabuki brush is sooo cute. I saw it and instantly wanted it because it’s purple. The brushes are synthetic and work well with loose or pressed powders. It feels extremely soft. Love it. 

2. Moonlight Highlighter- $12:

Moonlight highlighter is a 100% all natural mineral powder. It’s a yellow gold that definitely looks like moonlight. 

This is the powder form of it’s pressed original. I don’t know why they don’t sell the pressed form of Moonlight anymore. So now it’s only comes in a mineral powder. The first swatch is the powder, the second is the pressed, and the third is a swatch of the pressed with the mineral on top. I am gunna keep both because both forms are absolutely gorgeous. And the combo???? Are you joking????? See my face from outta space. The only thing is that the pressed is 10 grams and the loose is 6. So that’s 4 grams of product difference. I love the container the loose powder comes in. It’s a bigger version of the eye shadow ones and I love it. It comes with a shifter. 

3. New Wave Eye Dust-$7:

New Wave is absolutely gorgeous. It’s like the perfect Pop of blue shade, so 80s. The name is so fitting for this color. It’s an aquamarine shade with some sparkles. This is 1.5 grams and comes with a shifter.  

This months total: $33

I really enjoyed this months monthly. The cute kabuki brush, the gorgeous highlight, and the beautiful eye shadow. Feel free to ask me any questions about these products. All their makeupnis vegan and cruelty free. 

Thank you guys so much for reading. Stay purple. 

January- Medusa’s Makeup Monthly Box 

So this months Medusa’s Makeup monthly has arrived and I’m so excited. It is freezing cold in New York and nothing warms my heart like getting makeup surprises. With launches happening every week of something new I am so happy to have something constantly come to my door to make my trigger fingers relax so I don’t make any crazy purchases. Or, well, crazier. 

I’ll just get right into swatches and stuff. 

Star Stuck mineral glitter- $7:

Star Struck is a mineral glitter that is a violet iridescence. It’s safe to say that 100% no justice is being done to this color at all. It’s is absolutely beautiful. I didn’t even know they had these. Shook ain’t the word. I don’t know if I want to put on my eye, my cheek, my lips, or my ear first. This is 3 grams and comes with a shifter. 

Purple Rain mineral eye dust- $7:

Purple Rain…… please a moment of silence. For the man that inspired this and the result. My god this is beautiful. You know me and purple. Welcome to the purple gang! This is 1.5 grams with a shifter. 

100% Maracuja oil- $9:

This is 100% Maracuja oil that’s from Brazil, cold press and refined. It’s said to be used for anti-aging, dry skin, dry scalp and hair, acne, and general skin care. It is rich in Vitamin C, and is said to make the skin brighter and radiant. 

Space Kitten vegan lip gloss- $9:

Space Kitten is super sparkly. I wish this was thicker so the pigment and sparkles could show up more. The tube just looks so fun and sparkly. 

Grand total of this month is box: $32 

I really loved the eyeshadows for this month. They are absolutely gorgeous. I’m excited to try the Maracuja oil, people seem to love it. I’m excited to get more skin care products as I’m getting old and my skin more fickle. I’m not a huge fan of gloss as you know, but the glitter gets me every time. 

Thank you guys so much for reading. Hoped this helped you with deciding if this monthly subscription is for you. This brand is cruelty free and vegan. Message me if you have questions. Stay purple. 

Milk Supernova 

Milk Makeup is a new makeup brand that is definitely made for the girl on the go. It has super chic packaging that makes you feel like a super Millennial. They are in the higher end scale with price and can be found at Sephora and Urban Outfitters. To me once your found at Urban Outfitters you’re on the total city it girl end of things. These were created for the girl on the go who do not want to spend all day doing her makeup or have the time. The end result is that you still look good, playful, and just a bit futuristic. 

This is will be my first ever Milk product that I have tried and it has caught my eye from the very beginning. I didn’t realize that it was going to become this huge thing where everyone had to review this holographic highlighter. I just wanted it because it’s pretty, it’s huge, the packaging, and I like weird colored highlighters. 

Their Holographic highlighter in Supernova was set to break the internet and was always sold out when I looked for it. But I saved it as a birthday present to me. And thank god it was still in stock on Sephora. It was also around the time when they gave 20% off so I was waiting for that. So let’s get into some swatches and details. 

Supernova is beyond my expectations. I hadn’t really swatched it before I used it. It was just too pretty for me to ruin it just yet. (As you can see my skin looks a lot better now.) But girl let me tell you, this highlighter ain’t joking, bitch! That was a just a few swipes back and worth and I used my fingers to blend it out more and not have be so obtrusive to others. 

It is very holographic and shiny and blind the school yard. The color is described as a hyper-lavender iridescent. You definitely she the lavender and the shift to a kind of blue. The glitter reflects go from purple to blue to teal, at least to me. And all this combines for a super amazing effect. This bitch is blinding. Shine bright like a diamond! 

If you thought the color and packaging was futuristic, the formula is pretty badass too. It melts into the skin easily because the used milk melt technology. Have no clue what the fuck that means but I’m pretty sure it’s amazing. It also has kholographic pearls, infused with mango butter, peach nectar, avocado oil, and meteorite dust. So all very natural and organic ingredients. Probably why it’s smells so good. But the meteorite dust, is that an actual thing? Can you do that? Can someone call NASA and find out if they’re sell meteorite dust to makeup companies??

This product is vegan and cruelty free. Unless you count blinding my enemies. This can be applied directly to the skin with or without makeup. So if you see me with just this highlighter on looking like Nebula’s badass cousin, you know why. You can use this all over of course, cheekbones, lips, and eyes. 

And last but not least price! It is $28 for a full ounce of product. It is a bit on the pricier side but I think that’s double the size of a Jeffree Skin Frost. So for about the same price and you get a good amount of product. I mean you can see how much you’re getting. The bottom twists up and the cap twists on, so no worries about the cap falling off in your purse. And for this unique shade so worth it. And as you can, or can’t because now you’re blind, my highlight bling. 

Always message me for any questions you have. Thanks for reading. Stay purple! 

December- Medusa’s Makeup Monthly Box 

Hey guys finally getting time to review this months box from Medusa’s Makeup. I was actually trying some of the products out so I can tell you guys how I feel. Let’s get right into this months goodies. 

1. Witch Lash in Black Noir- $12:

This is what I love about their monthly box, you get to try the new products they have released. So I was so excited to get this and try this out. Anything mystical gets me, like Witch Lash, yes I want it. On my face. Now. So I tested it out and here are my results. 

My lashes are naturally very long and curly so I really have to work a mascara to get into all my lashes. This was so easy to use and they even got my lashes on the end. Sometimes the wand can’t seem to get those. I love that these were able to be separate without too much clumping. I didn’t have to over layer to get my lashes to look the way I want them to. I was super happy with this mascara. 

2. Blush in Dangerous Liaisons- $12:

This is one of their blushes in Dangerous Liaisons. I really wanted to try this because they used to be loose but now they have them in pressed form. This is a very deep pink color with some shimmer. I will now compare this to the old loose blush. 

The new pressed version is the color on top, and the loose powder on the bottom. They are two completely different colors. The loose version is a light pink with shimmer. I’m happy these are different shades so I don’t feel like I have two of the same thing. I was happier that they came out with a pressed version because I am no good with loose products. I’m getting better at using them. Especially compared to when I first started makeup. So I was very happy to get this to see how the pressed version. It’s extremely pigmented and there is a lot of kick up so be careful when using it. 

This is me in the blush and mascara. 

3. Sugar Daddy- $12:

I was hoping to get this even though I already have it lol. I love this shade especially with a liner, perfect nude. I wanted another one because I was drunk one night I kept banging my purse on the table because I saw someone I didn’t want to. Lol so yeah, don’t bang this on the table because it will break. It’s fine it just broke at the base. So it’s still useable. Just broken. These are creamy and not matte but it’s doesn’t bother me as much because the pigmentation is there. 

4. Loose Glitter in Gold Digger- $7:

Gold Digger is a gold glitter with some rainbow reflects in it. So pretty. I’m so happy the put glitters in their box because I love glitter but never buy any. No clue with. So yay for more glitter. These are 3 grams and comes with a shifter. No primer, but they did have a glitter primer in a pay box. That I was super excited about. 

This months total: $43. Totally worth it this month. A lot of $12 products and the bag is only $16. You get the box pretty fast as well, like within 4 days. 

I love this brand, it’s all cruelty free and vegan. I will keep posting their boxes. This is one of my favorite indie brands and they’ll always have a special place in my heart. 

Thank you so much for reading. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Stay purple. 

November- Medusa’s Makeup Monthly Box

I got the November box the day I posted the October one. Once they take the money out, they send it right away. I was so happy with how fast it shipped. Like yaaaas!! I really did like this box as well, so hard for me to hate it. I got some things I already love and things I’ve been wanting to love. 

Let’s get right into the lovelies!!

1. Lip and Cheek Stain in Moody- $8:

I already own this one and I love. This a lip and cheek stain in the color Moody. It’s all natural and vegan. I’m not a huge gloss fan but I had to check this out. I love this especially in the winter time. In the summer, it does melt and it gets hard in the winter. I just love how moisturizing and easy to use. Kind of brings my lips back to life. 

2. Lipgloss in Loud Mouth- $9:

If you see in the picture, it was a surprise between the orange and purple gloss. Sad that I didn’t get the purple, but orange is my friends favorite color to wear. So she gets this one as I can’t wear orange. I’m too yellow for orange. And I just don’t like orange on me. This color Loud Mouth is hella pigmented, I know she’ll love it. 

3. Eye Dust in Green Velvet: $7:

I love their eye dust, and I’m really love this color Green Velvet. They’re 3 grams, filled to the top with no shifters. So be careful when opening and using it. This green is sooooo pretty omg. Christmas times 1000. 

4. Setting Spray- $8:

This setting spray I’ve been wanting to try. My friend bought it and she loves it. It’s one ounce which is the same size the small Urban Decay setting spray. And that costs $15. I’m really excited to see how I like this. My only criteria for setting sprays is that my makeup lasts til the next morning and doesn’t break it down. 

This months’ box total: $32 

For $16 this double what you’re paying for the box. It’s awesome to receive stuff I already love so I can let my friends try this brand out. I’m super excited for the setting spray and the eye dust. 

I hoped this helped and I stayed true to my word. I had this up as soon as possible. Trying not to slack. 

Thanks for reading and stay purple!